In this Feminist Coach Track class, Nicole Keeber-Lewis, a business therapist and mindset coach, spoke on Mental Health, Trauma, Coaching & Your Biz.

Nicole’s class was GOLD, and is one of the most important classes out there While we don’t all have to be trauma experts, it’s important to know a little bit about trauma and how to navigate it with your clients, audience, friends/family, people in your life, people you work with, etc to better support them. And, Nicole, gives solid advice on how to hold space for little t trauma and when to recommend a trauma expert to someone.

In Nicole’s class, we learned:

  • The difference between little t trauma and big T trauma + why it’s important we know this
  • How trauma impacts us + our relationship with our business + why it’s important for us to unpack this
  • How trauma can show up with our clients + how to navigate this
  • The difference between coaching + therapy, when to refer on + when a both/and approach might be appropriate
  • Being responsible about sharing our own trauma experiences with clients, in groups, when speaking, etc.
  • How trauma can show up in our relationship with money + how this can influence what we do in our business
  • About having a nuanced approach to balancing mindset work with trauma + mental health contexts
  • Powerful questions we can ask ourselves + our clients when it comes to this work
  • Plus MORE!

After Nicole’s class, Nai said:

“It might sound like a big call, but today I attended one of the best classes I’ve participated in since training to become a coach. I genuinely think all coaches should have an opportunity to learn from Nicole on this important topic.”

And Cam said:

The Feminist Coach Track has already made me a better coach and even though Nicole’s class just went LIVE this week, it’s already made an impact on my work and how I’m showing up for my clients. It’s helped me have more confidence in navigating trauma and mental health experiences with clients (and even friends) knowing I don’t have to be a trauma expert or mental health professional to hold space for little t trauma and what my role can be in helping others get the support that they need.”

In fact, Cam had a session with a client the day after where they were able to point out a little t trauma that her client was having, which was helpful to the client. Talk about perfect timing!

If you’re a helping professional, we cannot recommend Nicole’s class enough!

The good news is, even if you were unable to attend the class live, you can access the recording and learn in your own time. You can purchase the individual class or the entire Feminist Coach Track.

Upon signing up, you will get access to the Class 4 recording, slides, worksheet, and a list of resources. If you sign up for all 12 classes in the track, you will also get access to our Members’ Portal where we will store all the class recordings and other resources that we are collating especially for you.


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