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Thank you for visiting my Media Kit page. On this page you will find my professional biography, high resolution photos, details on my qualifications and achievements, testimonials and more.

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Professional Biography

Naomi Arnold is an award-winning life + business coach, mentor and trainer with a background in psychology, health, business and human rights.

She is passionate about supporting coaches, helping professionals and digital entrepreneurs with ditching the hustle and building successful and inclusive feminist businesses in an impactful and sustainable way.

Naomi co-founded the Feminist Coach Academy, Feminist Coach Theory and Gentle Business Mastermind. She has a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, a certified life coaching qualification, and is currently completing a Master of Human Rights.

Naomi has been featured in copious print, radio and digital media sources where she has been referred to as a “local identity”, “shining light”, “megastar”, “gentle powerhouse” and “international coach of the year.”

You can find Naomi and her programs at or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Background + experience…

Qualifications + Experience

  • Bachelor of Psychology with Honours 
  • Master of Human Rights (currently undertaking)
  • Business coach trainer 
  • Certified as a B-Corporation – meaning her business has been assessed against rigorous standards of performance, accountability and transparency to demonstrate she’s using the power of business for social good
  • Multiple business, marketing and social justice programs (completed)
  • Worked for the Australian Government for 8 years in mental health and healthy lifestyle areas
  • Worked as an intern psychologist for an occupational rehabilitation firm

Awards + Accolades

  • International Coach of the Year – most outstanding certified life coach with a thriving business, growing profile and leadership role in the industry (winner)
  • Best Product / Book / Podcast of the Year (finalist)
  • Telstra Business Award (nominee)
  • Capricornia Business Award (finalist)
  • National Business Brilliance Award (finalist)
  • Awarded a government business entrepreneur grant

  • Fostered successful word-of-mouth engagements for speaking, workshops and curriculum writing

While working with Naomi, I gained a trusted advisor and ally in my business journey. I highly recommend coaching with Naomi to anyone who is looking to make changes in their life, but need guidance and gentle accountability. Through working with her, I was able to dream and achieve more than I realised was possible.

Ellen Ronalds Keene

Founder of Self Care For Teachers

Naomi helped me truly own what I want to be doing business wise and break down what seemed like a massive endeavor into bit size, actionable steps. I worked through a lot of fears with her and made the leap of owning my passion and putting it out there for the world to see. She helped give me clarity on things that were keeping me stuck and finally got me taking real ACTION.

Ana Sanson

Life + Wellness Coach

I can’t believe how much I’ve changed and how much clearer and content I am since working with Naomi. I feel the best I’ve ever felt in a very long time. My husband even said I’m the best I’ve ever been since he met me – 15 years ago! I could speak for hours to anyone who would listen about how coaching with Naomi was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Katrina Coltzau

Public Health Officer

As featured in

  • Cleo magazine
    Be your own cheerleader.
  • Nature & Health magazine
    21 ways to get back to nature – top tips from green living experts on how to bring the outside in. 

I can’t believe the amount of progress I made and what I accomplished while working with Naomi. She kepy me moving forward with kindness and encouragement. I would definitely recommend Naomi – she is a wealth of knowledge and worked with me in a way that helped me understand that others have been in my shoes and my goals ARE accomplishable.

Marnie Pauly

Life Coach

Naomi helped me become more self aware and clear mental clatter. Since working with her, my dreams and aspirations have changed – I want and feel I can achieve more things! I’ve achieved a greater appreciation for life and all I can offer and gain. I have achieved dreams!!! I needed help to decode my life and I couldn’t have come across a better human to coach me.

Jovarn Elone

Beauty Therapist

Naomi is an absolutely amazing + inspiring woman. She was a guiding force in helping move forward + get direction on the path I wanted to take in my personal + professional life. Not only supporting me in finding answers but also giving me the strength + courage to go after my dreams and achieve them. She stretched me far beyond what I could’ve imagined and laughed during the entire process. She exceeded all expectations I had of what a coach would or could be. I can’t thank her enough.

Shannon Flack

Life Coach

Professional Photos

Photos of Naomi Arnold | Source: EYES OF LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY

Photos of Naomi Arnold | Source: renee bell photography

Photos of Naomi Arnold, Amanda Rootsey + Nicola Newman (Gentle Business Mastermind) | Source: Eyes of Love Photography

Photos of Naomi Arnold (Winning International Coach Of The Year  | Source: Fi Mimms Photography

Naomi is all heart. Her incredible experience, knowledge, enthusiasm + ability to listen was a formidable combination that made me feel empowered and like I could truly make my dreams a reality. This woman is the real deal, and I would recommend her time and time again to anyone launching a heart-centred online business

Ellie Swift

Mindset & Marketing Coach

While working with Naomi, I went from feeling overwhelmed and stuck with all there was to do, to feeling comfortable, happy and content with my business and forward plan. I saw my confidence grow and self-doubt diminish. I would absolutely 100% recommend coaching with Naomi! She is a SHINING LIGHT for so many of us.

Erica Carrico

Career + Life Purpose Coach

Naomi is a GENTLE POWERHOUSE. Sounds like an oxymoron. She has a sensitivity for people, struggles, joys, inner and outer work. She invites her clients to engage in bold, purposeful and inspired action – and to keep at it. I would without hesitation recommend that people work with Naomi.

Naomi Morrow

Life & Creativity Coach