(Image: Naomi holding her certificate alongside Julie Parker & Melissa Ambrosini on the day she graduated as a certified Beautiful You life coach.)

When I first launched my business in 2014, I made a real effort to be visible. I would write guest articles for external platforms, accept invites for interviews, and respond to journalist requests for media features.

This fresh-faced and inspired new coach understood that it was important to ‘meet’ new people and introduce them to my work.

But then before I knew it, I was so busy with client-facing work that I suddenly stopped doing this. I felt like I didn’t have time and it didn’t seem so important any more.

Over this past year though, while doing a monthly review of my business metrics, I realised that my audience had barely grown at all over the past few years. If anything, given how much my work has evolved, my numbers had gone down.

Now there is a reason why I used to avoid looking at metrics like these.

What if I won’t like what I see?
What if my inner critic becomes vocal?
What if I realise that I’ve been failing?
What if I start to measure success by them (when to me, success means more)?

So I would avoid them.

But then one day, I decided to start tracking them. I would review my:

💜 Goals
💜 Income
💜 Google Analytics
💜 Social Media statistics
💜 Mailing list statistics
💜 Self Care Audit
💜 Values & Strengths Audit
💜 Client Attraction Plan Audit
💜 Mindset & Values
💜 And more!

I would also spend some time beforehand grounding myself and thinking healthy and helpful thoughts like:

💬 This is a judgment free zone. I will undertake this process from a place of curiosity and inquisitiveness.

💬 Numbers do not measure my success or worth.

💬 The more I learn about what works and doesn’t work, the more informed I can be moving forward.

💬 There is power in slowing down and observing.

💬 I am ready to EXPAND and GROW this business and will use this process to inform the EXPANSION + GROWTH.

Once I started to look at the data with a curious mindset, everything changed.

Oh the insights that were in there. And oh how I learned to LOVE my metrics.

Instead of judging myself on the declining numbers, I was able to see why that could be and take action accordingly.

One of the insights I gained was that I needed to start sharing my work OUTSIDE of my existing audience again. I needed to return to carving out time to ‘meet’ new people and introduce them to my work.

I needed to start saying “yes” to opportunities to be a guest teacher or mentor, podcast guest, blog interviews, and other opportunities to meet and be of service of folk in spaces outside of my own (whilst still of course attempting to be of service to my existing audience and clients).

So in the past couple of months that’s what I’ve done – and I look forward to curiously observing my metrics to see if there is a flow on effect in the future. The more people who come over to say “hi” in my spaces, the more people I can hopefully support through my work and connections.

I share this with you today incase you needed the gentle nudge to start looking at your metrics for insights too (note: see the free CEO Review & Renew template that Cameron Airen & I created for help with this) and/or perhaps to start putting yourself out there on external platforms (if you are a business coaching client of mine a good time to do this might be during our monthly group implementation calls between our 1:1 coaching sessions!).

While I talk about committing to putting myself out there more this year, I also want to share one of the first interviews I said “yes” to upon making this decision – it was on my long-term client Bec Sands’ Career Pivot Podcast.

In this episode, Bec asks about my career story – how I started out in government and pivoted to owning my own business. We discuss:

✨ How I found clarity on what my next career move would be;

✨ The catalysts that led to me taking the big leap;

✨ Why having a business is the best move for me;

✨ My advice for those who want to pivot their careers but are uncertain or confused about the WHAT or HOW;

✨ What to do when fear, doubt and the inner critic gets in the way; AND


You can listen to the full episode on Bec’s website here.

I hope you enjoy it!

And finally, if you feel the support of an award-winning coach in your corner might be useful this quarter as you learn to love your metrics, become more visible and gain momentum in your business – I would love to chat with you. You can learn more about working with me here and/or book a discovery call to talk through whether we might be a dream team or not here. 😉

In the meantime, I wish you all the best with finding insights in your metrics, taking action on your career pivot, and bringing to life your hopes and desires in 2020!


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