Nicola Newman’s Flourish with Painting + Creativity

My experience of Nicola Newman’s Flourish with Painting & Creativity course:

In mid 2015 I decided that I was going to take a break from e-courses – I had been on a wonderful non-stop e-course ride, and it was time for a breather and some time to focus purely on implementation. 

But then I saw Nicola Newman advertise her Flourish with Painting & Creativity course and I broke that decision without a moment of hesitation. This course wasn’t about my business or blog, it was about creativity and play. And oh, how I was craving a dose of creativity and play in my life.

I hadn’t painted since I was a little girl, and although I suspected I had zero talent and ability, I felt this intense urge to give it a try. To ignite that little creative spark inside of me and give it the space to play and dance and explore it’s potential.

The moment I started the course I was so happy that I decided to break my own rules and listen to my intuition about investing in something non-business related and totally-heart related. Below is a summary of the things I loved about the course and the benefits it brought to my life.

  • It woke up a part of me that I didn’t know was there. An excessively playful spirit. An overwhelming excitement for creativity. Each week when a new module was due to be released, I’d race to my laptop to check if it was there yet. I had never ever been this excited about a course and this pumped to dive straight into the content.
  • It made me realise with certainty that I was creative. That I could paint. That even if it wasn’t professionally ‘perfect’, it showed me a whole new set of personal capabilities that I didn’t even know existed.
  • It was fun. Oh my goodness, so fun. I was messy, and I loved it. Paint everywhere. Smiles and giggles. Fun, fun, fun.
  • The fun was contagious – my family, and especially my Mum, would join in on the sessions and we’d play and laugh together. So much joy.
  • It forced me to take time out for me. To really take time out for me. To be still. To listen within. To connect with myself and what I was feeling.
  • It was jam-packed with value, and you could access the videos and resources beyond the course period. This was and is extremely helpful for someone like me, who juggles motherhood, a business, and many other balls. If I did happen to fall behind, there was no pressure, I could return to the course when I was ready.
  • It taught me a completely new way to listen to and master my inner critic – because boy does she like to appear when you’re painting. It was insightful to listen to what she had to say, to let go, and to just enjoy the process and adventure.
  • It ended up teaching me many things that ended up being useful in my business too. In fact, I used some of my creations for background images for infographics and other purposes. It also created space for my mind and heart to think up ideas for my business – it started a flow on of inspiration and creativity in other elements of my life and business.
  • Nicola’s videos were beautiful and of high quality. Her energy and personality captivating. Her giggle contagious. Her instruction and advice clear. 
  • The small but active Facebook community was incredibly open and supportive. Nicola and her husband Andrew were always quick to respond to any questions. And I knew I could share anything in there and they’d all be there to celebrate or hold my hand when needed.

I absolutely cannot wait to start the adventure all over again shortly. And I’d love if you would join me.

As a proud affiliate of the course, I offer those who sign up through my link the following bonus gift:

  • A pre-release copy of the Dream For Others meditation and accompanying worksheet; and
  • A set of my Dream For Others notebooks. 

Use this link to sign up to the course using my affiliate link in order to receive my bonus gift. 

Please note that you will not receive the bonus gift until the refund period has lapsed and I have received notification that you are still in the course.

I look forward to hopefully painting and playing with you soon!

Let’s soar together,

Naomi x

As an affiliate of Nicola’s courses, please note that I may receive a commission if you sign up using any of the links on this page. I am genuinely a huge fan of Nicola and her work – and have thoroughly enjoyed all of her courses so far!

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