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My team and I are passionate about creating resources that will support you and your team in creating healthy, productive and rewarding work environments. You will find a growing collection of programs and services on this page that we hope will help with this.


Are you tired of tokenistic team planning processes? Do you want to get everyone in your team on board with creating a success plan that will work for your team context? If so, the Becoming (A Successful Team) Plan workbook could be for you. The 50+ page workbook leads teams through a comprehensive 8-step process (called the Becoming Framework) for creating and implementing a Team Success Plan that is designed and suited to your unique team context.


Naomi and her brother Shaun Arnold (owner and personal trainer at the ETS Compound) run practical workshops teaching staff in work settings how to incorporate quick, simple activities and strategies into their day that will improve their health, focus and productivity. Imagine your staff dropping the 3pm chocolate bar or the third coffee of the day and instead using healthy, simple techniques to feel energised! Naomi and Shaun have facilitated these workshops multiple times with incredible feedback. See Naomi’s speaking and facilitation page for testimonials.


Are you looking for a motivational speaker, MC or facilitator who is gentle, authentic and engaging? Are you looking for someone who will connect with your audience, and give them practical steps and guidance on how to do so? Do you want someone to facilitate your next team planning day or goals workshop? If so, Naomi’s popular speaking services might be for you.


Can’t afford to buy Naomi’s Becoming (A Successful Team) Plan Workbook? Still want to take your team through a process of creating a success plan together? Use her free Becoming Framework infographic to create a plan for success in your life and/or work. Use the framework to self-guide yourself or your team self-guide yourself and your team through the process of creating a success plan. Alternatively, you can purchase our comprehensive (50+ page) workbook to be guided through the process with our prompting and support.