Today I am excited to announce that I was featured on The Art of Creative Living podcast hosted by my dear friend Nicola Newman.

In this episode, I share practical frameworks to help you choose where to focus your energy, love and attention in your business, handy tips to move through fear, work with the inner critic and much more.

In this episode, Nicola asks me:

  • How I listen to my heart and choose what to focus on in my business
  • When fears come up, a very handy framework I rely on to help me find the courage to move forward
  • What my journey was like to get clear on what I offer and how I conveys my message, story and positioning online
  • How I attempt to foster an authentic connection with those in my community
  • What tools, processes or systems I use to keep on track and get all my creative projects done
  • Whether I take time off? What does that look like and how do I plan for it?
  • What is bringing me the most joy in my life and work
  • What stresses me out and how I deal with it 
  • How I stay inspired
  • How I cultivate playfulness, rest and joy in my life & work
  • What advice I have for any heart-centred, gentle folks who are thinking of starting a business
  • And finally, my advice for any heart-centred entrepreneurs who want to pivot their business in a new direction but may be feeling nervous about doing so

You can access the episode via Nicola’s website here. I hope you enjoy it!

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