I want to share some big news with you today. Well, it may not be big news to you – but if feels HUGE to me. 

Now let’s jump straight into it.

When I launch my new website in the middle of the year, I will be retiring two much loved resources:

  • The Freebies Library (which is full of over 40 free resources to support you in creating a healthy, happy and purposeful life); and
  • The Dream For Others podcast (where I interview incredible people from different backgrounds on how they use their passions, personal stories, platforms, spheres of influence and uniqueness to contribute to creating social, political and environmental change) and exclusive community.

The first announcement may not surprise you, but the second might – it surprised me anyway.

In this post, I wanted to explain WHY I am letting go of these treasured creations and what this means moving forward.

Freebies Library

I created the Freebies Library about three years ago. The idea was born while visiting my local library.

I remember looking around at the shelves and suddenly realising that it would be so useful to my readers and subscribers to have access to a digital library that housed all the free resources I created for them. They could pick and choose which resource/s were useful to them and in doing so they could create change in their lives even if they couldn’t afford to work with me or another coach.  At the time, it felt like such a fresh idea – most people seemed to be offering an opt-in resource, but I was going to create a whole library full of resources. It felt like such a beautiful way to be of use to those on my mailing list. 

So I came home and told my husband Dusty (who is also a web developer) and he got to work on a private password protected page for me.

For the first year or so, the library was a real hit. Subscribers raved about it, coaches referred their clients to it, and it was even a finalist for an international award. 

But over time, I found myself falling out of love with it. Some of the resources no longer felt aligned to how my business and message had evolved. I would occasionally get emails from people who had problems accessing the password protected page, so had to make time with back and forth emails to help them get access. When looking at my Google Analytics, I wasn’t convinced that it was being used so much anymore. And it started to not feel like a fresh idea in the sea of digital Freebies Libraries and online resources – if anything, it felt perhaps a little too big or like there was too much in there for people to truly make use of it in their busy lives.

I knew for a long time – I would say over 18 months – that it was time to retire the library. But people would encourage me to keep it, telling me how great it was and that I couldn’t let it go. So I didn’t. Every now and again, I’d just update it – removing resources that had no relevance to my current audience and giving it a face-lift here and there.

However, as we started to work on the next iteration of my website this year, I knew it was time. It was time to let it go. It had run it’s course.

So when my new website launches (we’re aiming for June), the library will cease to exist. If you are already a library member, please feel free to download any or all of the resources you love or might use in the future. And if you are not a member and want to access the resources while they’re still there – please do so through the sign up box on the bottom of this page or on the Freebies Library page here.

To replace the library, I will have a new free gift when my website relaunches. This free resource will be the Making A Difference, Your Way virtual workshop and accompanying workbook. I will also have some other free resources exclusive to subscribers from time to time – some of which will be revamped fave items from the Freebies Library. So if you want to hear about and recieve these, please subscribe to my mailing list below.

Dream For Others podcast

I was inspired to launch the Dream For Others podcast in a pre-Trump era. At the time, it felt like the online business world didn’t talk about politics or social justice – and if anything we were socialised to believe that mixing business with such issues was risky for business. Maybe this was just who I had around me in the online world at the time, but it triggered my desire to focus on integrating these worlds more (as I had been pursuing my interest in social justice and human rights alongside my coaching business). I felt like we should use our online business and platforms to speak up more about social, political and environmental issues – and wanted to encourage more people to do so.

I wrote this blog post at the time and launched the podcast with the hope that by interviewing people from different backgrounds on how they used their platforms or sphere of influence to make a difference in their own way that I would help inspire myself and others on how they could do the same. 

I was terrified of starting a podcast. You see, I’m shy, am on the extreme end of the introversion scale and have a fear of public speaking. I love to hide behind my computer and write – but actually speaking on a podcast and interviewing people in real-time terrified me.

BUT I believed so much in this project and what it had the potential to become, that I didn’t want fear to stop me. So I did it anyway.

Before every interview, I would feel sick to the stomach with nerves. And after each interview, I felt incredibly drained. As much as I loved the podcast, learned so much from each of the guests, and genuinely enjoyed chatting with them – I found it energetically draining. It was also an expensive endeavour – in terms of time and money. 

I thought many times about letting it go, but would always convince myself that it was just the fear speaking. Plus I didn’t want to let anyone down – the listeners and those who had joined my exclusive community believing so much in the project and me that they were sponsoring the podcast with their own money. Plus there were still so many issues, areas and people who I had not interviewed yet. So I kept going.

Fast forward to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy international awards in March this year where the podcast was named a finalist under the Best Product / Book / Podcast category. When they called out the name of the winner – Carla Da Costa for her books (congrats again Carla if you’re reading this!), I noticed an unexpected feeling come up – RELIEF. It was so quick that I could have easily missed it, but I didn’t. I made a little note that I should self-reflect on why that feeling may have come up later.

In the days that followed as I travelled home and settled back into my routine, I realised something. The RELIEF wasn’t because I didn’t have to get up and give a speech (HA!), but was because if I had of won, it would have been another reason for why I should keep going with the podcast. The thought I had been trying to resist, push away, and ignore – that I wanted to complete the project had now been heard and I couldn’t ‘unhear’ it.

All the reasons why I shouldn’t end it bombarded me. Chief among them still being that I didn’t want to let those down who had supported the podcast and also had dreams for what it would become. I still hadn’t talked to someone about x topic or y topic. It was part of my brand now and it might hurt my business if I were to wind it up. People might be disappointed in me. I’d had DREAM FOR OTHERS trademarked (which was expensive by the way) for goodness sake! 

But I couldn’t shake it now. I’d felt relief. I wanted to let it go. 

In the next session with my coach, Lena West, I brought it up. I don’t think even she saw that one coming! We talked through options for how I could tweak it, change the process, make it feel ‘right’ – but nothing stuck. As we talked it through I fully owned the scary truth, it was time to complete the project. Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll feel called to create another season, but for now, I know it’s time to close this chapter.

So, throughout May and June, I will be releasing a handful of final episodes for the Dream For Others podcast which will then officially close on Public Service Day, 23 June 2018. I hope you enjoy the final episodes and will help me bring it home strong in those closing weeks. 

I really appreciate all those who have supported me and these creations over the years. Without you, they wouldn’t have happened. You uplifted me and motivated me, often without even knowing it. I hope you will continue to support me as I do what feels right now – which will be creating new resources, WRITING (and yes still interviewing inspiring people about dreaming for others, but on my blog instead!), and directing folk to the many other fantastic podcasts and resources that are now out there on social justice, entrepreneurship and using our platforms for good.

Finally, as I write this today, I wonder – is there a creation that you’re wanting to retire or let go, but have been forcing yourself to persist? If so, I hope you’ll read this post as a sign to give yourself permission to do what feels right too, even if it doesn’t make sense or might disappoint others.

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  • Oh Naomi, what a brave, honest and beautiful post. I love sharing this journey with you and I love how committed you are to following your heart. Love you my dearest friend. Thanks for your incredible resources and podcast – they have been such a huge blessing in my life and so many lives. I can’t wait to see what’s next and your new workshop, Making A Difference, Your Way, sounds soooooo good!!!!!
    So much love,, Nic xx

    • Oh Nic, thank you so much – am a bit misty eyed reading this and a loss for words. Love you too, special one. x

  • Naomi this is so brave of you and I really honour and respect you for listening to your deep truth and acting on it. Your podcast inspired me and I’m looking forward to your future creations ☺️

  • Beautifully articulated, my brilliant and treasured friend. And I celebrate this decision and choice with you, not because I’m not sad that the podcast is ending (because I think it’s been brilliant and have loved supporting this project), but because I know just how good the feeling of ‘relief’ really feels when you know a decision is true and right for you, and also because I know this is only just the beginning, for many new things that you can now open the door to flow in! It’s interesting that your coach was surprised. I wasn’t surprised at all when you told me. I’d noticed a subtle shift and change. I know your heart, I know how much time and energy you have invested in this incredible podcast, but I also had an inkling that the energy and passion was no longer there as it once was. You are not disappointing anyone. I am so proud of you always. And you have inspired others in many more ways than you will know. You have paved the way, I feel, for many others to now be using their platforms, as you say – bridging the gap – and to speak up about social justice issues, within the coaching industry. I still remember that blog post you wrote (when we were fortunate to be in the same location at the same time) and I have watched on from the sidelines since then, and seen many changes from others, from sharing your thoughts, which you express always, in a respectful and intelligent and discerning way. I am excited to see what flows from here. Soak in the sweet feeling of RELIEF, knowing what a success both of these creations have been! All my love x

    • Oh wow, hon. Thank you so much. I’ve taken days to reflect on what to say in return to your comment here, and am still at a loss for words. Nothing can truly articulate what I’m feeling. All that is coming to mind is something I’ve said so many times that I worry it’s beginning to sound meaningless – thank you so so so much for the support and love and kind words. The thought that someone (and someone as special as you) thinks my work may have made a difference in some way is huge – geez, if I ever need an ego boost I know where to go. Much love and gratitude xx

  • Hi Naomi, Thanks so much for sharing your honest thoughts with us. I’m always a bit behind with my newsletters etc, so I just read this. What a brave decision! It’s wonderful and very inspiring to hear that you’ve trusted your intuition and I’m sure that this will make room for new adventures and creations. I love your podcast and alllyou do has inspired me very much (even though I’ve been I quiet, invisible listener and reader so far). I can relate a lot to what you share, so thanks for being so open and by that for being a role model in so many ways – this post is just one of the many!

    • Ohhh Janina, thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me, it means a lot. I’m so glad that you have loved the podcast and my work, and I hope it continues to be of use to you. A million thank you’s for the support and kindness. x