GIVEAWAY to celebrate 2 years in business!

I have officially survived and loved two years of self-employment. Whoot! 

To celebrate and thank you for joining me on this journey, I have a range of FABULOUS prizes to give away, including: a free ticket to the Social Good Summit in Sydney; a deck of Top Five Movement’s gratitude cards; a Bliss Inventive daily planner; and a copy of Cheryl Richardson’s book The Art of Extreme Self Care.

See info on each of the prizes and details on how to easily enter below.

This giveaway is exclusive to my newsletter subscribers only. So if you aren’t part of the crew yet, all you have to do is subscribe via the box below this blog post. And then just leave a comment telling me which prize or prizes you like the look of.

I’ll draw the winners on 2 October 2016.

Ticket to the Social Good Summit (worth $90)


I will be going to the Social Good Summit in Sydney on Saturday 15 October 2016 and cannot wait to learn about the impact of social good initiatives around the world. I purchased an extra ticket so that one of my subscribers could go along too – don’t worry, you don’t have to hang with me if you don’t want too! HA! 

You can learn more about the event here.

Top Five Movement gratitude deck (worth $25)


Photo source: Top Five Movement

Top Five Movement recently created a beautiful deck of 50 thought-provoking prompt questions on cards, that you can use to “hone in on the high points of your day, figure out what truly makes you happy, and build a confident, constructive mindset so that you can live the way you want to live, and feel the way you want to feel…”

I recently purchased a deck of these cards for myself and one for a lucky subscriber. They are beautiful and I love pulling one out each morning to ponder on throughout my day.

If you can’t wait to find out if you win one, you can purchase your own deck here (psssttt beautiful Christmas gift idea, right?).

Bliss Inventive daily planner (worth $42.95)


Photo source: Bliss Inventive

I LOVE the Bliss Inventive daily planner and have purchased one for the last three years now – always buying an extra one to give away. I wonder if my spare will become yours this year? 

Can’t wait to see if you win? Head on over and pre order your copy here

Note: They won’t be released until late October.

Cheryl Richardson’s book The Art Of Extreme Self Care (worth $15)


This is a favourite for those who need to make a conscious effort to slow down and build more self care into their lives. 

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on this book, you can purchase it here.

I hope these prizes excite you! If so, comment below which ones you’d love to get your hands on – and I’ll announce the winners soon!

Thank you so much for being here and joining me on this crazy online business adventure ride!

Let’s soar together,

Naomi x

Please note that if you use any of the links in this blog post to buy the book, I may receive a small commission from Book Depository.

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  • I have been eyeing off the bliss inventive daily planner for a while now! And was hoping to get one for next year so it would be just perfect to win one. I am just starting my journey of self discovery and this planner would be perfect to keep me focused on the right areas of my life!
    Love your work Naomi I am an avid reader of everything you post ?

    • Thank you so much Ashleigh! I am just popping your name into the hat now and will draw the winner in the morning – good luck! x

  • What beautiful prizes!….I would be thrilled with the planner, cards or Cheryl’s book. Self-care has always been something I’ve understood is important in my head, in fact it was Cheryl Richardson’s first book Life Makeovers that introduced the concept to me, however I need to constantly remind myself to action it and embody it, either of the prizes I’ve mentioned will help me to do this amongst the juggle of life – study, work, family, marriage Etc. Thanks for your generosity with your prize giveaways and also for your freebies library and popping into my inbox every Sunday. Xo

    • Ohhh thank YOU for being here and taking an interest in what I have to say Caroline. I’ll announce the winners on social media tomorrow – good luck!

  • I’d love to win the Bliss Inventive Planner. I love planners and this would be perfect to help organise my biggestand best year ever!!

  • As always Naomi your words have encouraged and uplifted me.
    These are all beautiful prizes, what a lovely way to celebrate 2 years being self employed.
    The Top FIve Movement Gratitude deck sounds like the perfect way to start my day as would reading about extreme self care by Cheryl Richardson.
    Thank you so much.

  • Congratulations on 2 years in business, Naomi! What a wonderful milestone, it’s been so inspirational to watch your journey! What lovely gifts too — the Bliss planner or the card deck would suit me, especially as I launch my own venture and look towards self-employment next year. Exciting!

    • Thank you Ellen, and I think you’d love both of these prizes!!! Good luck, I’ll be drawing the winners soon. x

  • Great blog Naomi, congratulations on 2 years, that’s definitely worth celebrating!

    I’d love to hang at the summit with you! I’d love to hear Nicola Gray speak (and the others of course!)


    • Ohhh Kathleen, it’d be wonderful to go with you! Good luck – I’ll draw the winner shortly and announce it on Facebook. I think it’s a 50/50 chance with only one other entry in the end! x

  • Congrats to your two year anniversary, lovely Naomi!! You continue to inform and inspire every week and pose some wonderful questions we can ask ourselves. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Some beautiful gifts you’re offering. Top Five Movements Gratitude Deck looks divine, as does the Bliss Inventive Daily Planner. Some stunning creations!
    I also love Cheryl Richardson’s work and my own journey is one of exploring self care.
    Enjoy the next year ahead. I’m sure it will be even bigger for you.! Gail xxx

    • Awww thank you Gail, you always make me feel very special. I think you’ll love these prizes – good luck!

  • I am amazed to hear you have only been in business for two years! You are one of the women I aspire to be as successful as someday. Congratulations on this magnificent milestone. ? You are an inspiration to women everywhere lovely.

    PS. I would absolutely love to own a copy of the Top 5 Movement Gratitude Deck. I think they would make a wonderful addition to my daily self care ritual. ?

    • Oh my, thank you Lexx that’s so kind of you to say. The cards are amazing, you’d love them! Good luck – I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. x

  • Big congrats Naomi! Thank you for sharing yourself – your journey is definitely inspirational! Beautiful prizes too… so as I am about to launch my own Life Coaching biz I would love the Bliss Inventive Daily Planner or Cheryl Richardson’s Art of Extreme Self Care – have a feeling either of those will come in handy! Best wishes xx

    • All the best with launching your coaching biz Bridget – and thanks so much for the kind words! I’ve popped your name in a hat for these prizes and will draw the winners shortly – good luck!

  • Congrats on 2 years of business! I’m just embarking on my business venture. I’m currently in the process of finding clients and will commit to my business venture full-time on October 1st (eeek!).
    Wishing you many more years of success in your business xo

    • Oh Jessica, thank you so much – and how very exciting! All the best – and please keep in touch with me re how it goes! x

  • Oh Naomi, congrats to your business anniversary from good old Europe! I love your blog! I would like to win the gratitude deck or the book by Richardson. Have a good and golden autumn! All the best, as alsways, fidi 😉

  • Such beautiful and thoughtful prizes to celebrate 2 years. Congratulations! As a lover of planners and all things bliss, the Bliss Inventive Planner would be my pick!

    • Thanks Sharyn – ohhh yes Bliss is amazing and these planners are GOLD. Good luck – have popped your name in the hat and will draw the winner shortly. xx

  • Oh my gosh – how fantastic would the top 5 movement cards be for clients!!! I love them!! And your link to their site will probably cost me a fortune 😉
    (As a planner addict, I’m totally crushing on the bliss inventive planner as well – how have I never come across it??????)
    Loving the recent blog post on bridging the gap, something I want to explore a bit deeper <3

    • HA! Sorry about that Tanya! You’d love both of these, they’re amazing! Good luck, I’ll draw the winners shortly. And thank you so so much re the blog post. xxx

  • Yay! Happy 2nd Birthday! Congratulations Naomi You are such an inspiration for so many of us.
    PS: I’d love to win the Bliss Inventive Planner 🙂

    • Thank you Akeera, that’s so sweet of you to say. Good luck re the planner – I’ll draw the winner shortly! x

  • Naomi my beautiful soul sister, I am so sorry I have been missing in action lately. I just want you to know you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Hubby has surgery this Friday and well, life has been quite difficult lately even more than before. Love hearing about you and your writings as always. I sleep with my Lapis and now I am more interested in crystals and adding it to my energy healing and the Chakras, etc. Sending you much love my beautiful friend. Oh, and I like the cards and the planner, but all these look wonderful. xxx Penny

    HAPPY 2 Year Anniversary!!!

    • Thank you Penny, and how wonderful to hear from you. I hope hubby’s surgery went okay. I’ll flick you an email. xx

  • Wow Naomi, how lovely!
    I think the gratitude deck and the daily planner sound wonderful ideas.
    And fantastic to find out about the social summit! I’ve sent that info around work (I’d not heard of it before) – with a suggestion that we should get a group together (next year if not this year).
    Thanks for sharing such amazing things – so much good going on in the world.

    • Thank you so much Tanya – and I hope you and your colleagues end up at one of the social good summits – it looks incredible! I’m just popping the names in the hat for the prizes now and will draw the winners shortly. xx

  • I’m new to this site and just love the positive words and encouragement. I would love the Top Five Movement gratitude deck – what a lovely way to start each day. Positive thoughts don’t come easy for me so this would be a wonderful to start my day with positivity and gratitude. I also like the Bliss Inventive daily planner.

    • Hi Sandra and thanks so much for your kind words! I’ll pop your name in the hat for those now – am about to draw the winners – good luck! In the meantime, I hope those positive and kind words start to make more of an appearance for you. xx

  • Happy business anniversary (bizaversary?). Love reading your posts and love seeing your generosity in action as you offer amazing prizes like these to your readers. I would absolutely love to win the bliss inventive daily planner. As much as I love my electronic calendar, it doesn’t quite compares to writing in a beautiful planner that makes me feel inspired and ready to take action. Xo

    • Hi Sarana, ohhhh yes I love the Bliss Inventive planner for this – I use it AND my electronic diary. 😉 And thanks for the happy bizaversary wishes! Good luck – I’ll announce the winners shortly. x

  • Congratulations Naomi! Wow 2 years is an amazing achievement 🙂 You are such an inspiration to me in the very infant stages of launching my coaching business.

    The Daily Dream Creator is just gorgeous! If I don’t win it I will definitely be putting it on my Christmas Wish List.

    Love & Light xoxo

    • Hi Ashlea – ohhhh yes, if you don’t win, definitely put it on your Christmas wishlist, it’s AMAZING. And oh my, thank you so much for your beautiful and kind words and support as always. xxx

  • Congratulations Naomi! How fantastic you have been able to spend the last two years doing something you love everyday & making such a difference in people’s lives.
    I would love to go the the Social Good Summit, reading the idea of people from all over the world coming together to make the world a better place for everyone gives me goosebumps. Plus as a BYCA alumni & fledgling coach, I would love to hang out with you & pick your brains on how you have made yourself 🙂

    • Thank you so much Cassie, it sure is fantastic! I would love to meet you and talk all things coaching and social good! There are only a few entries for this prize – so good luck – I’ll draw the winner shortly!!! xx

  • I am already a subscriber! x I would adore to be in the draw for the Summit in Sydney on 15th October! And of course I would sit with you – ha! Best of luck to all who enter xx Katie

    • Ohhh now it would be a real treat to go to the Summit with you Katie – especially if you’ll sit with me hehe. There are only a few entries for this prize – so a 1/3 shot so far! Good luck, I’ll be drawing the winner today. Much love xx

  • Hi Naomi, this looks all so lovely and almost like a little brand board for your business as well 🙂 Happy 2nd birthday! Lots of love from Sydney, Susi

  • Hi Naomi,
    Congratulations on your two biz year anniversary. Go you!
    I’m in the process of slowing down and applying more gratitude into my daily life so the Top 5 cards movement would bring lots of joy and happiness. Got my fingers and toes crossed!

    • Thank you Diana – keep your fingers and toes crossed, I’ll be drawing the winner shortly. I hope you have some success with slowing down and applying more gratitude to your life. x

  • I just found you vety recently, and admire yout work. Congrats on 2 years!

    What a great list. The Bliss Inventive daily planner looks awesome!

    • Thank you Will, that’s so nice of you to say. Will pop your name in the hat now and draw the winner shortly – good luck!

  • What amazing prizes! I would absolutely love the Top Five Movement Gratitude Deck or the Bliss Inventive Daily Planner. I would love to start my days with a bit more motivation and connection to my why and i think the cards would be a beautiful creation to bring into a morning ritual for myself. The Bliss Inventive Planner is something i have been eyeing off for quite some time now. i really wanted one for 2016 however my ego kept saying things like “you don’t need it” so i promised myself that i would treat myself to one for 2017.

    A massive congratulations on your 2 year birthday for your beautiful biz! You are such a inspiration and i absolutely love you work xx

    • So glad you like the look of them too Tegan! I’ve just popped your name in the hat and will draw the winner shortly – good luck! And yesssss you should totally treat yourself with the planner if you don’t win – it’s amazing! And thanks so much for the kind words and support too. xx

  • Thank you for your generosity generally as well as this lovely giveaway.
    Would love the gorgeous planner or cards.

  • Congratulations on 2 years in your business!!! How kind of you to do a giveaway!! I would love to win the Bliss Inventive daily planner. XOXO

  • Happy two year anniversary, Naomi !
    Since i’ve discovered you through other coaching-wellness people on social media a few months ago, you’ve been a great inspiration for a big change in my life.
    I’d be interested in Cheryl Richardson’s book, The Art of Extreme Self Care, cause i’m beginning to see the importance of self care and expressing your true self in order to be truly happy.

    • Thank you Gabriel, that’s so kind of you to say. And it’s such a great book – good luck – I’ll be drawing the winner shortly! 🙂

  • I would love to win the Bliss Inventive Planner! I have been searching for the perfect day planner for ages and this looks like it would suit my needs perfectly as I need lots of space to write and plan! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Congrats on your 2 year anniversary!! Thanks for all your awesome inspirations throughout!
    I love your Dream To Reality Worksheet – have worked through that twice now and it has always been extremely helpful in discovering myself further! PS: I also find that asking my friends for feedback on what they think about me is less daunting the second time!
    And now, i am also slowly working through your media attention list!

    Being the planner hoarder that I am – would definitely love to get my hands on the Bliss Incentive Daily Planner 🙂

    Adeline xx

    • Oh dear Adeline, thank you so much for sharing this with me – it’s made me smile BIG TIME! Good luck with the Planner – I’ll be drawing the winner shortly. xx

  • Happy 2 year anniversary! I discovered your website while looking in to Beautiful You coaching training and I am so glad I did.
    The Bliss Inventive Planner looks great!

    • Thank you Brielle – I’m so glad we were able to ‘meet’ thanks to Beautiful You! The Planner really is wonderful – I’ll be drawing the winner shortly. Good luck!

  • Hi, the top five gratitude deck looks wonderful. I’ve been thinking about purchasing some gratitude cards for a while now and these fit the bill perfectly. I love the idea of having the deck as a daily family ritual. – what a great way to find out what makes those around you happy as well as cultivate a self-practice of positivity.

    • That sounds like a beautiful idea Kristine – and this would be perfect for that! I’m about to draw the winner now – good luck!