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Main 2018-19 Focus Issues



Educating self + others

  • Continue to undertake Master of Human Rights + other social justice courses
  • Continue to read books, news, and literature in human rights + social justice space
  • Follow, listen to and support the work and writings of those who experience social injustice, as well as experts in the field, on social media and other platforms
  • Commit to ongoing self-examination concerning how I contribute to upholding oppressive systems and social injustice, as well as what action I can (and will) take to create change
  • Use my blog, podcast, newsletters, social media and client interactions to raise awareness and encourage critical thinking, self-examination and change in these areas


Pro bono services

  • Offer pro bono and ‘pay what you can’ coaching opportunities for those who would otherwise not be able to afford to work with me
  • Offer pro bono services to non-profits and advocates to support them in progressing their causes – including website strategy, content development, speaking, and fundraising work
  • Continue to offer at least one pro bono or pay what you can coaching position at a time and / or at least 10% of my time to pro bono offerings


Advocacy and activism

  • Speak up and campaign for human rights and social justice causes
  • Act to support those who are dedicating their lives to improving humanitarian and social justice issues

 Donations, sponsorships and loans


Business Practices +  Accountability

  • Continue to maintain my B-Corporation certification and demonstrate that even a small primarily service-based business like mine can be used as a force for good
  • Continue to update my Operations Manual to provide consistent guidance for myself, my contractors and any future employees to ensure my business is operated in a values-based, ethical, environmentally friendly, generous and impactful way
  • Endeavour to make values-based, ethical and environmentally friendly choices in my business and work at every opportunity – and building on these as my business grows

When you dream for others, the access shifts. It shifts from ME to WE, from I to US.

To note

Dream For Others® Policy Review Date: Scheduled for December 2018.


Goals to consider in next review: 

  • To increase donations and sponsorships as profits increase
  • Consideration of publicly reporting statistics and figures
  • Consideration of publicly reporting on B-Corp review results and focus areas


If you have any questions and comments about this Give Back Policy: Please contact Naomi and her team at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com.