Are you looking for an authentic, motivational speaker?

You are looking for an authentic, motivational speaker who will connect with your audience, inspire them to make positive change, and give them practical steps and guidance on how to do so.

You want your audience to leave knowing more about how to live or work in a way that is aligned with their personal values, passions and uniqueness.

You want them to know that their big dreams for self and others are absolutely possible, that they can overcome the challenges that get in the way, and feel empowered to forge ahead and make them become a reality.


life passion speaking speakerWhat topics do I speak on?     

I speak on a wide range of topics related to soaring in your business or life.

These include:

  • Living a values-based, passion-fuelled and purposeful life.
  • Discovering and using your uniqueness.
  • How to dream for others – use your platform, passions and uniqueness to be of use to others and progress social change.
  • Establishing a self care practice and prioritising your needs.
  • Creating a resilience toolkit: caring for yourself and others.
  • How to gain momentum as a new coach or business owner.
  • Creating and achieving personal goals over a 12-week period.

I also collaborate with my brother, personal trainer Shaun Arnold at Eat Train Succeed, to deliver practical keynotes and workshops teaching staff in work settings how to incorporate quick, simple activities and strategies into their work day that will improve their health, focus and productivity.


How to book?

If you have questions or would like to book me to speak at your event, please email my team at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com.

If you could let me know a little about your event, your topics of interest, your budget, and any other relevant details – I will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.

Please note that 5% of profits from my speaking income goes toward assisting refugees and asylum seekers by alternating donations between the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). Through engaging me as a speaker, you are also helping refugees all over the world.

Photo sources, left to right. 1) Some Wild Darling. 2) DMK Photography. 3) Eat Train Succeed. 4) Some Wild Darling. 5) Fi Mimms Photography. 6) DMK Photography.


Feedback from previous speaking gigs

Read feedback from previous speaking gigs (including keynotes, workshops, panels and MCing below):

 life passion speaking testimonial“I wanted to say a huge “thank you” for generously giving us your time this morning to come and chat to our Peachy Parents Group about the importance of Self Care. We’ve walked away with some hands on tips and practical tools we can implement to make sure we’re looking after ourselves. And a massive thank you to you and your connections for the beautiful gift bags you organised for the ladies, I know they were greatly appreciated. Thank you again, we really appreciated your visit.” – Shanelle & Peachy Parents Yeppoon

Naomi was a thoughtful and well prepared panelist at our Inspiration Day.  Sincere and genuine, she cares deeply about the message she shares. Her words are meaningful, on point and purposeful. Professional and a pleasure to work with, Naomi is a must for any event where you want to leave your audience inspired.” – Liz Deanna, Client Care & Communications Manager, Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

 Feedback from audience members on resilience keynote at CQ University Staff Conference:

“It was so relevant for all people in the workplace. I personally appreciated Naomi’s humility and gentility… I really enjoyed Naomi’s presentation and personally benefitted from her tips, experience and advice.”

“The information Naomi provided was interesting and useful eg. resilience and relying on your strengths during difficult times. She was honest, open and spoke about making difficult but wise life choices.”

“I found the topic and Naomi’s tips very relevant and helpful.”

“Naomi was very engaging, informative and motivating. Her session was great to stop and think about yourself and give credit on where and how you are resilient in life.”

“Naomi was very relatable and inspiring!”

“I gained a lot good tips on how to cope with worklife and homelife.”

“I enjoyed the down to earth speaker, really touched on some personal notes.”

“Very easy to listen to, also made me stop and think about how to deal with situations.”

“Used real life examples – very personable.”

“I found the presentation inspiring and it helped me to identify areas of my own work and personal life where I can be more resilient and put Naomi’s advice into practice. Very informative and motivating presentation.”

“Naomi was fantastic and a fresh face and her talk on resilience seemed fitting.”

“Inspiring and authentic presentation that I can apply to me.”

“Excellent keynote. Naomi was fantastic and had some really great points and information.”

“Resilience is topic that I am interested in. Naomi’s self disclosure and easy delivery made the points resonate with me.”

“It was very authentic and resonated with me. Resilience is something we take for granted until we suddenly realise it is something we need.”

“Understanding that resilience is not a bad term often used within organisations. Naomi also gave a really good insight into how to embrace resilience.”

“Naomi was an excellent presenter and the information she presented was well thought out and very applicable to working in an ever changing environment.”

“Was a very honest and heartfelt presentation by the presenter. Could relate to it.”

 Feedback from audience members at the CQ University Information Technology Staff Conference session teaching staff quick, simple strategies for improving health, focus and productivity at work (in collaboration with Shaun Arnold from Eat Train Succeed):

“Thank you again to Naomi and Shaun for the invaluable sessions. It has our teams more focused and their interest in exploring their mental health is fantastic to see. We love that you had us both relaxed and meditating as well as up moving following our lunch break and at the mid point in our conference. The session provided us with the perfect opportunity to get everyone reinvigorated for the next day and a half.”

“Given that I like to know the “why” behind things before I do them I found this session great. I know stretching etc is good for me because I have been told it is but hearing some of the neuroscience behind it as well as the mechanics was refreshing and very interesting. Timing was perfect, having to get up and down after lunch was a great. I enjoyed this session and found it very helpful. “

“The first part, the mental/emotional section, is relevant to everyone, and being able to deal emotionally at work is important.”

“Little things to help yourself can make a big difference.”

“I’ll be able to use many of the stretching exercises and will try to get the two others in my area to join me.”

Feedback from audience members at the Dream, Girl film screening that I organised, spoke, and MC’d at in partnership with Busi Women Inc as an Engaging Women Ambassador for Good:

“Thank you for hosting this event and a huge thank you. After attending the event I am feeling inspired and cannot wait to see what the future brings and the opportunities in the new year.”

“I found the Dream, Girl film very interesting watching the stories of such strong and successful women. Naomi Arnold was a wonderful speaker who engaged and connected with the audience making this a truely inspiring event.”

“What I walked away realising, is that what I do is bigger than me. My work is a vessel to help others. Through coaching, workshops and circles I am able to help others reconnect with themselves and their purpose for life. In doing this work, I am empowering others to go out there and pursue their passion and goals. While I may not move mountains, simply helping one person at a time is enough and this creates its own ripple affect… The other highlight for me was the importance of community, not just the place we live in, but the place where we seek support. I wrote a little about this last week, it’s a huge lesson I am learning at the moment… So now I have refuelled the fire in my belly and have begun some planning for the coming year. I am looking at bringing back some of my workshops,creating some new ones, creating a monthly circle for women to come together and also a mastermind type group for aspiring women to help them come together to share their journeys.”

 Feedback from participants of Creating and Achieving Personal Goals Workshop at CQ University:

“Naomi is obviously well versed in this specialist field. She has a gentle approach and style that captures the audience and allows the presentation to free flowing with direction that would suit various work places and teams.”

“This sort of resource is great for people who are feeling stranded and need direction, especially through times involving personal turmoil.”

“Prior to attending the workshop I thought that I wouldn’t learn anything new. Attending the workshop, I realised that by documenting a plan to achieve future goals, it would mean that I was more accountable for the outcome and through identifying how I would feel at the conclusion of meeting those goals meant that it would be clear that I had achieved what I had set out to from the beginning.”

“A great session that helped to re-focus me.”