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14 minute meditation

You will receive an mp3 file of the Dream For Others meditation.


You will receive a PDF worksheet containing journal prompts that will help you reflect further on your Dream For Others experience.


“I found Naomi’s beautiful meditation was a gentle way to connect with my heart and find practical ways I can literally Dream For Others. Instead of focusing on what I lack and excuses, it connected me to what I can do, right where I am, using the resources I have including my energy, finances, skills and time, without overburdening my capacity to help others. Instead, her guidance drew me forward into a bigger vision for myself, my business and my impact. The Dream For Others meditation is lovely and gently powerful.”


I wasn’t supposed to get results from this meditation. Well, what I mean is, I was honored to receive a preview copy of the meditation and I was listening to it – you know…just to hear it. At the beginning I was doing other work and then I decided I was going to get relaxed and “play along”. And, that was the best thing I could have done. I started to realize how much I, as a business growth strategist and coach, in an effort to support my clients self-care goals, think in binary ways about them getting their needs met. I realized I had work to do, so right there, during the meditation, I turned my gaze inward. In so doing, I came up with a brand new framework for a rebranding I’m currently going through. Literally the NEXT DAY, I went to my branding consultant and shared with her the new way of thinking about the project we were working on and bingo we had the makings of something that was really attractive and “sticky”. But, I thought to myself, “Surely, it can’t be that easy?” So, I tried out the new idea on a colleague during a call that same week and she was FLOORED. She LOVED the concept and wanted to work with me right away! All of this from an “unintentional” listen to this audio. Can you imagine what’s going to happen for you when you listen with INTENTION?  #dreamforothersROCKS”


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You will receive access to a folder containing the mp3 audio file of the Dream For Others meditation and the accompanying PDF worksheet. Please make sure you download the file on your desktop computer – then you can transfer it to your chosen device afterwards. The audio can be played on iTunes and other audio music players.

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