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“When you dream for others, the axis shifts. It shifts from me to we, from I to us.”

We have a VISION of a world…

Where people across all identities (race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, class) realise their unique value and live safe, supported and fulfilling lives.


Provide programs and services that support people in bringing to life the dreams that they hold for themselves, their loved ones, their communities, and the world at large. We endeavour to do this through demonstrating a personal commitment to living and working in a values-based, socially conscious and ethical way.

“Neutrality is a myth, when you sit on the sidelines there’s a level of complicity.”

Desiree Adaway, Dream For Others® podcast

Operating a VALUES-based business is important to us, and since you’re here, we’re guessing it’s important to you too.

We endeavour to live and work in alignment with the below core values.

  • INTEGRITY: We endeavour to act fairly, honestly, genuinely, authentically and ethically. We attempt to take responsibility for our decisions, commitments, actions and behaviours – while acknowledging, learning from and rectifying our mistakes where possible.
  • EQUITY: Our Vision will not be actualised without prioritising inclusion and equity. It is important to us that people across all identities (race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, class) feel welcomed, heard, supported and valued in our work and community. We are committed to advocating for (and taking the required action to contribute to creating) a more just world. 
  • PRAXIS: We are committed to the ongoing process of personal praxis. We consciously engage in Barbara J Love’s framework for developing a ‘liberatory consciousness’ (i.e., awareness, analysis, action and allyship/accountability) and always working to become better ‘liberation workers’. We are proud to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and  ‘doers’ who want to continuously expand and develop as human beings and socially conscious business owners (including meeting the requirements of maintaining our B-Corporation certification).
  • COMMUNITY: We believe in the power of community and collaboration, especially when diverse perspectives, worldviews, and experiences are welcomed and valued. We attempt to regularly and actively participate in and contribute to our communities (locally and online). We also endeavour to ‘hold space’ for people to come together and support each other in realising their unique value and potential.

  • SERVICE: We strive to provide professional, high-calibre services to our clients and communities. We also endeavour to do the best we can in our life and work to be of use, support and encouragement to others. We aim to not only dream for others®, but actively work to make those dreams someday become a reality.
  • WHOLENESS: We appreciate the human desire to feel a sense of ‘wholeness’. To us, this means breaking down the binary of ‘self’ and ‘other’ and appreciating that they are interconnected. As bell hooks identified, it also means “striving to unify our heart, mind, body and spirit”. In our work and lives, we hope to support people in realising this sense of wholeness in their personal contexts, as well as attempting to dismantle the oppressive systems and structures that might inhibit this.
  • GENEROUSITY: We intentionally look for opportunities to be kind, compassionate, generous and giving – surprising and delighting others wherever we can. We commit to regularly reviewing our Give Back Policy to ensure we are always giving the most we can to others. We revel in the opportunity to positively exceed people’s hopes and expectations.
  • BALANCED AMBITION: We take pride in our ambitious and entrepreneurial nature, drawing upon our focus, drive and determination to achieve personal, professional and collective goals. We endeavour to always practice what Natalie MacNeil calls ‘balanced ambition’, where we consciously work to balance the fervent energies of ambition with taking care of ourselves and others by prioritising self-care, family, personal development, being of use to others, and passionately pursuing our dream for others®.

“We all in our own way have the capacity to make change.”

Dr Anita Heiss, Dream For Others® podcast 


Knowing and living in alignment with our values

When speaking to thought leaders on the Dream For Others® podcast (including Desiree Adaway, Sharyn Holmes, and Cassie Dewar), we’ve noticed a trend in that many of them are super aware of their personal values and make a conscious effort to live and work in alignment with them. This has a ripple effect on how we show up for ourselves and others.

Discovering and harnessing our uniqueness

Harnessing our uniqueness (including our strengths, personal story, personality, gifts, resources and sphere of influence) to move toward personal and collective change can be incredibly powerful. As Carl Rogers says: “What is most beautiful and unique in each one of us is probably the very element which would, if it were shared or expressed, speak most deeply to others.” This is why we were inspired to start the Dream For Others® podcast – because we know that we’d likely be inspired by hearing how people from different backgrounds were using their uniqueness to advance their dream for others.

Pursuing and developing your passions and interests

Our efforts to take action and create personal and collective change will obviously be more sustainable if it’s an area that we are passionate about and interested in. We are often told to identify our passions, like it’s such an easy thing to do – but we appreciate that it is something that many of us find difficult. You will find some exercises in our free Making A Difference, Your Way workshop that might support you with this.

Become an informed, critical thinking and socially aware citizen

One of the themes that repeatedly came up on the Dream For Others® podcast was the importance of finding ways to remain informed (even when we’re highly sensitive empaths who are deeply disturbed by suffering and injustice), in using our critical thinking skills in analysing information, and in being a socially aware citizen. Furthermore, as Cameron Airen shared on the podcast, individual and collective change is often most powerful when we combine a social awareness with self-awareness.

Dreaming for others

We obviously believe in the value of dreaming for others. This means not just dreaming for ourselves, our loved ones and the lifestyle we desire – but also dreaming of a better world for the collective. What might this world look and feel like? What could we do to help move toward us creating it? You can access of Dream For Others® meditation to help with your visualisation of this here.

Activate ourselves

Finally, one of the most important steps is to take personal responsibility for finding ways to take action. What is one thing (big or small) that we can do now? What can we focus on this month? What can we do to continue to hold ourselves to account to ensure we take action on an ongoing basis?

“There are no superheroes. There is just us. We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

– CEO of the Malala Fund, Shiza Shahid

But this has all very much been focused on us and our mission. Now it’s your turn.

Please tell us, dear dreamer:

  • What is your dream for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the lifestyle you desire?
  • What is your dream for others®, for your community, for the collective or for the world at large?
  • What is your central mission and personal values – and how do you live and work in alignment with these?
  • How can you harness your passions, uniqueness, resources and personal story to move toward bringing these to life?


Feel free to share your answers with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by tagging @NaomiLArnold #DreamForOthers.

Let’s unite in our efforts to dream for others®.