Natalie MacNeil’s FREE Conquer Club Accelerator Business Program

Have you noticed that I’ve been loving short intensive programs lately? I’ve sure been doing (and sharing) a lot of them these past months!

Well, today, I’ve joined Natalie MacNeil’s free 10-Day Conquer Club Business Accelerator – a virtual group coaching program designed to help you sprint toward achieving one big goal within 10-days. You get to choose between 4 focused goal themes:

  1. Landing media features; 
  2. Optimising your opt-in;
  3. Getting clients; OR
  4. Building healthy habits.

I’ve chosen to focus on healthy habits – and it feels like perfect timing. To be honest, I’ve been juggling way too many balls lately and have dropped the self care and healthy habits ball. I’m well overdue to pick it back up, so thank you dear Natalie for the little prompt to do so here. Plus it’s perfect timing, as the program starts on 1 November (or 2 November for we Aussies), the day I’ll be driving back from my last booked keynote to commence a week dedicated to client sessions and finishing my final university assignment for the year.

Do you want to join me for a focused 10-Days too? If so, what goal do you think you’ll focus on? You can learn more and register for the Conquer Club Business Accelerator here:

If you are interested in Natalie’s The Conquer Club Incubator, you can learn about my experience and affiliate bonus package here.

{Note: This free program is designed to not only help you achieve a goal in 10-days, but to also give you a taster of what it’s like to be part of Natalie’s Conquer Club Incubator (of which I was a member this year). The link I’ve provided here is therefore an affiliate link and I might get a commission if you end up signing up to the Conquer Club Incubator at the end of the free program after using this link. Later next week, I’ll be announcing my affiliate bonuses – which shhhhh will involve some one-on-one coaching, copy/website consulting and other gifts. Not only have I experienced Natalie’s brilliance in The Conquer Club Incubator and on the Dream For Others podcast, but I love her books and send them to all my clients, and have also witnessed her talents first hand while working with her behind the scenes this year on a little something that I can’t wait to tell you all about soon. So, I’m a huge fan of Natalie and her work, and would shout it from the rooftops affiliate link or not.}

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