(Photo of a sunbird by David Clode on Unsplash)

Over the past few weeks, while resting in my hammock and watering the garden, I’ve watched in awe as two sunbirds built their nest about a meter away.

When I first spotted them, they would fly up to my office window while I was coaching clients or working on my business. They would land on the fly screen and I’d admire their beauty quietly, while chuckling at their seemingly cheeky nature. 

The next time I spotted them was while watering the garden. About 30cm from my face, at eye-level, they would flutter around a branch on the tree right in front of me. I couldn’t believe that they weren’t afraid of me.

Days later, I noticed what looked like a small clump of hair hanging from the branch. That’s weird I thought, I wonder how that got there? Then I’d see them fluttering around it, not bothered by my close inspection, adding small skeletonised leaves one by one to the clump.

That’s when I realised they were building a nest. I was initially shocked at their choice of location. Not only was it close to ME, but in a yard where our energetic lab x kelpie lives. The specific branch they selected look flimsy, like it wouldn’t hold much weight before snapping.

That light branch was the location they chose? How could anything be structured to safely hold in place there? That little wisp of fluff? How could that turn into something that would shelter their young? Right in front of me and my dog, were they not afraid? So many questions and doubts…

Then day by day, week by week, bit by bit, the structure slowly started to take shape. And now, I assume, it is ready.

(Photo taken from Nai’s hammock spot)

While I was lying there watching them the other day, it got me thinking about my life and business goals, plus the work I do with my clients.

I suddenly felt this deep appreciation for the compound effect (which I might in the future instead refer to as the sunbird method! 😉). If you don’t know what the compound effect is, it is essentially the theory whereby small actions compound to result in huge benefit or reward.

Often, when we commence a goal, or launch a new business, our foundations feel insecure and wobbly. But if we focus on taking small actions, on building tiny bit by tiny bit, on trusting our vision, over time the most amazing, safe and rewarding structure can result.

I tell you this today incase you needed this reminder, as I know from personal experience that we often do. Sometimes it might feel like we’re not going to get there, sometimes it might feel like an impossible goal, far out of reach. But little bit by little bit, we get there… And before we know it, something magnificent is before us.

Let’s be sunbirds.


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