My personal business and coaching referral list

Below are some of the people, resources and things that I love and recommend – all that I have used personally myself or have heard good reviews from clients about. I will continue to update this page over time as I build new contacts and resources – or as I remember those that I’ve forgotten to include (sorry!). I hope you find this page helpful.



  • I used Win Trademarks to trademark Dream For Others(R) – the process was so simple and easy. Highly recommended.
  • I used Legal123* for my coaching services agreement, as well as my website/email terms and conditions. I personally purchased the Legal Package for Coaches and Mentors and haven’t looked back.
  • I engaged Heather Pearce Campbell from Legal Website Warrior to review a partnership contract recently and she was incredible. If I ever need legal advice in the future, I’ll be flicking her an email and requesting a quote immediately.

Mailing list providers:

  • I used and loved Mailchimp for a long time – it did everything I wanted for free for under 2000 subscribers. If you’re with Mailchimp, and need some help, Anne Clark is the person to contact – she even runs Mailchimp virtual workshops.
  • I now use and love Ontraport* which is a CRM, not just a mailing list provider. It has made business so much easier and I know there is still so much I can do with it! 
  • I briefly used ConvertKit and although it wasn’t for me, Elizabeth Goddard helped me get it all up and running. 

Booking scheduler:

  • I use and love Satori* as my client booking system. It not only allows clients to book their sessions via my website, but to sign my contract, respond to questionnaires, automatically send invoices, receive payments, get testimonials, and more. 

Social Media scheduler:

  • I’ve used a few social media schedulers and my favourites so far have been: MeetEdgar, eClincher and SmarterQueue* (which I’m currently playing with). They are all different price points and have different features, so it really does depend on what you want exactly. I like them best because they have a library feature, so that when I’m super organised, I can enter all of my blog posts and they automatically release and recycle content from the library.
  • If I want to schedule Instagram posts, I use Later. Since I don’t do this often, I can get away with using their free account – where you can do 30 posts for free each month. I see they do other social media platforms too now, but haven’t had a chance to play with these features yet.

Online business courses and programs:

  • The first online course I ever did, that started me on this online business journey was Marie Forleo’s B-School* – an online business and marketing course. You can read about my experience with B-School here.
  • I got my life coaching certificate through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy* and am proud ambassador of the course. You can read about my experience and affiliate offer here.
  • I have also been a member of Natalie MacNeil’s The Conquer Club. I will be offering some affiliate bonuses this year, of which I’ll be announcing soon.

Graphic designers and websites:

  • There are so many fabulous website designers that I know out there – so I’m only going to list those who I’ve directly worked with: Jelly Design Studio and Boutiki Design have done website branding for me before. Sombras Blancas Art & Design did my fancy email signature block, Raspberry Stripes has done e-resources for me, and Lee Simmons did the beautiful Dream For Others notebook range (and is currently working on a visual identity refresh for me).
  • I am lucky that I’ve never had to hire a website builder, as my husband is a web developer.
  • I use Canva to create social media graphics and other design elements that I can do myself. 
  • I use Name Cheap* for domain names, Station Seven* for WP themes, SEO Yoast for SEO, and Securi for security.


  • Check out the portfolio of certified Beautiful You life coaches here – I have worked in different capacities with a number of these coaches and they have been wonderful.
  • In terms of non-Beautiful You coaches, I have also personally done business coaching with Megan Dalla-Camina (check out her The Career Toolkit too!) and Claire Baker, both AMAZING. Plus Cassie Mendoza-Jones is fabulous too – she’s actually a kinesiologist, but I feel like she’s my coach too (HA!).
  • I’ve also had a coaching session with Cameron Airen at Real Feminist Stories / Whole Self Liberation that centred around challenging patriarchy and socialised structures, and integrating feminism into my life, community and parenting more. It was amazing and I can’t wait to work with Cam again hopefully soon and more often!
  • I have completed a group coaching program with Staci Shelton that was beyond words incredible and I hope to work with her more in the future. 

Copywriting + proofreading:

  • I have enjoyed working with Leah from Freethinker Co for copywriting and have also heard that Kate from Word Love is great.
  • Ellen Ronalds Keene offers proofreading services through Fiverr here

Business Planning:

  • I am a huge fan of Natalie MacNeil’s books The Conquer Kit and Conquer Your Year for all things business planning – so much so that I send my business coaching clients copies of these books. Her The Conquer Club is amazing too.
  • I use Asana to organise my To Do lists and to delegate tasks to my team. I’m now obsessed and Asana makes my life run with so much more ease. The Asana For Bloggers video course* is fantastic and affordable for learning how to use Asana.

Virtual assistant:

  • My VA is Natasha Gray at Well Organised Virtual Assistant. She is incredible and I don’t know what I ever did without her. Check her out here.
  • A previous client of mine, Melanie Wheatley, is also a VA, but I haven’t had the pleasure of working with her. Check her out here.

Event Planning:

  • Jade at The Event Head has been my guru for all things events. I’ve engaged her one-on-one services, used her The Event Toolkit, and done her Workshop Wonderful online program. She’s a genius in all things events.



Values-based and ethical business resources:

  • Check out Whole / Self Liberation who run free and paid webinars, offer one-one one sessions, and do free monthly community calls for people who are wanting to get more involved in integrating social justice with personal development and business. 
  • Check out B-Corp to learn about using business as a force for good and/or to apply to become B-Corp certified (I am – YAY!).
  • Check out our Dream For Others podcast and the associated Facebook group here. We also have our Patreon community where we are joining forces to make a difference.
  • I am currently doing Andréa Ranae’s Coaching As Activism program and Desiree Adaway and Ericka Hines Diversity Is An Asset 101 and Social Justice Intensive programs too. I strongly recommend all of these programs if you are wanting to learn more about how you can integrate social justice into your life, relationships, work and more.

Book keeping and accounting:

  • I use and love Xero* for book keeping.
  • Simply Xero is a great online training program for learning how to use Xero. Ramai, who created Simply Xero, also does book keeping at Division Co.


  • I used the eco-friendly social enterprise stationery label Inspirationery to print my notebook range. Not only was the process super easy, but the notebooks are environmentally friendly and 50% of the printing costs were provided to girls’ education initiatives. YES!
  • I used the Big Hearted Book Plan* to write my proposal for Hay House and it was fantastic!
  • I use Patreon to as a crowdsourcing platform for the Podcast Philanthropy Project – but have heard good things about Pozible too. They are both very different, so it really depends on your needs.



Creativity and play:


  • I have found Dr Terri Cole’s website, Youtube channel and Real Love Revolution online program incredibly insightful in becoming more aware and changing my patterns in relationships. She particularly focuses on helping high functioning, high achieving, and empathetic women – all things that I identify with!


  • The gifted Amanda Rootsey is my go-to contact for all things teen girls. You can find her at Shine From Within. If you’re interested in working with teens, check out her Youth Mentor Course* here too. She is one multi-gifted lady, who I’m honoured to now call a friend.


  • Lemon Canary* for all things candles, oils, chocolates, cards, perfumes, crystals and more.
  • Beautiful Because* for all natural beauty, make up and skincare needs.
  • Dear Sister (not just cister) cards are full of beautiful self-reflection and journalling prompts.
  • The Vegan Box for those who want vegan treats delivered each month.
  • Sacred Self for intentional oils, cards and other products.
  • Top Five Movement for award-winning and psychologist endorsed gratitude cards.
  • OXFAM for socially and environmentally friendly gifts and products.
  • Kiva for gifting micro-loan vouchers and making a difference. 

Please note that due to my love for these resources, I have become an affiliate for some (but not all) of them. This means that when you use my links, I may receive a commission. However, I would never EVER directly or indirectly promote something that I wasn’t genuinely a huge fan of. 

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