Amanda Rootsey’s Shine From Within Youth Mentor training + my affiliate bonuses

Today, I wanted to tell you about Amanda Rootsey’s Youth Mentor Training program. If you are interested in learning about working with youth, this training aims to give you the confidence to run your own workshops and programs for teens, while building a business you love. 

Since Amanda is a dear friend, and. a business partner in our co-creation of the Gentle Business Mastermind – I know how much of her heart and gifts are poured into this training, I have become a proud affiliate. This means, if you sign up to Shine From Within and choose to mention that I referred you on the sign-up page, I may receive a commission. Because of this, however, I’ve decided to use the commission to offer you a fabulous Youth Mentor Training affiliate bonus!

If you type my name under the question “How did you hear about us?” on the sign up page, you will receive my Youth Mentor Training affiliate package which includes your choice of ONE of the following:

A $500 voucher that you can use toward coaching with me (worth $500 AUD)

If you choose this option, I will gift you a $500 voucher that you can use toward any of my coaching packages (including one-off or session packages) or audit reviews. You can read more about my business coaching packages here and my life coaching packages here.


1 x 90 minute ‘Gender Consciousness’ coaching session with Cameron Airen (worth $200 USD)

I will personally pay for you to have a 90 minute session with feminist consultant and coach Cameron Airen. You might recall that Cameron was recently on the Dream For Others podcast talking about gender, feminism, patriarchy, everyday activism and more.

When I heard that many youth are talking more openly about gender now, and some parents and mentors are not sure how to respond to this, I thought this might be the perfect way to help those who sign up to the Youth Mentor training to learn more and improve your confidence in having conversations with youth around gender.

Through a session with Cam, you will be able to explore and deepen your understanding of gender, gender socialisation, and perhaps how you can feel more comfortable having conversions about gender with youth as a mentor.

I have personally had two sessions with Cameron now and took so much away from talking with them around how I can live, work and parent in a way that is more conducive to counteracting the gender stereotypes and socialisation processes.

You can learn more about Cam’s coaching offerings around gender here.


Youth Mentor Training affiliate - Dream for Others notebooks bonus
Photo by Renee Bell

1 x notebook from the Dream For Others® range (worth $7.95 + postage)

I will also send you one of my notebooks from the Dream For Others® range. These notebooks are beautifully designed, eco-friendly, ethically made and contribute to girls’ education initiatives. They were printed in Australia by the social enterprise Inspirationery.

You can see more images and learn more about the notebooks here.


Note: I also invest in a KIVA Loan for every person that signs up through me – so you’ll also be helping Kiva borrowers create opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

So if you’re interesting in signing up to the Youth Mentor Training and receiving one of these Youth Mentor Training affiliate bonuses once the refund period for the program has lapsed and you have paid in full for the course, you can do so by clicking here and entering my name under the referral section.

Please then send me an email at naomi(at)naomiarnold(dot)com to let me know once you have done so – and I will ensure I reach out upon hearing that the refund period has lapsed to arrange receipt of your bonuses!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com.

Oh and also – check out my interview with Amanda on the Dream For Others podcast here.

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