2019 was a HUGE year for me personally and professionally. I really needed the break over the holiday season to reflect, recalibrate and prepare for 2020 – a year that I suspect will be even bigger than the one before it.

Over the past couple of weeks, people have been asking me if I have a theme or word/s for 2020.

I’ve responded each time with: “I know I will, but they haven’t landed yet. I’m inviting them to though and trust they will soon.”

They arrived yesterday after a number of co-working sessions with friends (thanks to Nicole Arnold, Ellen Ronalds Keene and Natasha Gray pictured above) and post co-working session reflections.


Here’s to continuing to create SPACE for self, other and spirit.

Oh how this changed my life in 2019 and how I want to continue watering these seeds and plant more of them in 2020.

Showing up from a place of being PROLIFIC.

I want to abundantly produce useful, interesting and engaging content. I’ve tasted the inspiration that settles in, and the nudge of the desire to create, when one has SPACE. I want to lean into this and be producing prolifically (and gently) in 2020.

And finally AMPLIFY.

There are big things coming this year (and beyond) in my business and collaboration projects. I want to sing about these from the rooftops and I want to amplify the voices of all those involved and all those we hope to touch with this work.

Which leads me to sharing with you what that work will be exactly and what you as an awesome person in this space can expect from me in 2020.

Well, first of all, honeslty, expect the unexpected. 😉 Even though I like to start the year with a plan, I also like to trust the evolution of my business and my ability to adapt.

But I can say for sure that these are my current focus areas when it comes to serving you in 2020.

1.// FREE The Successful Coach Framework

For years, my clients and newsletter community have been asking for a ‘roadmap’ to building a successful business as a coach, helping professional or practitioner.

And guess what? I’m finally making it happen. Best of all, it’s going to be free.

Over the holidays, I discovered the work of Rachel Rodgers and watched her free workshop on becoming a Million Dollar Badass (sign up to her mailing list and you’ll receive access to the workshop as part of her email sequence).

It inspired me deeply and I had so many ‘light bulb’ moments. One of those epiphanies was that I did have a framework or model for coaches and helping professionals underpinning my business and offerings. I just hadn’t mapped it out on the page yet.

So while co-working with Natasha Gray at a cafe one day over the holidays, I pulled out a pile of paper and started scribbling away. Then, while watching Aladdin with my family I continued to ponder and refine the draft model I had created.

And now I have a comprehensive framework that captures how coaches and practitioners can grow a successful business in a gentle, socially conscious and impactful way.

Over the coming weeks, I will be recording a digital workshop or webinar that will teach you this model, help you identify what areas you need to take action on and outline what steps you need to take to get started.

So stay tuned, that roadmap is on it’s way! Make sure you are on my newsletter list if you would like to be the first to receive it.

2.// New Bonus for 1:1 Coaching Clients – FREE Group Implementation Calls

In 2020, those who work with me 1:1 for coaching, will get bonus access to two virtual group implementation calls per month during the lifespan of their coaching series.⁠

In our 1:1 coaching sessions, we focus on unpacking the big questions, finding clarity and figuring out what to do next. We will still do this of course.⁠

But now you will also have the opportunity to join me and my other clients on group implementation calls where we show up to get stuff done together. This is the perfect time to start on your ‘homework’, ‘action steps’ or custom worksheets and journal prompts from our 1:1 sessions together, or to block time out to implement other activities or tasks in a group setting.⁠

And shhhh, you will likely also get invited to other group calls that I on a whim decide to offer throughout the year too. I really want to continue up-leveling and surprising the socks off my 1:1 coaching clients with unexpected, above and beyond value this year.⁠

I will be hosting the implementation calls at two different times each month to hopefully suit clients from different timezones and with different work/family commitments.⁠

I should also mention that I only work with a small number of clients each month, so it is likely that these will be small, intimate sessions – and depending on availabilities and timezones, sometimes you might even get solo access to me during implementation calls too.⁠

I’m excited about trialling this bonus with clients in 2020 and seeing if they find it as useful as I suspect it will be.⁠

If you are looking for a coach to support you in 2020, please check out my packages at www.naomiarnold.com/coaching to learn more. You can book a free discovery call via that page if you have any questions too – or simply click here to book a time in my calendar now.

Oh and if you are a previous client and would like to work with me again – please shoot us an email at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com first as returning clients have access to a secret page with exclusive rates and package options.

3.// Ditch The Hustle Podcast & 2020 Gentle Business Mastermind

Late last year, my Gentle Business Mastermind co-hosts Amanda Rootsey, Nicola Newman and I launched Season 1 of the Ditch The Hustle podcast. We were so proud of what we have created in the Gentle Business Mastermind over the past two years that we wanted to bring a free dose of the discussions and learnings from that space to the public for all to access.

We have had such a blast recording Season 1 and got the best feedback, so are pleased to announce that we are currently recording Season 2 which we expect will go live in a few weeks.

We have also begun to plan for opening the doors to the Gentle Business Mastermind for 2020. We can’t wait to announce the new mentors and plans shortly!

If you haven’t heard of the Gentle Business Mastermind before – it’s an experience that supports entrepreneurs and business owners in growing their businesses gently, sustainably and consciously. Along the way you meet an incredible community of guest mentors and other gentle business masterminders from around the globe who you can get support from and offer support in return, while you explore growing your own business in alignment with your heart, vision, values, energy, and desires.

Registration for the gentle business mastermind is open in Feb-March 2020. You can find out more about it at gentlebusinessmastermind.com where you can also download the free ‘Grow your Business the Gentle Way’ ebook. It’s full of inspiring tips and prompts to help you do business gently in your own way. 

4.// Feminist Coach Academy

My Developing Coach Collective and Feminist Coach Track collaboration partner Cameron Airen and I announced on social media late last year that we would be launching the Feminist Coach Academy in mid 2020.

The Feminist Coach Academy will be where inclusive feminism, coaching and business meet. The Feminist Coach Track and Developing Coach Collective will cease to exist (from July 2020) as separate programs and will be integrated into the Feminist Coach Academy.⁠ ⁠

We expect there will be a number of courses in the Feminist Coach Academy that teach coaches, helping professionals and other practitioners how to integrate a feminist and social awareness into their life, business and client practice. These courses will include classes from a diverse faculty of fabulous expert teachers (some will include teachers and classes from the current Feminist Coach Track, as well as exciting new teachers too).

Students will also have access to monthly co-working calls where they can show up and work on their businesses, client attraction and implementation plans – we want to see more feminist practitioners kicking their business goals and making money. Students will also have access to integration calls, where we come together and practice feminist coaching, what we have learned in class, and how it can be applied to our unique contexts. ⁠

We are thrilled to share that we will also have a Feminist Coach Academy Advisory Board. Lena West (an existing Feminist Coach Track guest teacher and our business coach) will be the first Advisor on the Advisory Board. We are so excited that Lena will be involved in the Academy in this way and really appreciate her support past, present and future.⁠

We plan to share more details with you once the time comes. In the meantime, we will continue to deliver our existing Feminist Coach Track classes and integration calls of which you can join at any time here.

But for now, we wanted to let you know what is to come and invite you to join our Feminist Coach Academy interest list at www.feministcoachacademy.com where we will be sharing news as the academy develops and forms.

In Summary…

My theme words for the year are SPACE, PROLIFIC and AMPLIFY. It is my hope that by focusing on these three areas that I will feel and experience the inspiration required to prolifically create, share and amplify useful and powerful frameworks, tools, resources and programs for you in 2020.

You can expect a new free resource soon that teaches my framework for how to grow a successful business as a coach or practitioner in a way that helps you make money, have a life, and experience the positive impact you hope to make in the lives of your clients’ and the world at large.

And finally, there are three main ways you can work with me in 2020:

1.// Through 1:1 Coaching where you will also get bonus access to monthly group implementation calls. Learn more here.

2. Through the Gentle Business Mastermind where we will focus on ditching the hustle and growing your business in a gentle, conscious and sustainable way through access to three coaches, an awesome community, expert mentors and virtual retreats. Learn more here.

3. Through the Feminist Coach Academy (and in the meantime the Feminist Coach Track) where you can learn feminist coach theory, minimise harm and uplevel your impact and client experiences. Sign up for a Feminist Coach Track class now here and / or register your interest in the Feminist Coach Academy here.

Thank you so much for being part of this community and I absolutely cannot wait to hopefully get to know you more in 2020.


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