Join us in the Gentle Business Mastermind

Today, I am excited to let you know that Amanda Rootsey, Nicola Newman and I have officially opened the doors to our Gentle Business Mastermind.

Is 2018 the year you ditch the hustle and find your flow?

Be productive and also feel like you have a sense of balance in your life?

Run a successful business that gives back and live gently? 

Because it is possible.  You can set yourself up with the processes to have more space in your week and build a successful business. You can feel supported and nurtured instead of constantly feeling like you’re on the brink of burn out.

We know, because we’ve been doing it for years. 

We each do it in our own way and we can’t wait to hold a space for you to explore how you can do business gently too…

If you would like to watch our free three part video series on gentle business, you can get instant access here.

If you would like to join the mastermind, you can get all the details and enrol here.

I hope to see you in the Gentle Business Mastermind soon!

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