Do you want to live a values-based, useful, passion-fuelled and purposeful life?

You are a big-hearted, socially conscious and generous soul who wants to live and work in alignment with your values, passions and uniqueness.

You have a wonderful life, but you can’t help but feel in your bones that you can be and do more.

You are looking for support and guidance from someone who has not only been there herself, but has helped many others find their path to living a values-based, useful, passion-fuelled and purposeful life.

My life passion coaching packages are for you if:      

  • You want to find a way to use your platform, passions and uniqueness to be of use to others, give back, contribute to political or social change, or make a difference in the world.
  • You want to step out of analysis paralysis, get clarity and direction on your ‘purpose’, and follow through on making it become a reality.
  • You want to learn what is so special and unique about you – your values, strengths, resources, personality traits, passions, weirdo factors and more – and harness these to feel confident, purposeful and fulfilled.
  • You want to find a way to pursue your passions, interests, intuition and deepest desires without your fears (no matter how realistic they seem) holding you back.
  • You want to create a beautiful self-care, wellness or spiritual practice that makes you feel energised, connected, and inspired each day.
  • You want to balance being big-hearted, generous and giving with prioritising and making time for self-care and your needs, desires and passions.
  • You want to truly value and honour your need for creativity, play, self-expression, self-growth, and personal development.
  • You want to train your inner critic to become an ally rather than a negative voice that ultimately sabotages your big dreams, plans, and happiness.
  • You want to connect with supportive, uplifting and like-minded people who empower you to be the best version of yourself.


You are ready to dive in the deep end, get to know yourself better and feel more purposeful, useful and energised than you ever have before.

Please note: If you are a Beautiful You Coaching Academy coach or trainee, I am a certified coach and my business coaching packages can therefore go toward your certification requirements.


Why should you work with me?

life passion coaching certified beautiful you life coach

Ever since I was a little girl, I had this burning desire to make a difference in the world. A psychology degree, eight years working for the Australian Government, and a beautiful family later, and I still felt a yearning to do and be more.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy. I had a wonderful husband, an incredible job and lovely colleagues, a pay cheque that many would envy, loving family and friends, and free time to pursue out-of-work interests including reading, film, volunteering and bushwalking. But there was a part of me that felt unfulfilled.

When I went on maternity leave, following the birth of my son Daniel, I remember telling myself that it was time. It was time to discover and create my version of a purposeful life.

I began to focus on getting to know myself better, tuning in to my intuition, following my curiosity, honouring my need for creativity and self-expression, prioritising self-care and me time, and pursuing my craving for self-growth and development. By doing this, I started to notice ‘clues’ and take inspired action on living my version of a values-based, useful, passion-fuelled and purposeful life.

life passion coaching winner

For me, this meant quitting my Australian Government job and establishing my own business as a coach – a business that has led to me being awarded International Coach of the Year, becoming an Engaging Women Ambassador, featuring in over 60 print, digital and radio media sources including the cover of inspired COACH magazine, and an abundance of happy clients who are soaring in their businesses and lives.

Before I knew it, I was then enrolling in a Master of Human Rights, launching a Dream For Others® podcast where I interviewed inspiring public figures on how they use their platforms for social good, and following my deep passions for human rights advocacy and activism. A combination of business, entrepreneurship, education, self-care, dreaming for others, advocacy, supportive loved ones, and creativity proved to be part of my path to feeling purposeful in my life and work.

What lights you up will likely be different to what lights me up. However, I believe that my personal and professional experience, combined with my qualifications in coaching and psychology, and my talent for helping people discover their uniqueness – is a powerful cocktail of coaching arsenal to help you discover and create your version of a values-based, useful, passion-fuelled and purposeful life too.


What is my life passion coaching package?

12 week life passion coaching package 

This package includes:

  • Pre-coaching intake questionnaire to get clear on what you want to get out of coaching
  • 1 x 90 minute Skype session to explore your deepest desires, set goals, and create action steps
  • 6 x 60 minute Skype sessions (every two weeks) to progress toward your goals and overcome any blocks or challenges that may have occurred between sessions
  • Worksheets, journal prompts, and resources as required
  • Email access to Naomi between sessions as required

Investment = $650 AUD per month, over three months (Note: Full upfront payments, as opposed to monthly payments, will be awarded a 5% discount off the total package).

Email Naomi at naomi(at)naomiarnold(dot)com to enquire or book.


Note: I also invest in a KIVA Loan for every new client that signs up through this package. By us working together, you will also be helping Kiva borrowers create opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

 Not sure? Have questions? 

I offer a complimentary Skype consultation where we can get to know each other, talk about your goals, and go through any questions you might have about me or the coaching process. This obligation-free chat includes :

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to get clear on what you potentially want to get out of coaching
  • 1 x 30 minute Skype chat

Alternatively, email Naomi at naomi(at)naomiarnold(dot)com.

If you are an existing or previous client of mine, please contact me at naomi(at)naomiarnold(dot)com to for maintenance or renewal package options (including monthly or once-off session packages).

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