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The Becoming Framework

The below infographic briefly captures the Becoming Framework process of which the workbook will guide teams through in order to create a Team Success Plan.



What is included?

$29 per team (usually $49)


The 50+ page comprehensive digital workbook:

  • Allows team members to either enter their responses to activities directly into the fillable PDF workbook and/or print and bind the workbook in order to work with a hard copy version.
  • Guides individual team members through the process of defining and measuring success, discovering their uniqueness in terms of an individual team member and how this can be better utilised in their work environment.
  • Provides instruction on how teams can then unite to discuss their responses and collaborate to create a Team Success Plan.


The 27-page supplementary templates book contains an:

  • Editable agenda for teams to self-facilitate a team planning day workshop where group discussion on workbook responses form the basis of creating a Team Success Plan.
  • Editable condensed version of the workbook to assist teams with compiling overall responses and creating their Team Success Plan and/or easily transferring team responses to their own template or team planning system.


For an additional cost, Naomi can be engaged to attend and facilitate a full-day team planning day using the completed workbooks as a framework for group discussions and planning. She is also available for ongoing coaching and accountability if desired. Please contact Naomi’s team at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com for a quote. 






How do we use this workbook?

The BECOMING Plan workbook aims to help you create a Success Plan using the Becoming Framework.

There are three versions of this workbook – 1) for individuals; 2) for business owners; and 3) for teams. This version for teams has been created to help individual team members get clear on:

  • their personal definition of success;
  • their own views in terms of what has been working and not working in their team and workplace;
  • their individual inner make-up or uniqueness and how this can be better utilised in the team environment; and
  • what a Success Plan would include for them.

Team members can then unite to share their responses and work together to create an overarching team plan that actually involves the contribution and collaboration of all members.

You can use this workbook in a number of ways. We detail a suggested process in the early pages of the book. In short, it involves asking individual team members to complete the workbook and then meeting as a team to share your responses and collaborate to create a consolidated team plan. A templates book is also provided with a suggested agenda for the team planning day.

We want to use the workbook across multiple teams in our organisation. How many orders should we make?

Since the workbook is priced at the most affordable level possible, we ask that you purchase a workbook per team. Since every team is structured differently, with varying sub-teams for example, Naomi trusts you to judge how many versions you should pay for. At the end of the day, you will receive one email with a link to the digital files of which you can forward to relevant teams.

How do we receive the workbook?

You will receive an email with a link to a Dropbox folder containing the digital files. You will be able to download these links and circulate the workbooks to your team members – or simply forward them the email with the link to download the documents themselves.

Some teams like to use the documents to print and bind hard copies for team members too. If you would like Naomi to deliver hard copy versions to you, please contact her team at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com for a quote.


How big do the teams need to be to use this?

It does not matter how big or small your team is – this workbook can be used for all team sizes.

What happens if a new staff member joins us after we complete this process?

If you have new members join your team after undertaking this planning process, you might like to ensure the Orientation Kit they receive includes:

  • a copy of your final team plan for their information; and
  • instruction on which activities in the workbook (or stages in the Becoming Framework) would still be useful for them to complete (e.g., the section on Make-Up where they undertake a range of quizzes to inform how their personality, strengths, archetypes, communication style etc might inform their work).

Can’t we just use the infographic to self-guide ourselves through a team planning day?

Yes! You are most welcome to use the free infographic to self-guide yourself through the Becoming Framework process. This will not cost you a cent! However, if you would prefer a comprehensive workbook that guides you through the process, you might wish to purchase the full workbook instead.

We would like to order hard copy binded versions of the workbook – how do we do this?

If you would like Naomi to deliver hard copy versions to you, please contact her team at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com for a custom quote.

Alternatively, you can order a digital version via this page and print the workbooks yourself.

We would like to hire Naomi as a facilitator for our in-person or virtual (via Zoom) team planning day. How do we go about this?

If Naomi is available, she would love to facilitate your in-person or virtual team planning day. Please contact Naomi’s team at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com to provide details on your team and requirements in order to obtain a quote.

I would like to create a personal life success plan or a business success plan. Do you have a version of this workbook that will work in these contexts?

Yes! There is one for individuals and one for business owners available! We will also have an e-course for all three versions coming soon.