6 tips for new coaches in creating a blossoming business

In November 2014, I became a certified Beautiful You life coach (and have since been awarded International Coach of the Year). It is hard to believe that was less than twelve months ago. Since then, I’ve been blessed to have coached a number of new coaches who are wanting to keep the momentum flowing following their studies and/or to continue to expand and grow their blossoming businesses. 

Instead of keeping these lessons and experiences for my one-on-one clients, I thought I would share a selection of my top tips for new coaches below. 

Tips for New Coaches #1: Take on as many pro bono clients as possible and treat them as you would your paying clients.

I pro bono’d my bottom off during my coaching studies and throughout my first year of business. Even today, I always have at least one pro bono client on my books at any given time.

Pro bono clients are a fantastic way to build your confidence and experience, and when done smartly can also help with expanding your reach through word of mouth and other means of promotion.

Plus, I find it is such a beautiful way to give back by sharing your unique gift of facilitating transformation within those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford your services. I honestly hope that I will always offer pro bono coaching services to those in need, no matter how ‘in demand’ my services are.

Read my specific advice on how to engage committed and beautiful pro bono clients here. You can also find a Pro Bono Application Form template in my Freebies Library, along with a range of other business resources, to help your pro bono client screening process.

Tips for New Coaches #2: Remember that clarity comes with practice.

I remember struggling with my niche and ‘elevator pitch’ whilst studying and upon first attempting to launch my business. However, I didn’t let this paralyse me.

I launched my business and wrote my copy based on what I DID know about who I want to work with and what I had to offer. Through practice and doing, I got clearer and clearer on what and who I wanted to work with – and this has continued to evolve as my coaching journey has evolved.

I strongly encourage you to do the same. Sure, explore, think, feel and really get to know yourself and what you want to offer. But if you’re confused about the specifics, your exact zoned in niche, or how everything will fit together – make a conscious effort to act based on what you do know.

I promise clarity comes with practice and action.

Tips for New Coaches #3: Focus and be consistent.

I believe that one of the biggest reasons why my business has gained so much momentum since graduating has been how focussed and consistent I have been in taking one step at a time to move forward with it, even during times of confusion or overwhelm.

I did this by:

  • Scheduling time each day to work on my business and respecting that time block as being dedicated to my business only. No distractions. No housework. No Youtube. No personal To Do list items. Business work only.
  • I did a long term website map that captured my end vision (based on what I did know) and then I did a short term website map that captured my short term vision of what I could build and create based on my current knowledge, skills and gifts. I found that this helped me move out of a state of overwhelm (e.g., How the hell am I going to be able to do all of this stuff? Where do I start!?) and into a mindset where I could focus on doing something every day to move toward my short term vision, and ultimately my long term vision too (which FYI, my long term vision completely changed along the way!).
  • I used multiple To Do lists. Each month I write a list of what I hope to achieve that month. Then each week I write two to three things down to focus on each day of the week. These lists are pinned up on my wall – so that each morning, I walk in and can start work without waisting time trying to decide on what I should focus on that day. I have found that this has helped me be super productive in the short amount of time that I have to work.

Tips for New Coaches #4: Prioritise self care and me time.

When you are passionate about your business and work, it can be easy to write it off as ‘Me Time’. I find this is especially the case for people (like myself) who juggle lots of balls in their business and personal life – whenever they get a spare moment for themselves, they use that spare time to focus on their business and work.

I have found in my first year of business, and through working with my clients, that finding time for self care, me time, and STILLNESS is essential to sustain momentum in a new business. In fact, when I prioritise these things, I notice I am MUCH MORE productive, creative, inspired and energised – and this shows in my work.

Read more about how to change your busy mindset and find time for self care here. There is also a range of resources in the Freebies Library that can help you with time management and prioritising self care.

new coaches

Tips for New Coaches #5: Form genuine connections with like-minded people.

When you enter the world of coaching, you might find that even if you have supportive loved ones, the people around you just don’t quite get it. Finding yourself a network of like-minded people who get it, who support and understand you, can be an excellent resource to draw upon in establishing your business.

You can do this by:

  • Following like-minded business owners and bloggers – comment on their blog posts, respond to their newsletters, interact with them on social media. Even those who have a big following will often become familiar with names who regularly support and interact with them. Be generous, and come from a place of truly wanting to get to know them and support them. 
  • Go to events and meet ups. Invest in personal and professional development. You can form the most beautiful relationships by meeting people at events where like-minded people congregate – even if you’re an introvert like me.

Over the past year, I have made some of the most beautiful and supportive friendships with people online who I have never (or very rarely) met in person. We have a bond and understanding that others might not comprehend – and have helped each other personally and professionally as we grow and expand on this adventure.

Tips for New Coaches #6: Believe in yourself.

The final tip that I’d like to put out there sounds corny and cliched, but I think has been instrumental to my journey so far and to the journey of my clients also. I have believed in myself. When something didn’t work out, when things went slower than I had hoped, when I made a mistake, didn’t get the ‘win’ I was looking for, or was faced with an overwhelming barrier – I still believed in myself. I knew that I could do this – I just had to keep doing the work and that things would ‘happen’ when they were meant too.

When you find your self-belief wavering (as it does in most healthy human beings by the way!), I suggest that you do the following:

  • Ask yourself – if I had all the self belief in the world right now, what would I do?
  • Ask yourself – what is one thing (big or small) that I can do to move forward toward my goal or further clarity right now?
  • Make a conscious effort to think who you can reach out to for help – personally or professionally – to help you move forward and toward your big dream.

If you are a new coach – I’d love to know in the comments below, what is one thing from this blog post that you can be mindful of moving forward? And if you’re an experienced coach, I’d love to know – what are your top tips for new coaches? Please share below for us all to relate with and learn from.

Let’s soar together,

Naomi x

PS. If you would like to work with me to create or amp up your coaching business, you can read more about my Inspiring Coach packages here.

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  • These are such awesome tips Naomi, thank you for sharing! I totally can vouch for how important it is to treat your pro-bono clients like paying clients. I loved that you mentioned focusing and being consistent, and those two things are definitely something I associate with you — I’m really inspired by the way you show up consistently again and again.

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed it and found a couple of things you can do too. There is always something to do or incorporate isn’t there!? Thanks Kylie xx.

  • Thank you for creating + writing this beautiful article. I find your last point to be so true. Believing in yourself will help you so much especially when you are lacking confidence. Its reminder myself daily why I do what I do, and why it is more than just me, its for healing, love and more beautiful world. Love to you Naomi! x

    • Oh Kajal what a beautiful comment – thank you for sharing. How lovely that you remind yourself of this beautiful WHY every day. A big load of love back at you Kajal! x

  • Thank you for sharing these brilliant tips, Naomi. My biggest takeaway is saying yes to pro bono clients & keeping that belief as your business continues to grow. And creating an Emergency Inspiration Plan? Genius!

    • Thanks so much Christine – I’m happy you enjoyed it. Everyone has different advice about pro bono clients – but I personally think it’s a great thing to do, when done well. And oh yes, the Emergency Inspiration Plan can be a real treat! x

  • Thank you for this article especially the pro bono bit! I love pro bono coaching and it was building my confidence with being a coach and then I started coming across the mountain of “Don’t do anything for free, charge your worth and your worth should always be high” etc etc so I did two pro bono clients and attempted to then throw myself into what everyone else was doing but having missed the confidence building of pro bono, I was too nervous to properly market myself and held back. Its so great to hear someone speaking out about how pro bono is actually a positive thing.

    • Oh yes Sophie, I’ve been seeing this a lot too. I think it’s different for everyone and isn’t a black/white issue – but personally, I find pro bono work to be really valuable in growing your business, when done well. If you have a great screening process, strong boundaries, and am mindful of still valuing yourself and your offerings – I believe it can be a wonderful experience. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! 🙂