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My team and I are passionate about creating and delivering programs + services that will support you in launching or amplifying a successful, values-based, purposeful and socially conscious business in a gentle and sustainable way.

You will find our collection of business programs + services below. We hope there is something here for you – regardless of whether your business is currently a vague idea in your head or whether it is out there in the world ready to be expanded to new heights.

1-on-1 Business Coaching + Mentoring

You are a big-hearted business owner (or aspiring business owner) who wants to build a successful business in a gentle, values-based, socially conscious and sustainable way. You have big dreams for your business - dreams for what it will bring to you, your loved ones, your lifestyle preferences, and your desire to be of use to others. You want to: find clarity and direction, feel confident, overcome your fear of being seen, feel momentum in your business growth, get paying clients, find ways to give back, and make an impact on the world. If you are looking for support from an award-winning coach who has excelled in her field by working in alignment with her values and taking consistent, strategic action - Naomi Arnold could be the business coach for you.


You don’t need a coach right now, but you would love for someone to look over your website or copy and provide feedback. You want to know that you’re showcasing your strengths and experience, speaking to your ideal clients and aren’t missing anything critical to a strategic but authentically 'you' website or page. In this package, award-winning coach Naomi Arnold will look over your chosen page/s and provide a video recording and report with feedback and advice on how you can improve it.


You graduated from a coaching course and are thinking - now what? How do I continue to be in momentum? How do I turn what I learned into a successful business? How do I prioritise the millions of things that I need to do? Where do I start? How do I attract clients? In the New Coach Success Roadmap, award-winning coach Naomi Arnold will help you create a plan for consistently and strategically building momentum in your coaching business, while balancing other life balls and not burning yourself out in the process. There will be two versions of this resource - a book for those who would like to self-guide themselves through the process and a group coaching program for those who want additional support and accountability. Coming soon - join Naomi’s email community to ensure you are first to hear about it.


The Conquer Coach Certification Program is a collaboration between Emmy-award winning entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil and award-winning coach Naomi Arnold. In this program, you will learn how to support entrepreneurs in setting business goals and achieving them over 12-Week Sprints using Natalie’s bestselling books Conquer Your Year and The Conquer Kit. You will not only receive training and support from both Natalie and Naomi, but will also have the opportunity to be licensed as a Conquer Coach and receive a number of benefits for doing so. Join Naomi’s email community to ensure you are first to hear when the next round of the program opens.

Gentle Business Mastermind

The Gentle Business Mastermind was co-created by gentle guides Amanda Rootsey, Nicola Newman and Naomi Arnold. It is a 10-month experience designed to support you to successfully grow your business gently, sustainably and consciously. Members are supported by the gentle guides (who are all successful coaches and business owners), our expert guest mentors, and a supportive community of like minded folk through group coaching calls, an exclusive community forum, and a suite of resources.


The Beautiful You Coaching Course is an in-depth online program designed to train you to become a heart-centred life coach and build an incredible life coaching business. Naomi Arnold is an award-winning certified Beautiful You life coach and shares her experience with the course, as well as her bonus offer for those who enrol through her referral link. Learn more about the Beautiful You Coaching course and Naomi’s affiliate package by clicking below.


Naomi knows how hard it can be to find the right products, services and people to support you in building your business. It has been a process of trial and error for her these past years! In order to hopefully help you in avoiding the same ‘errors’ she made, Naomi has created this free list of recommended programs, experts, resources, software and other useful things that she has used in her online business.


Do you want to use your platform, passions, strengths, personal story and sphere of influence to make a difference in the world? Only problem is you don't know how or where to start? This free virtual workshop and accompanying workbook will take you through a simple process of identifying your way of making a difference.