Wanna be silly with me? Join my GISH DreamForOthers team. (Less than 2 days left to join)

I’ve decided to do something at the end of July that is probably a bit silly – so I thought today I’d see if you were keen to get your silly on too. HA!

What am I doing? A one week challenge founded by Supernatural actor Misha Collins called GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) that aims to do good in the world and have fun in the process. Learn more about the challenge here.

From what I can tell, you form a team of 15 with people who can be located anywhere in the world. Then, when the challenge starts you get a list of tasks which you divide amongst team members to complete during that week. The winning team gets to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to New Zealand.

There are different types of tasks – some creative, some random acts of kindness, some getting out in public doing silly stuff etc – and I think the idea is to have a mix of personalities in the team so the shyer or not-so-adventurous folk can do the quieter tasks and the not-so-shy and more adventurous folk can do the more ‘out there’ tasks, while everyone attempts to stretch their comfort zones.

I’ve never done something like this before, so am super scared! I really don’t want to stretch too far out of my comfort zone… that sounds uncomfortable. HA! But it looks fun, and worthy, and like it’ll take my mind off work and loosen up a little. I’m looking forward of getting my little family involved in some of the activities and spending more time with them too. 

So I took a deep breath and started a team called DreamForOthers, which currently has one member ME. HA! 

Which leads me to my big question of the week – are you keen to join my team for a week of silliness at the end of July (28 July to 4 August US)? If so, please register at this link, then request to join the DreamForOthers team. If you have any troubles just email me at naomi(at)naomiarnold(dot)com. I’ll update this post if/when our team is full. (UPDATE: We now have the minimum number of 9 people that is required to participate, but can have up to 15 team members and the more the merrier! I’ll update this post if we end up reaching the 15.)

And if you would like to start your own team perhaps with some pals or colleagues, you can do that here. Alternatively, you can also join as an individual and request that they help you find a team. I know people have used it to connect with folk and make friends all over the world! 

Oh and I should mention, it costs $21.08 USD to register, with part of the fee going toward saving your choice of cats or dogs. (I picked dogs).

I hope you’ll consider joining me in a week of being silly together!

PS. If you’re someone who does this challenge each year already, please say “hello” in the comments and tell me all about it!

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