Seeking your help with a big, crazy dream for others (a philanthropic podcast project)

Seeking your help with a big, crazy dream for others (a philanthropic podcast project)

I have some big news that I’m nervous to tell you about (incase you hate it!)…

I’ve decided to try taking the Dream For Others podcast to a whole new level.

At the moment, I’ve been investing a lot of time and money into the podcast and offering it to you for free via iTunes, Youtube and my website. I plan to keep doing this of course, but discovered a way that I could accept optional donations/sponsorships to help me expand our impact through the podcast even further.

The Dream For Others podcast has so far primarily been an educational resource for us – where we can learn from inspiring people about how they use their platform, passions and uniqueness to be of use to others and progress social change. I have been wanting to find a way to use the podcast itself as a means for us to rally together and give back in a big way – I think I may have found a way… 

My friend and Mastermind buddy Nicola Newman recently introduced the platfrom Patreon to me. Have you heard of it? It’s a crowdfunding platform where people who love what you create, can for a monthly donation/sponsorship (starting as low as $2), follow along, get bonuses, and contribute to something amazing. Unbeknown to Nicola (hi, if you’re reading this honey!), I had an ephiphany last night where I realised Patreon could be a way to not only bring you more incredible content on how to make a difference – but that it could turn into a philanthropic project in itself.

So last night, I stayed up late creating a Patreon account – you can check it out here. Depending on how much you pledge in sponsorhip (ranging from $2 to $50 per month), Patreon donors will:

  • Have access to the Dream For Others episodes early, before they are released publicly.
  • Have access to occassional Patreon-exclusive behind the scenes videos and resources.
  • Receive copies of my new Dream For Others notebook range when they are released (to be launched shortly).
  • ​​Be mentioned as a sponsor on the podcast itself and/or on my website.
  • Have opportunities to feature on the podcast as a guest (and nominate a charity to receive 10% of funds raised through Patreon) once I’ve reached my second financial goal. (The first financial goal is to cover podcast expenses and invest in Kiva loans.)
  • Be able to vote on which charity we should donate an additional 10% of the sponsorships received to, once I’ve reached my third financial goal.
  • More!

As I mentioned, this Dream For Others podcast Patreon subscription is completely OPTIONAL. You will still be able to access the podcast for FREE via iTunes, Youtube and my website – you just won’t get the above perks that Patreon users will get.

Now who knows, maybe this will be a complete flop and won’t take off at all. But I just knew in my heart that I had to try. It’s a way for us to not only continue to get great content, access leaders in different fields to stretch our minds, and learn more about making a difference (and for me to be able to deliver more of this content to you without going bankrupt!), but for us to unite and donate to charities and causes that matter to us in the process.

I thought that down the track, we could even thank our podcast guests by donating portions of the sponsorship to a charity of their choice (which might encourage the guests that you most want to hear from to feature on the show!). I have so many ideas for how this could expand and evolve into a pretty epic platform that we could use to make a difference… but this depends on whether you and others in our community agree and want to be part of it too… Only time will tell.

If you do want to be involved or learn more about becoming part of the Dream For Others movement in this way, please click here.

And if you can’t afford to sponsor the podcast right now – please share the Dream For Others podcast Patreon page with your friends if you feel called and continue to tune in to the free version in your fave place as always.

Thank you so much for reading about this crazy idea (which for now I’m calling a philanthropic podcast project!) – I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that you like it and that together we can make a difference!

Let’s dream together,

Naomi x

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