As an internationally certified and award-winning Business & Life Passion Coach, I have worked with over 60 big-hearted and beautiful people to help them create their version of a passion-fuelled, creative and purposeful life.

You can read a selection of praise, testimonials, glowing reviews and transformational results from happy clients below.

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“Working with Naomi has been a soulful experience while starting my business as a life and breakup recovery coach.

I had been following Naomi for some time before I decided to become a Beautiful You Life Coach myself. She has always inspired me with the wonderful work she is doing in the world.

Naomi holds a deep loving space for her clients. This is so important when you are setting up your own business, which honestly can be a challenge on so many levels. Naomi’s light and love shines through in every session and in every email. Her support and guidance helped me connect with my soul’s message, find the courage to share my truth through my business and stay on my path through every challenge.

Coaching with Naomi is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I’m deeply grateful for everything she has shared with me.”

– Daniela Amberg, Life and Break Up Recorvery Coach,

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“Naomi was very supportive throughout the entire series, I have developed a foundation for my business and worked through some personal goals also that made me feel like I have control back which makes me feel very excited and energetic.

I am so lucky to have come through Naomi as she was one of the coaches I was eyeing off on the BYCA website. I would recommended her to anyone looking for a coach to give clarity and purpose to your life.

Thank you Naomi for being so awesome.”

Desiree Holz

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“When we first started coaching, I had just graduated from BYCA and felt quite overwhelmed with all there was to do. I was hoping to create a plan that would move me forward to get my business launched and up and running. 

I decided to coach with Naomi because I felt a connection from following her on social media and reading her blog posts, and I knew she was the coach for me.

Before our first session I was a little nervous to be working with such a superstar! But Naomi immediately calmed my nerves and we set goals that would carry us through our series.

I went from feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all there was to do, to happy, content and feeling comfortable with my business and my plan moving forward.

During our coaching, I saw my confidence grow, and self-doubt diminish. Once I was able to get all of the thoughts out of my head and into a plan, I felt lighter, happier, and excited about my business and where I was in the process. I knew that my life was going to get even busier, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose focus of my personal life. I made it an intention to have fun in my life, which helped me achieve even more in my business because I felt refreshed and fulfilled in my personal life.

All my friends and family seemed to notice a spark about me, and a happiness they haven’t seen in quite a long time!

I would absolutely 100% recommend life coaching with Naomi any time! She is a shining light for so many of us. Thank you Naomi for being you!

Erica Carrico,

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“When I first met Naomi to start coaching, I was approaching the end of the year and the end of a phase of my life. Heading into a career transition, I was struggling with some feelings of overwhelm and lack of clear direction with the set up of my business. I was also feeling a little isolated and alone and I was hoping to connect with others who had walked a similar path to the one I was about to embark upon.

During our coaching series I made a number of changes. Even though in some ways some of my business model changed and what I thought I wanted to do also changed, the overall goals were able to accommodate those changes. I appreciated that Naomi encouraged me to be flexible during these changes of plan, too. Inside myself I noticed more self-belief and more clarity around my direction. I also noticed more confidence in the value of the work that I do, too. Outside of myself, some changes that happened included setting clearer boundaries in personal relationships and laying the foundations of a sustainable business, including setting up my websites, podcast, social media channels and finally, renting an office space.

By the end of our coaching series I felt like I had gained a trusted advisor and ally in my business journey. I felt encouraged, supported and confident in my skills, abilities and offerings moving forward in business and have benefited so much from the space Naomi held for me in each session. I’m more determined and clear about my goals and aspirations now. I’m also much more certain about some boundaries now that were weak before we started this coaching series, and I’ve been sticking up for myself more which is great too!

I highly, highly recommend life coaching with Naomi to anyone who is looking to make changes in their life, but needs some guidance and gentle accountability. Through working with Naomi I was able to dream and achieve more than I had realised was possible before we started coaching together. If you are in a transition phase in your life, I recommend working with Naomi because I found it hugely beneficial to have someone on my team in the midst of so many changes. She helped me lay the foundations for the next phase of my life in a way that was much smoother than I could have managed alone.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart Naomi!

Ellen Ronalds Keene, and

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“When I first started coaching with Naomi, I was fresh out of coaching school and ready to start my business and get my website going. I needed some focus, support and guidance on how to actually do that.

By the end of my series, I felt confident in my timing and the way my journey was going. I was happy with everything I had done along the way. I made peace with how long the process takes, and felt super grateful to have had Naomi’s support for those months.

During our coaching together, I got all of my business details in order, which was quite the task! I got my biz name, bank accounts, website domain, etc. all dialled in and set up. That felt really official. I adjusted my expectations and dreams of when I wanted my website done. I witnessed that even though I got sick a number of times, I was still showing up for myself, my process and my business. That felt solid and awesome. I gained confidence in who I am and what I have to offer. I couldn’t have made so much progress without Naomi’s support and guidance. I’m now very clear on my message and about to click “publish” on my website.

My friends and family noticed that I was putting myself out there more on social media. I spoke more confidently about what I was doing, and I kept showing up and working hard towards what I wanted to create.

I would absolutely recommend life coaching with Naomi. She is present and kind, combined with knowledgeable and supportive. I really enjoyed our time together and she was a fantastic support for my blossoming business! Thank you SO much!”

Jasmine Patten,

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“I first started coaching with Naomi because I wanted to change my business, to have different formats of coaching available, starting with an ecourse. I wanted to get unstuck on creating an English speaking business.

From the start, Naomi seemed to really care and was always there to help. During our journey together I felt supported the whole time, and at the end I was amazed at how far we had come, and very thankful for it.

A lot has changed since we started our coaching. I created the ecourse and started a new site. I have a whole new feel for how I want my business to look and feel like. I’m much more driven, focused and organized now.

I recommend life coaching with Naomi, thank you for everything Naomi.

Juli Andrada, 

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“Before I met Naomi to start coaching, I was blocked and struggling with clarity on what to do next and how I could turn my business dreams into a reality, I also knew my self care regime wasn’t as great as it could be.

I chose Naomi as my coach and from the get-go she just really got and understood me and how to push me gently forward or strongly where required! As a coach myself, I understood the value of coaching and think that we should all practice what we preach and continue coach to be coached for as long as we have the desire to continue to build and dream!

Coming to the end of our coaching together, I am well on the way to achieving what was a pretty bold goal to strive for. I am laser focused on what steps are next in building my business and other personal goals I am working on. Some of the action (hello live facebook) I’ve taken has definitely pushed me forward and out of my comfort zone.

I would highly recommend life coaching with Naomi, I think she provides a beautiful coaching experience that gives the client exactly what they need at that time. She is encouraging, and supportive without question.”

 Melanie Wheatley,

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“When I first started coaching with Naomi, I was feeling overwhelmed with what felt like the enormity of tasks involved in getting my coaching business up and running. I wanted to work with Naomi because I felt that her experience, having set up and launched her own very successful coaching business, combined with her gentle nature would help me to get to where I needed to be.

I was excited (and nervous) before our first session, but by the end of the series I felt completely empowered to go out there and achieve all my business goals!

The main changes I made whilst working with Naomi, was to stop letting fear creep in and to just keep doing the tasks, taking the steps, day by day, bit by bit. By the end of our coaching, I had gained clarity on my niche, finished and launched my website, published my business Facebook page and now have a solid plan in place for what I need to do next. I feel 100% empowered and motivated to achieve all my business goals.

I absolutely loved my coaching series with Naomi and found every session (and all the support in between) so incredibly motivating. I would 100% recommend life coaching with her. She has a gentle but firm way of empowering you to take action. She openly shares her experience and feedback, which I found invaluable during our sessions.

A massive thank you Naomi and I hope to work with you again someday! Lynsey Mathieson, Certified Life/Empowerment Coach,

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“Naomi came into my life as my business coach in my first year of my coaching business.

She is all heart, and her incredible experience and knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to listen was a formidable combination that made me feel empowered and like I could truly make my dreams a reality.

This woman is the real deal, and I would recommend her time and time again to anyone launching a heart-centred online business. Ellie Swift, Life + Business Marketing Coach

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“When I started working with Naomi, I needed to confidently start my coaching business. I loved where Naomi was taking her business and felt privileged to work with her.

I was doing well on my own however working with Naomi just moved me along at a greater pace. I launched my website just before finishing our series. I became far more organised and put structures in place to get up and running. Then when I began to feel overwhelmed, we put even more structures in place to help with this.

Thank you for passing on and sharing your knowledge with me Naomi. I love everything you do with your own talents, engaging others to know their strengths and engaging in the wider world for change. It truly is an inspiration. Naomi is going to be a world changer, this I know for sure.” Fleur Knowles,

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“Before I started coaching with Naomi, I was struggling with health issues, my “day job”, and launching my business. I was struggling with procrastination and getting unstuck from fear-based thoughts. I had so many ideas and dreams, but I was unable to put them into action. I had lost myself and my confidence.

As a fellow introvert I connected immediately with Naomi via social media. I decided to work with her as I wanted to have someone to hold me accountable and support me to move forward. I felt VERY nervous before our first session; a little anxious and uncomfortable. I think my ego was aware that big change was about to happen! At the end of the coaching series I felt so much stronger and like I had begun to find myself again. I felt empowered and like I was capable of anything that my soul desired.

Through our coaching together, I changed my diet and was able to commit to a challenging yet necessary autoimmune protocol, out of a place of love not fear. When I went off track with the AIP, I found myself very easily able to jump straight back on track the next meal instead of giving up completely as I would have in the past. I found myself being a lot gentler with myself when this happened instead of bashing myself emotionally!

I also launched my life coaching business and gained 3 pro bono clients!

I was made redundant after my first session with Naomi (5 weeks before Christmas!). Because of the support from Naomi, I was able to find another job and choose the one that would be good for my health and for me, rather than picking the job that was more money but would end up making me unhappy and potentially more sick.

I was able to go back to dancing after our series together, after not dancing for 12 years. I was also able to forgive a friend and move forward after 12 months of many issues. I was also able to confront another friend I had been too scared to express my feelings to, and did so without fear and from a place of love. My friends and family also noticed I was happier and more confident.

I would absolutely recommend life coaching with Naomi! She has an amazing energy, which made me feel comfortable and supported. I felt I was able to open up to her and be honest without judgment or fear. I loved that despite my perceived ‘failures’, she was able to shift my perspective and show me how to focus on all of the positive things I had done, rather than one ‘negative’ thing.

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Naomi!! I so appreciate our time together and truly am amazed at the results she helped me achieve. I miss our sessions already!” Ashlea Loveday, Intuitive Life Coach,

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“When I started working with Naomi, I was feeling confused, run-down and frustrated. I was going through major transitions with my health and career, which had me feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and uneasy about my future. By the end of our series, I felt more confident and at peace with the decisions I had made and was planning to make. I felt empowered to make decisions that were based on what would best support my lifestyle and wellbeing. I let go of feeling guilty about the life choices I was making.

Since coaching together, I have made a commitment to follow my heart over my head. I have now resigned from my government position! I made a brave decision to follow what felt right as opposed to what I thought I should do. I am now coaching my own clients, building a coaching business from a health clinic in Sydney and designing my website. I have become clear on how I can best serve others in my life and business.

When we were coaching together I was also surprised at how quickly I started forming connections with other like-minded people. I embraced opening up about what spirituality means to me. I started to share this on social media. I now fully own who I am and have released the feelings of embarrassment or fears of judgment I had previously felt about sharing my spiritual practice. This has been so freaking liberating!

I’m grateful that I experienced coaching with Naomi. She showed such a strong belief in me and my hopes and dreams. I felt completely supported by her. I never felt pushed into taking action that would not suit where I was in that moment. She met me where I was at each session emotionally, physically and spiritually. The honesty and energy she gave to me I will be eternally grateful for. Regardless of my health challenges and my ever changing life circumstances, I feel like my determination is reignited and I will keep chipping away at my heart desires.” Kate Farrell, Lifestyle & Wellbeing Coach, The Art Of Wellbeing

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“Before working with Naomi, I was searching for my passion and purpose in life but was struggling with procrastination, my inner critic and fear. I was so stuck in my head and wasn’t giving my heart a chance. I was also struggling with being authentic in social situations, and lacked self worth.

By the end of our coaching series, I’d made so many big changes. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed and how much clearer and content I am. I feel the best I have ever felt in a very long time. I’m following my passion and I’ve found my purpose, and I’m on my path to bringing these to life. I’ve had some huge shifts in my thinking, overcoming some big fears and procrastination, I’m less in my head and more in my heart and I am now grounded in my self worth.

My family and closest friends have noticed these big changes in me as well! My husband and Mum have noticed some huge changes in me (for the better) – my husband even said that I’m the best I’ve ever been since he met me – 15 years ago!

I would absolutely recommend life coaching with Naomi! She is incredibly kind, generous, patient, encouraging, challenging but gentle, caring, wise, authentic, knowledgeable, inspirational and hold the most beautifully aligned values. I could speak for hours to anyone who would listen at how coaching with Naomi was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I’ll hold our coaching sessions near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Naomi, for everything you have given me!” Katrina Coltzau, Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“When I first started my coaching series with Naomi, I was working full time in my design job, and in the process of studying to become an accredited life coach. Things were extremely busy for me, and I was hoping that coaching would give me a little more clarity around what steps to take first towards getting my coaching business up and running.

By the end of our coaching series I had achieved everything that I had set out to do and more. It was incredible! I worked through each and every action step from week to week, and by breaking it down and doing them one step at a time, I was able to achieve my goals. I felt more in control of what I was doing as I could see the big picture unfold in front of me. My colleagues and family also noticed the momentum that I was experiencing and the huge progress I was making in such a short space of time.

Naomi is a truly beautiful person with an incredible talent to nurture and expand your thinking. Her compassionate style of coaching creates a trusting space that allowed me to open and up and be brave. The email support she provided in between sessions was invaluable, as it helped me to progress even further. Naomi knows how to challenge you to achieve just that little bit more, whilst holding that caring and supportive space. She is a true inspiration to me, and I would recommend the experience of working with her to anyone that is serious about making change.” – Julie Swan,

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials heidi_test“Going into my coaching series with Naomi, I was wanting to develop a stronger and deeper relationship with my mind and body and be more loving towards myself. I wanted to feel as though I was enough, not weighed down by overwhelming negative thoughts about myself, and I wanted to value myself more and feel worthy of being able to invest in myself. I had also recently launched my coaching business, and I wanted to be able to feel that I was a wonderful, inspiring, empowering and confident coach, who was making a positive difference in the lives of others, instead of being full of self-doubt and self-criticism.

Before our first session I was a little nervous but really looking forward to meeting you. At the end, I was just floating! I felt a renewed sense of excitement, enthusiasm and confidence in myself, as I recognised how far I had actually come and how much I had achieved for myself. I made SO many changes throughout our series – even talking about them now fills me with joy and excitement, and really helps me connect back with the positive feelings that I created within myself.

Considering how many other things I went through in that period of my life (engagement, wedding, moving, writing an ebook, etc!), I was able to shift my awareness and feel more confident in myself. At the end of our series I was so much more gentle and kind with myself than I was at the start. I finally felt like I was in flow, and everything in my life just felt more natural and calm. Naomi really empowered me, and from working with her I just felt so uplifted and excited! I was glowing from within and just radiating positive energy as I realised I had so many incredible things in my life to be grateful for and look forward to!

Naomi, you were so amazing- thank you. I really felt like I had a voice, and could say anything I needed to, without judgement. You held the space beautifully for me, and were so kind and encouraging the whole way through our series, and for that I am so truly grateful. I can totally understand why you won the BYCA International Coach of the Year – you’re incredible and we’re all so blessed to have you!” – Heidi Rose,  Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials bec_test“When I signed up to work with Naomi, I was looking forward to support and accountability to launch my coaching business, and to help me keep on track with self-care.

I felt determined at the beginning of our coaching series; then elated and confident at what I’d achieved by the end. I worked with numerous suppliers to launch my business; completed the majority of copy for my website; did all the small things that I’d been putting off (updating social media, getting a web hosting provider etc). I also became better at switching off after work with rituals such as jumping on my rebounder!

I would absolutely recommend that you work with Naomi. She is an amazing coach – very supportive and held me gently accountable. She was also an amazing sounding ear and helped me work through obstacles and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back. I loved our time together – and am so sad it’s over!” – Bec Sands, Career Transformation Coach for Corporate Women, Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials test_1“Before working with Naomi, I really wanted to get my business off the ground – or at least to a point where it had direction and clarity and structure. I wanted to get my personal life more sorted. I was in all sorts of difficulty recovering from separation, depression and anxiety (as well as financial difficulty) and needed to get clear on what was important and how to prioritise wellbeing in a way that works for me. I also wanted to be clear about money and what it means to me – and how to go about working with money in a style that’s mine.

Throughout our coaching series together, I became really clear on my business direction and this lead to the creation of coaching packages, legal contracts, pro-bono clients and the development of a new, diagnostic opt-in. I examined my money beliefs, most of which I had taken from others, and dissected them to find what I really believe. This allowed me to relax around my income more (and has resulted in a more consistent, predictable flow) and be clearer about my purchasing. And I softened my outlook on life in general. I allowed myself to start ‘softly bouncing’ through life, rather than making hard work of it. This has taken time to learn and recognise (and is still a work in progress) but I feel the sun more now. I take the time to really appreciate the things that bring joy. I lean into them. And this has brought the unexpected benefit of strength to really fight for those things that are worth fighting for. Without the energy of the softly bouncing joy I didn’t have the energy to fight either.

Naomi has an openness and uncanny ability to keep progress moving forward in a very practical, focussed way. She is never pushy – and this allows a beautiful space in which to explore and grow and transform in a positive way. I will miss our sessions and the clarity she brought to my (sometimes crazy) business ideas. I will always think of her when I’m ‘softly bouncing’ – that metaphor alone is worth a great deal to me.” Carolyn Trott, Transformative Teaching Coach, Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 18 - Business + Life Passion Coach“When I first started coaching with Naomi I had just completed my Beautiful You Coaching Academy qualification and I was looking for guidance and support around my new business. I specifically wanted help with gaining clarity around my business direction and creating momentum. Shortly into our coaching started I discovered I was pregnant and Naomi played a significant role in helping me get my head around what this meant for my personal and professional life moving forward.

By the end of the coaching series Naomi and I had established a great professional and personal relationship and I loved every session as I always walked away feeling supported and encouraged. I also felt like I had a clear direction with my business and as a result I felt more confident and excited about the future. I really learned as a result of coaching that I have to focus on balancing my feminine and masculine energies and to make self-care a priority. By practicing self-love and self-care I was able to be the best version of myself both personally and professionally. From a professional viewpoint I also learned that I really need to ‘sell’ myself and my achievements more and not to downplay them. Naomi really helped to shine a light on this and provided me with an abundance of encouragement to take ownership of my self-worth.

I would absolutely recommend working with Naomi! She is super generous with her thoughts, feedback and energy. I really appreciated how much effort she went to in replying to my emails and reviewing different aspects of my business. She genuinely does care and I appreciate this so much! The support Naomi provides really is next level and sets her apart from other coaches I’ve worked with in the past.” – Ainslie Young, Starting With A Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 17 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Naomi is an absolutely amazing and inspiring woman and I really enjoyed the pleasure of working with her. She was a guiding force in helping move forward and get direction on the path I wanted to take in both my personal and professional life. Not only in supporting me in finding the answers but also giving me the strength and courage to go out after my dreams and achieve them. 

She stretched me far beyond what I could’ve imagined and laughed during the entire process. She exceeded all expectations I had of what a coach would or could be and I cant thank her enough.” – Shannon Flack, Gold Coast, Life, Love and Colour.

Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials
Business + Life Passion Coach - Connie“Before working with Naomi I was stressed and anxious; struggling with my PhD, thoughts and emotions. Over the course of our coaching sessions, I became more mindful, kind and gentle – to myself and others. I also made good headway in my thesis. In our last meeting, Naomi helped me to realise that I had been expanding my self-awareness the whole time we were working together; embodying the experiential learning process I was constructing through my research. It felt good to know that I was progressing, and had been doing so for many years. It was also good to acknowledge my strengths, bravery and determination to keep growing and evolving as a person and researcher, all the while listening to my deeper calling.


Thank you for being so generous with your time, gifts and wisdom, Naomi. Thanks too for your journal questions. They were very helpful. I appreciate the way that you held space for me; providing encouragement and enabling me to play with various ideas, approaches and ways of looking at the world. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with you at this challenging/exciting period of my life.” – Connie Allen, Wellness Wayfinders, South QLD
Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials
Praise 16 - Business + Life Passion Coach“When we first met for coaching, I was part way through my training to be a life coach. I was feeling overwhelmed at the idea of transitioning into such a public way of working, and felt self-conscious about promoting myself, writing blogs and simply being so visible. I also felt overwhelmed by all the tasks I needed to do to establish my new coaching business and wasn’t sure where or how to start on some of those things. I was wondering how I could do all of this whilst also managing family responsibilities and other important commitments.


Before our first session I felt excited and a little nervous, but Naomi’s friendly and calm presence encouraged me to relax quickly. At the end of coaching, I felt excited, grateful, inspired, energised and also sad that it was ending! I also felt really proud of what I had achieved.


During our coaching I saw myself develop my confidence, intuition and resilience. I began to dream even bigger dreams for my business as I saw how quickly I was moving through new challenges and had tremendous support and encouragement from Naomi. I felt so energised about life and really felt that I was now able to balance my commitments in business, family, life and to myself. My family and friends also saw that I was incredibly happy, positive, energised, confident and often remarked that I was ‘glowing.’ They noticed how I was increasing in my focus and productivity.


I would without hesitation recommend that people work with Naomi. She is a gentle powerhouse. Sounds like an oxymoron. She has a sensitivity for people, struggles, joy, inner work and outer work. She invites her client to engage in bold, purposeful and inspired action – and to keep at it. Her resources, worksheets and journalling questions are unparalleled. They are highly practical and insightful. Her generosity and genuine care shines through in everything she does.” – Naomi Morrow, Life + Creativity Coach, Wodonga
Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

Praise 15 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before starting the journey with Naomi I knew I wanted to be self employed but I didn’t know how to make my dreams a reality. I had been following her on Facebook, and reading her newsletters and blog for a while, and then decided to work with her after being recommended by Tara Bliss who I was working with previously.

Before starting I was nervous as with any new experience but full of excitement as well. I knew in my heart that our sessions would be full of action steps and positive energy flow. At the end of our series I felt completely amazing and cannot believe the work that was achieved and the dreams that were turned into a reality.

With Naomi’s inspired action steps, support and guidance each session was leaping me closer to living my dream life. Through our coaching series I launched my blog, website and business which made me feel closer to living my dream life. I can now confidently call myself a life coach, energy healer, essential oil consultant and blogger with passion plus direct people to my website, blog and Facebook page. I also realised dreams that I didn’t even know I was capable of and now feel achievable. I felt more balanced in my life and happier with the everyday knowing that I was making progress on my dreams and not letting them just drift away into nothingness.

Throughout the process, I felt incredibly supported by Naomi both in our sessions and via email in between, it’s an amazing feeling to know that someone is in your corner wishing nothing but goodness and success for you. I have so much praise for Naomi and a lifetime of thank yous for helping make my dreams a reality. Working with Naomi made me feel inspired, supported, and focused. I would recommend coaching with her to everyone – the whole experience has been amazing from start to finish and I feel even more inspired to live my dream life.” Danielle Templeman, Brisbane, Energy Temple. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Business + Life Passion Coach - Jodie“A few months before starting coaching with Naomi I had felt stuck – actually I had felt paralysed from confusion and fear. And because of being in that place I had also lost my enthusiasm for life. Although I started making changes myself I felt I needed additional support. I felt drawn to coaching with Naomi, not only by her personal success story and accomplishments but also because she seemed gentle, feminine, caring and sharply intelligent.

When we reviewed what I had accomplished over my coaching series with her, I was genuinely surprised at how much I had done. I feel quite different within myself from when I started and much better equipped to manage challenges in the future. I have a much healthier relationship with myself – I even value myself now! I have moved from feeling stuck and scared in my life to feeling excited about the future I have the power to create. And I have healed a broken heart and look forward to moving into a deeply fulfilling relationship. On an external level I have started participating in life again: looking after my body through more exercise, spending more time with friends, joining a community theatre, looking for work that suits me, and I have even enrolled in a Diploma in Life Coaching.

I would recommend working with Naomi because I think it is a beautiful thing to be supported and seen by another. I really appreciated the focused, caring, responsive and encouraging coaching space Naomi held for me.” – Jodie Munn, Queensland Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 14 - Business + Life Passion Coach“When I started working with Naomi, I was in the finishing stages of Beautiful You Coaching Academy training and wanted to keep momentum towards my dream of beginning an online life coaching business, along with looking at the balance of my family, business and self. I hoped that in our time together I would have the courage to launch my business and face my fears in putting myself ‘out there’ and allowing myself to shine.

Working with Naomi was wonderful, inspiring and enjoyable. She provided such a comforting, warm and generous experience and not only did I learn more about myself, but so much about how to run a truly authentic, heartfelt and purposeful business. With her gentle questioning and insightful worksheets I felt stretched, but so well supported and understood as the momentum in establishing my business was building. I also felt that my confidence grew and I was taking steps that saw me step right outside of my comfort zone, which provided me with so much insight into myself, my business and how I would move forward from here.

By the end of the coaching series, I was very much in momentum and feeling like not only had I taken steps I possibly doubted at the start of the series, but that I had accomplished and learnt so much more in this time, and that my leanings and growth was so much more than what my original goals started out to be. It felt amazing and I still very much feel that momentum now. Naomi is so beautiful and generous and I would have no hesitation in recommending others to coach with her – you will get so much more from this experience than you would have expected – she is truly a gem. The support and prompts between sessions, along with her resources were really beneficial to my growth and learning and she just makes it feel so comfortable, there was no judgement of the time I needed to process things, or the fear I was feeling about particular situations. I felt very understood and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with her in this time in my life where I really felt I needed support and mentoring to continue to move forward and stay in action and Naomi provided that support, mentoring and so much more.

Naomi truly is a beautiful person and an amazing coach. When working with her, you get so much more value than the cost of her sessions. She goes above and beyond to support, teach and guide and for that I can’t thank her enough. You are a true inspiration Naomi and I’m very sure there are big things ahead for you in the near future.”  Lenice Gaunt, Life + Wellness Coach, Morwell Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 13 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before working with Naomi, I had a goal I wanted to achieve with my music project. I was also experiencing a lot of confusion about what I wanted to do in regards to my work/career/study/life. I was going around in circles in my own head, rushing through the possibilities with no clarity about what I wanted to do.

At the end of coaching, I feel a lot more clear and grounded. I believe that I’m a more integrated person with a greater understanding of my own values and strengths. I am also much more confident about my skills, gifts and abilities. My music project has become a lot more developed, with a much stronger profile. I have more confidence in my abilities to set and prioritize tasks and achieve my goals. I feel I have a greater appreciation for myself.

My friends and family noticed the advancements with my music project, especially in regards to my tour and release. My partner noticed that I became more settled in myself, which made our relationship even better. I would absolutely recommend others to try life coaching with Naomi. I believe she is a skilled professional who has a natural gift for coaching. She also brings a lot of heart and attention to detail to her work. Her dedication to her clients is inspiring and she has proven her ability to get results.” – Louise Love, Louise Love Music, Melbourne line_2

test_kath“When I started working with Naomi, I had just finished Marie Forleo’s B School and I was a little overwhelmed with what my next steps should be.

I decided to work with Naomi for a couple of reasons. Firstly, she has an amazing reputation and I’d heard her name a few times as someone I should talk to. Secondly, I contacted her a year ago to ask for advice in setting up my business and I was so grateful for her advice I just knew I HAD TO work with her. 

Throughout our coaching together, I made lots of internal shifts that aren’t terribly evident on the outside. I was also excited to get moving on my business and to try to implement everything I had learned in B School. The most obvious change was seeing some consistency in my business efforts (blogging etc). I quit my job, got a part time job and started working on a passion project that had been in my head for close to 10 years. It’s been a huge period of change that hasn’t been without it’s challenges but I feel like I’ve come out of the other side thanks in large part to Naomi’s help, guidance, support and encouraging words.

I would absolutely recommend that people work with Naomi – in fact, I already have. I trust her and can see she is doing for herself what she advocates for others.– Kathleen Rolfe, KR Coaching,

Praise 12 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before working with Naomi, I was studying to become a coach and felt overwhelmed with it all. I knew that I wanted to get to the point where I had launched a website and could start building my business and I wanted some support and guidance from someone who had been where I was and was now a successful coach. I was also struggling with taking good care of myself and not letting the sense of overwhelm I was feeling get in the way of me being healthy and happy.

At the end of our coaching series, I felt like I was ready to step into my new life – so many things came together within a couple of weeks of our coaching series completion. It was powerful. I changed from always feeling overwhelmed about everything, to mapping things out and just taking it one step at a time. I realised that it was ok for everything to not happen all at once. That I could just slow down and let it unfold more naturally instead of having to push all the time. I’ve always considered myself to be quite self-aware, but this really deepened during the coaching series. I feel now that I have quite a deep knowing of myself and the things I need to do to keep me feeling happy and well. I feel that I am really on the path to creating my best life.

My husband noticed that I became more open to him again – that I was more willing to share with him about my day and about my thoughts and feelings in general. My friends and family have noticed my renewed passion for creating something in my life! Shortly after finishing my coaching series, I was also able to launch my website and get truly on the path to running my own business.

I just want to say thank you, once again, Naomi. You really held the space for me to go deeper into myself – I’m beginning to see that this is what the magic of coaching is all about. Having that person that is there for you as you go through the process, helping you to shine the light is so powerful.” – Lauren Beckett, Victoria, Drop The Struggle


kate_circle-jpg“Before I started coaching with Naomi, I was in a period of big decisions and planned transition, I was trying to establish my business and find direction and clarity in that. I was also struggling with my self-confidence and the impact of my personal appearance on that.

By the end of our coaching, I had achieved quite a bit towards my business goal, although it looked different than I expected. I learnt some new social media tools and techniques, and feel encouraged about where I am at the moment in building my business. I am using my time more strategically and scheduling my week in order to achieve more. Possibilities for the future are starting to emerge.

I feel like I also made lots of progress in my thinking and attitude. I am including more genuine self-care and creative pursuits in my life again, and I get back on track quicker when life hurdles throw me off. I am getting comments on my social media posts about how inspiring and encouraging my posts are, and people close to me reflect on how relaxed and happy I am.

Naomi is so kind and gentle. She encouraged and challenged me. She always responded to my emails between sessions and gave great ongoing support. I love how authentic she is in her desire to make a real difference for other people, and this is consistently reflected in everything she does. I feel honoured to have been able to work with her. Thank you!”  – Kate Lyon,

line_2 Praise 11 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before working with Naomi, I had felt unhappy in my career for a long time, and felt that I should be doing something else. After returning to work following maternity leave, I really felt it was time, I needed to make a change but I didn’t know what to do or where to start. I was also struggling with the business of life, particularly now I was a mum, and never had time to myself. I found Naomi through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy – her online profile really resonated with me as she had gone through similar life experiences to me (career change, recent mum) – and when we met for my consult I felt we had an instant rapport. I just found myself really opening up to her and trusting her.

At the end of coaching with Naomi, I felt so many wonderful things. A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt like I could see clearly for the first time in, well ever. I made a lot of changes but I also strengthened what was already there in a lot of ways. I now have a plan in place for a change of career and have started a course and taken on a client in a business I’ve begun – I never would have dreamed that could be happening for me at the start of this year. I feel a lot less stressed, despite being busier than ever, and I make it a priority to take time for myself for now. I also just feel so much more in control, confident and happy. Less concerned with what others are doing and more on purpose in my own life.

Coaching with Naomi has been life-changing, inspiring and fun. I would definitely recommend that others work with her. Naomi is kind, encouraging and fun, but at the same she challenges you and makes you work!” – Diana Nicholls, Melbourne. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 10 - Business + Life Passion Coach“When I first began coaching with Naomi, I had graduated college, was overcoming some personal health struggles, and jumping into the large goal of starting a business. I was looking to change my thought patterns, as well as my daily routine that was making me feel stuck and unproductive. I knew I needed some direction with all my goals, and needed to get clear on my intentions and deep desires. Before our first session, I was scared, more than overwhelmed, and very un-clear as to how to manage growing a business while maintaining my health.

At the end of our coaching, I was fired up and fueled! My health has sky-rocketed and I’ve really put myself out there to connect with others. I feel so much more confident now: in myself, my abilities, and my life direction. I made changes in my daily self-care routine, my business practices, and my connection to the people around me. I finally embraced self-love and learned to honor my soul as my number 1 priority. I feel so much more driven in my life now, able to see the potential of what is out there and what I can do for others. My confidence in my abilities has increased, as well as the clarity in my career and business life. My family has also noticed that I have more drive and contentment now. They see a stronger person; someone willing to ignore the naysayers and grab life by the horns.

I have already been recommending Naomi’s coaching services to others. I think everyone could use a life coach, some reflection time with an outside source, and tools to advance their spiritual selves. Thank you Naomi for being a guiding light and showing me that I’m the only one holding myself back from my dreams.” – Leah Branstetter, Life LAB Design, California. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 9 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Working with Naomi has been a truly transformative journey. She gently helped me explore and confront negative thought patterns and outdated behaviours, allowing acceptance and integration to unfold naturally.

At the end of our series, I came away with a greater sense of ease and flow, awareness of my potential, and clarity and momentum on delivering my message through my new business and website.

She was an absolute joy to work with; each session was filled with insight and laughter – the perfect combination for success!”  Melanie Oborn, United Kingdom Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 8 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before coaching with Naomi, I felt like I was in a rut and was being thrown around in a washing machine and not entirely sure how I got there! I was struggling with my identity, I did not know who I was anymore. I knew I wanted something different, I wanted to tap into my creative side, perhaps start a business aside from my current career. I wanted to change the relationship with myself and how others saw me and build a personal brand that I could be proud of and who my children could be proud of. When a close friend gifted me a life coaching package with Naomi, it was almost as if the universe had heard my cry for help!

By the end of our coaching series I was elated to see how far I had come. I think one of the most significant changes I made during our sessions was to redefine the relationship that I had with myself. From the inside, I started to feel lighter, emotionally lighter, I changed the way I talked to myself and would often challenge my inner critic which for many years had been on fire! Physically I started to walk a couple of times a week and increase my incidental exercise where possible. By session three, I started a 6 week challenge and lost 6kg in the process and I started to feel like the old me. This is a routine I have kept up, as the exercise makes me feel better, my mind is clearer. From a work perspective I have reduced my hours a little and have identified a new business idea I would like to work on with the long term goal of leaving my current employment. A little way to go yet but I will get there.

My work colleagues and children noticed a shift in my personality, I appeared a lot happier and calmer within myself. And for the first time in a long time I felt lighter and had something to look forward to. I really enjoyed our sessions together; Naomi’s non-judgemental approach, kindness and generosity of spirit was truly appreciated. We covered a lot within the sessions and I was truly satisfied with what was covered and the outcomes that were achieved.

I absolutely would recommend life coaching with Naomi. Her selfless willingness and absolute knowing and belief in others and conviction that everyone has the tools to create a life they are truly happy with regardless of age or where you are in life right now. She really is a shining diamond and sees everyone around her as the same.” – Jo-Anne Bates, Sydney Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 7 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before coaching with Naomi, I was having difficulty finding a balance between going all in with my coaching business and carving out vital down time without feeling guilty. I was putting heavy pressure on myself with a gigantic list of to dos and feeling pretty worn out.

By the end of our coaching series, I was amazed at how much I had accomplished for my coaching business without feeling overwhelm or stress at any point. I did all this whilst becoming more mindful, present and joyous in my life. I completely let go of the guilt I was feeling about taking time for myself and I happily adopted a lighter, kinder approach to my self care. This infused into so many aspects of my life such as my coaching business and my family. I now try to approach my day with flow, ease and joy.

I would absolutely recommend working with Naomi. She’s so good at really listening in to what I was saying. I also really enjoyed her eye for detail, so when I came up with an action for my business goal she would ask specifically how and when that would happen. I really needed that practicality. Thank you so much for our time together Naomi.” – Micala Duvoux, Her Soul Compass, Spain. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

“I had been on maternity leave with my second child who was seven months when I started coaching with Naomi. My self-care was very low and I had lost confidence in the fact that I could be a life coach and start my own business.

I had already coached with Naomi in the past, so I felt really excited before our first session because I knew how powerful the coaching process with her is. At the end of our coaching series I felt even more excited about what is ahead. I feel like I have come alive again!

I regained my love of coaching and my confidence in the fact that I could be a life coach. I gained clarity about where I wanted to take my coaching business and the steps I needed to take. I also learned to be more accepting of where I am and be grateful for that. My self-care has improved massively and I now feel like this is so important to me. I am ready to really make it the centre of my life rather than paying lip service to myself when my to-do list is done.

My husband said I was more positive, less stressed and back to me being me. I think I am better than I’ve ever been!

Coaching with Naomi is just an amazing experience. Somehow she holds me accountable but in a really gentle way. We have a laugh together too. I would love to have her as my coach all the time.– Diana Nicholls
Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials

Praise 6 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before coaching with Naomi, I felt stuck on not knowing my life’s purpose, I wasn’t happy with myself, my job wasn’t satisfying my soul, I had depression and a low self esteem. I felt overwhelmed and lost after a relationship breakdown and wanted to make changes in my life, but needed support and direction as I felt I couldn’t go forward on my own.

I have achieved many positive and enriching changes in my life since working with Naomi. I resigned from my part-time job and have now enrolled in a Diploma of Health Science, that I am really excited and passionate about. I have made changes and improvements in my own health, nutrition and wellbeing, becoming mentally stronger and taking more care of myself and what I put into my body. I have more clarity and confidence about my own creative talents and have taken steps toward achieving my own personal goals, which feels fantastic. I have been decluttering my home toward my goal of embracing minimalism and living more simply. I can now say I am well on my way to having a healthy lifestyle by making improved choices and learning to love and be comfortable who I am.

My experience of life coaching with Naomi has been exceptional, incredible and nurturing. I would most DEFINITELY recommend Naomi to others who are feeling stuck and not happy with themselves and wanting to make changes in their lives whilst being supported. If you want to turn your dreams into goals and realities, Naomi can help you to fulfil these, and you really can make them happen and live a purposeful, wonderful life.

Naomi also has a wealth of resources and articles on her blog, she truly embraces health, happiness and wellness in abundance. To anyone who is thinking about life coaching and bringing about more wellness into their lives, I advise you to sign up to her newsletter and book in for a complimentary introductory session with Naomi and you will be amazed at the possibilities that await you.” – Jodi Mollard, Melbourne. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 5 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before coaching with Naomi, I was stuck in many areas of my life. I wanted to improve my relationship with my wife. I wanted to get a business up and running, and I had a big cloud of doubt about whether it would even be worthwhile. I also wanted to be fitter, healthier and more confident. This was largely to do with my image of myself. 

I have achieved many great things since coaching with Naomi. I improved my relationship with my wife ten fold and we now enjoy an even greater relationship than I could have ever imagined. Not only have I started my business, but I have been really excelling at it and developing it exactly where I wanted it to be. I launched my website under a month ago and have already started making money! I have also gained a significant amount of confidence in every aspect of my life. And I am much fitter and healthier now.

Coaching with Naomi has been inspiring, energising and exciting. I would absolutely recommend that others coach with her because she has helped me achieve so much. Given her style and approach, she will be able to help anybody with any kind of challenge. She is amazingly talented! Also, I was surprised that coaching wasn’t just about personal problems and that it can help you achieve any goal you want.” Ian Rake, Canberra. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 4 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before working with Naomi, I felt completely empty and hollow. I was constantly exhausted from not sleeping every night. I was in a state of anxiousness and I was struggling with self confidence. I’d been struggling for so long by myself and realised I needed to ask for some help. I’d heard good things about Naomi from friends and decided to make the first step and contact her.

At the end of the coaching series with Naomi I felt grounded, happy, more relaxed, ready to take each day as it comes, and extremely happy being myself. I realised that everything in the past doesn’t matter anymore – that no one can make me feel less of myself because I know I am a wonderful, amazing woman who has incredible people standing by me.

Throughout our time working together, I became more confident at work, and started speaking up and voicing my opinion in situations where it was needed. I asked for time off because I realised I needed to treat myself a lot kinder and take care of myself. I realised you can’t always keep pushing through and sometimes you need to take time out and breathe. I have become more aware of my body and my emotions and have recognized the signs that are telling me I need to take time out.

My self confidence has grown and my respect for myself has increased 100%. I’ve learnt to love myself again. I am ready for new experiences and opportunities. I am more adventurous. I feel light, free, and completely in control of my own life. I would definitely recommend that others work with Naomi. She helped me save myself from a very dark time in my life. I would like anyone who is struggling in their life to feel as amazing as Naomi has helped me feel.” – Amelia Thomas, Rockhampton. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 3 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before meeting Naomi, I felt very down about myself as a women, mother and partner – and felt stuck in a lack of self confidence. However, I had so many dreams of being someone different and wanting to change my life for the better. Even though I suffered from depression (yet to be diagnosed at the time), my determination for a better me and life was more determined to come out and prosper.

Since coaching with Naomi, I’ve gained a better understanding of myself (mentally + physically) and how to take care of myself, which in turn helps me take better care of my family. I’ve achieved a finer look on life and who I’m here for – ME. I’m eating foods that are better for my health and wellbeing more often than before I met Naomi. Her helping me see my bad habits/goals in a positive way has helped me tremendously change my eating habits.

She has also helped me lots with the self awareness department and clearing of clatter in the mental department. My activity with the children has changed for the better, my communication with my partner has become better, and self education has improved. I’m more eager to learn about new things that benefits myself – plus my dreams and aspirations have changed and I want more things, and feel that I can really achieve more things. My confidence has changed and is more positive, being able to separate feelings and filter through to find the root of the problem. I have achieved a greater appreciation for my life and all I have to offer and gain. I have achieved dreams!!! I have found that during the coaching series, Naomi listens with passion.

I would most definitely highly recommend her to everyone and anyone. Why? I have never worked with a coach such as Naomi in the life department and am guessing there are all sorts of coaches out there for different areas – but for me, what I really love about Naomi is that she is passionate about what she does and you can really see and hear that in the way she talks about her life, explains her background, and why she does coaching – but most of all, I can feel it when we are interacting, with the way she listens and responds, and how she is just so positive, understanding, empathetic, and genuinely cares for you and your progress. I needed help to decode my life and I couldn’t have come across a better human to coach me. She really has helped me tremendously and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.” Jovarn Elone, Canberra. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 2 - Business + Life Passion Coach“Before coaching with Naomi, I was confused. I had so many ideas and projects running through my head that I couldn’t stick to one direction. I have also been dealing with some long term health struggles that (despite my best intentions) were really testing my commitment to self love. As a result, I was stressed and lacked focus and direction.

At the start of our coaching, I was a little nervous and apprehensive, wondering what was coming. At the end, I was so incredibly happy. I loved our time together and looked forward to our fortnightly chats and emails in between.

Throughout my time coaching with Naomi, a few of my initial thoughts were refined into this statement and goal: “To live my own version of an ideal life and commit to exploring, focusing on and following through with the little and big things that capture my attention.” I really feel that throughout the series, I got very clear on what this meant. What things I needed to let go of in my life to help this happen, and places that I needed to tweak and change. I also came to accept the fact that there is no finish line, and this is an ongoing practice (and goal) in my life.

I absolutely loved coaching with Naomi. She has such a gentle, compassionate, and easy to talk to nature – but yet at the same time asked just the right questions to stretch me out of my comfort zone time and time again. The whole experience was fabulous and the care that Naomi showed me was very much appreciated. Coaching with her made me feel grateful, content and happy. I loved every part of the experience and will absolutely recommend Naomi to others. Thank you Naomi!” – Renee Bell, Life Coach + Photographer, Newcastle.. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials Praise 1 - Business + Life Passion Coach“When I first started with Naomi, I needed to get well after a period of severe ill health and several invasive operations. I decided to try coaching as I knew I needed more support than the medical profession was providing me and I was not in need of counselling. I needed something else and wasn’t too sure what that was, so I decided to give coaching a go and I’m glad that I did. It filled the gap I was looking for, giving me someone who would support me on my journey to wellness and leave me in charge and responsible for my progress; an empowering process.

I chose Naomi after seeing her profile on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website – it just clicked in my mind that she was what I was looking for. I liked what she wrote on her profile page, her background in psychology and she looked friendly and approachable. I trusted my instincts that she was right for me and I’m glad that I did.

I enjoyed my coaching experience so much with Naomi that I signed up for another 3 months straight away, I didn’t want it to end – the amazing support, encouragement and cheerleading that Naomi gives. One of the things I wanted from the coaching experience was to have FUN and I most definitely did.

I think it surprised me how much the coaching experience became an internal exploration, helping me change my beliefs and attitudes towards myself and the world around me. I felt that I had made a huge leap forward in my wellness and my understanding of what being well means to me. To help me prioritise self-care, relaxation and creativity. I feel like my life is more balanced and richer, that I have moved from identifying myself only as a sick person and that the sickness is all consuming, to feeling that me as a person is now bigger than my sickness. People will see me first, my personality, my love for life and creativity. That is the hugest gift I can give myself. It was such an internal shift for me. I think people even see that I am happier, cheekier, I have my sense of humor back; that I am engaging in life again instead of being invisible.

I would most definitely recommend people work with Naomi! It has changed my pre-conceived ideas of what coaching is and not, for the better. Now I understand it’s applications and I would not give a second thought of booking Naomi again to work on future goals I have in mind. With this understanding I am better able to recommend life coaching to others, and I will, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Naomi as they get the real deal, someone who is genuine in their help and support and only has their best interest at heart. I am now hooked on life coaching and couldn’t imagine working on my life goals and aspirations with out that vital support.” – Anna Taylor, United Kingdom. Business & Life Passion Coach testimonials