My 4-step process for working with the inner critic

As many clients (and audiences at speaking gigs) would know, I have a 4-step process for working with the inner critic.

I wish I had a brilliant story to tell you about how it came about, but truth be told – I don’t. I can’t remember when I first consciously realised I was following it exactly.

It began as a subtle journalling practice when I noticed my inner critic was preventing me from moving forward. 

It then became more structured, with specific questions that I would ask and answer in my journal. 

Then over time, I got so good at it, that I often didn’t need the journal any more – I’d take myself through the process in my mind.

And now – unless it’s a real doozy – I often go through the process so quickly that I barely notice.

On the blog this week, I share the 4 step process incase it will be of use to you too.

The 4-Step process to working through your inner critic

Undertake the below 4-step process on each of the negative thoughts, stories and limiting beliefs you can identify.

1. AWARE: What is my inner critic saying exactly? What is the story attached to this thought or fear? What triggers me to think this?

2. ASSESS: Is this really true? Is it a part truth? A full truth? Is there any evidence to support whether it is true or not?

3. REFRAME: What is an equally or more plausible possibility or truth? What is a healthier or more helpful way of looking at things? What does my most confident or hopeful self say?

4. ACT: What is one thing that I can do to take a step forward here? What is something that I can do to feel more prepared next time this thought or trigger comes up?

I find that when I follow this process, even if the inner critic has valid points or elements of truth, it often helps me move from a place of punishing myself to a place of moving forward.

I hope it supports you too – and please feel free to share it wide and far with others who you think might find it useful too.

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Image of notebooks taken by Renee Bell Photographer.

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