Naomi’s Personal Referral List

Naomi knows how hard it can be to find the right products, services and people to support you in building your business. It has been a process of trial and error for her these past years.

In order to hopefully help you in avoiding the same ‘errors’ she made, Naomi has created this free list of her recommended programs, experts, resources, software and other useful things that she has used in her online  coaching business.

  • Win Trademarks (Used to trademark Dream For Others®)
  • Legal123 (I purchased the Legal Package for Coaches + Mentors to create my coaching services agreement, as well as my previous website/email terms + conditions)
  • Heather Pearce Campbell from Legal Website Warrior (I engaged to review a partnership contract)
  • Your Online Genius (Purchased their website terms + conditions when GDPR came into affect to help ensure I was compliant)
  • SmarterQueue (I use to schedule my Facebook, Twitter + LinkedIn posts)
  • Later (I use the free version to schedule Insta posts)
  • The Reaction Fast Challenge by Leesa Renee Hall (I use to clean up my Facebook newsfeed)
  • Link.tree (I use in my Instagram bio to link to multiple blogs, podcasts, products etc)
  • Ellie Swift (a previous client and absolute pro in all things social media) 
  • Lady Boss Studio have some great social media template designs
  • She Bold Stock Photos also have a great suite of Canva social media design templates (I’ve used these and am a member of her stock photo library) 
  • Check out my Pinterest board on Social Media tips for a collation of articles and resources that may also be of use.
  • Satori (I used for over three years to book + manage my coaching clients)
  • Calendly (I currently using now)
  • Acuity (Doesn’t work for my needs but many of my clients LOVE it)
  • Dubsado (I used for a while also but no longer need the other features)
  • Xero (I use and love for my bookkeeping)
  • Simply Xero by Division Co (I used to learn how to best make use of Xero)
  • Impala Tax (I previously spoke to about an accounting issue)
  • Mailchimp (I used the free version for the first couple of years in my business)
  • Ontraport (I used for about a year and loved it, but left as I was not using all the features and needed to cut my expenses)
  • Drip (I currently use and love)
  • Dubsado (I previously used for my client management processes e.g., questionnaires, contracts, invoicing etc)
  • Elizabeth Goddard (Helped me set up ConvertKit when I briefly used it)
  • Eyes of Love Photography (Did a number of the branding photos on this site, as well as our Gentle Business Mastermind branding images. Based on the Gold Coast.)
  • Renee Bell (Did a number of the branding images of me on this site, as well as the Dream For Others notebook photos. Based in in Newcastle.)
  • DMK Photography (Did an event shoot for me and is based in Rockhampton)
  • Fi Mimms (Took the photos of me at the Beautiful You awards and is based in Melbourne)
  • Other photographers who are friends or clients have worked with include Some Wild Darling (based in Brisbane), Sol & Co (based in Sydney) and Anthony Symes Photography (based in Canberra)
  • Missing Bits Productions(My fave videographers who are based in Canberra)
  • She Bold Stock Photos (my fave stock photo subscription membership)
  • B-Corp (I became certifed to hold myself to account for using business as a force for good)
  • Feminist Coach Track (a program Cameron Airen and I co-fun that teaches participants the theory, practice and integration of feminist coach theory)
  • Dream For Others podcast (I started the podcast to inspire ideas on how we can use our platforms for good, but it has since expanded to cover other topics too)
  • Making A Difference, Your Way workshop (I created this free workshop to help you find your way to make a difference. It can be found on my Free Resources page)
  • Coaching As Activism (I did this program to learn more about social justice and what I can do)
  • Diversity Is An Asset Social Justice Intensive (I’ve done both programs to learn more about diversity, inclusion + social justice)
  • Confident Couragious Conversations (I did this program run by Nicole Lee and it’s EXCELLENT)
  • Sharyn Holmes’s Formidable Voices (an online membership space and movement centering the stories and voices of womxn of colour)
  • Nicola Newman and her Flourish with Painting & Creativity (Brought so much joy to my life and business)
  • Gentle Business Mastermind (I co-created with Amanda Rootsey and Nicola Newman to support gentle folk in building their businesses and taking care of themselves)
  • Shaun Arnold at Eat Train Succeed (yes, I may be biased as he’s my brother but he’s my go-to person for workouts, fitness challenges etc)

Please note that due to my love for these resources, I have become an affiliate for some (but not all) of them. This means that when you use my links, I may receive a commission. However, I would never EVER directly or indirectly promote something that I wasn’t genuinely a huge fan of.

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