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My team and I are passionate about creating and delivering programs and services that will support you in discovering and pursuing your version of a passionate, purposeful and socially conscious life. You will find our collection of life passion programs and services below which we hope will support you in your big dreams for self and others.

1-on-1 Life Passion Coaching

You have a wonderful life, but you can’t help but feel in your bones that you can be and do more. You want to live a life of ‘purpose’ - whether that be through finding a way to be of use to others, securing a meaningful career, exploring your creative potential, amplifying your self-care, making time for your passions or pursuing social good projects. You want to feel in tune with yourself and on track to living a values-based, useful, passion-fuelled and purposeful life. You are ready to dive in the deep end, get to know yourself better and feel more on purpose than you ever have before. If this sound like you, award-winning life coach Naomi Arnold might be the coach for you!


Many of our dreams for self, dreams for others and dreams for a better world are held back due to binary thinking - this idea that self and other are separate entities. This meditation will help you visualise how both are connected and open your heart to new possibilities as you realise your way of making a difference - while taking care of yourself, your loved ones and the lifestyle you desire in the process.


The Becoming (Success) Plan is a comprehensive 50+ page workbook that will lead you through an 8-step process (called the Becoming Framework) for creating and implementing a ‘success plan’ that is designed and suited to your unique context. It also comes with the Dream For Others meditation to help you visualise what life would look and feel like when you connect with your dreams for self and dreams for others.

FREE Make a Difference, Your Way workshop

Do you want to use your platform, passions, strengths, personal story and sphere of influence to make a difference in the world? Only problem is you don't know how or where to start? This free virtual workshop and accompanying workbook will take you through a simple process of identifying your way of making a difference.