Why I became a B Corp

If you have been following me on social media, you may have noticed that February is B Corp Month whereby the B Corp community are uniting to spread the word about their movement.

As part of B Corp Month, we were invited to share with our audiences why we each decided to become a B Corp. In this article, I will therefore share the top three reasons why I chose to become a certified B Corporation.



I have always wanted to own a business that not only brought to life the dreams I have for myself, my family and our preferred lifestyle – but also contributed to creating a more just world.

On my mission statement page, I articulate the following Vision and Mission.

“I have a VISION of a world…

Where people are kind and compassionate to themselves, others and the planet –  making it possible for all people (regardless of gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation or wealth) to realise their unique value and live safe, fulfilling lives.


Use my platform, passions and uniqueness to be of use to others and help progress positive social change, whilst endeavouring to inspire others to do the same.”

Not long after starting my business, I discovered the existence of B Corporations. Upon reading through the material on their website, I immediately set myself a goal to have my business become certified.

According to B Corp, they are:

“Leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. We meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.”

As someone who had been passionately speaking about using business as a force for good before I even knew that this was a B Corp catchcry, I wanted to unite with this community of people who were on a mission to do the same.


Upon investigating the B Corp mission further, I discovered that the B Corporation community were on a mission to redefine success in business from becoming the best in the world to becoming the best for the world.

I have always been a collaborator over a competitor in business, believing in the power of working together to create success as a collective over success as an individual.

I wanted to be part of this community of people who were working together to “use the power of business to alleviate poverty, address climate changes, and build strong local communities and great places to work.”

Obviously on an individual level we may all share varied core values and approaches to business, but uniting as a collective under a shared overall value of using business as a force for good really called to me.


As certified B Corporations, we have to meet rigorous standards of performance, accountability and transparency. This is the final, and in truth main reason, why I became a B Corp. I wanted to have a process in place that required me to consistently and regularly review my practises to ensure I am operating in a socially conscious, environmentally friendly way.

In order to become a certified B Corporation, your organisation has to undertake a rigorous B Corp Impact Assessment. You must score at least 80 out of 200 on the assessment. Even sole proprietors and small businesses with the highest scores tend to reach rates in the low 100s (my solo run coaching business scored 103). This means that even those who reach what is considered a high score can aspire to do better.

I knew that as a solo run and fairly newly established business that the B Impact Assessment would be challenging. Reaching certification in itself would require me to put in place new practices and procedures that would contribute to better using my business as a ‘force for good.’

From there, with regular assessments, I knew that the certification process would hold me accountable to continuing to review and advance these practices as my business grows and expands.

Plus, with these scores publicly displayed on my B Corp profile, it means the public can see how my business is ranking. This is the perfect motivator to not drop the ball when it comes to ensuring my business is working to contribute to social and environmental change.


If you would like to learn more about the process I underwent to become a certified B Corp, you can read this previous blog post. You can also tune in to my Dream For Others® podcast episode featuring Charlie Syme, the Marketing + Community Manager over at B Lab / B Corp.

Alternatively, head straight over to the B Corp website yourself and start with the B Impact Assessment. The assessment itself is free to complete and provides a report of areas that you can work on privately if you cannot currently afford to apply or register as a B Corp.

I hope to see you in the certified B Corp community soon!

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