When I look back on the past week, there has been a big theme – dreaming, scheming and doing.

I started the week with dreaming…

  • What do I want 2020 to look and feel like?
  • Who do I want to spend it with?
  • What do I want to change or contribute to changing?
  • What goals would I like to achieve?

And then scheming on…

  • How can I represent the above in a visual way?
  • How can I connect with this vision daily?
  • What actions do I need to take to move toward this vision?

And then came the doing…

  • How can I act on this?
  • How can I support others in doing the same?

These ponderings were perfectly timed because my Feminist Coach Academy business partner Cameron Airen and I started the week by hosting a free Vision Workshop for feminist (or aspiring) feminist coaches, helping professionals, practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Not only did we guide participants through the process of getting clear on their vision for the year (and provided a workbook to assist with this), but also held space for them to create a vision board or other vision resource to capture this vision.

I spent the time creating a new digital vision board for my desktop (pictured above). It won’t make a lot of sense to others, but oh how it makes sense to me. I was in full dreamin’ mode.

Toward the end of the workshop, we asked participants to identify 1-3 actions they can take to move toward this vision. By then I was in full schemin’ mode. 😉

One of the actions I wrote down was to look at my vision board every day and take some time out to connect with and feel grounded in it. So as pictured above, I’ve had it open while I do my daily morning journalling and rituals. This not only helps with the dreamin’ and schemin’, but has also helped with the doing.

Because oh my, have I felt on point with the doing this week. What a productive week it has been.

Have you had a moment to ponder on your vision for the year yet? If not, you can still access our free vision workshop and accompanying workbook here

I find that in my 1:1 coaching with clients we do a lot of dreaming and scheming. That is part of my job, helping them get clear on what they want, the path they want to take to get it and the means to overcome obstacles that get in the way. Oh how I love that I’m in the business of dreaming and scheming.

But this week, we took that to a whole other level.

Not only did we release the Feminist Vision Workshop & Workbook, but I also added a new bonus to my 1:1 coaching packages.

My coaching clients not only have 1:1 coaching sessions with me for dreaming and scheming, but access to group implementation calls where we get together for the doing too.

I hosted two of these calls this week at different times for clients in different timezones. Oh what fun we had each remembering and witnessing the power of implementation and gentle accountability as we worked to get stuff done.

I’ll be hosting these implementation calls every month in 2020 and am already looking forward to joining my clients for some ‘doing time’ in February. 

If you too would like a life or business coach to help you with dreaming and scheming, whilst holding space and gentle accountability for the doing too – I would love to work with you.

You can learn more about my coaching packages here and can also access my calendar via that page to book a free chat to get a feel for whether this support might be right for you.

And finally, as I close out my week with some virtual co-working with friends, I’m again reminded of the power of community in dreaming, scheming and doing. What a way to end what has been a big week.

If our free workshop or my coaching isn’t the right support for you to dream, scheme and do at the moment – I hope you have other avenues in place to support you in doing so. The way this year has started out for many, oh how we’re going to need it.

Here’s to dreaming, scheming and doing!


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