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This award nominated and ever-growing Freebies Library is full of over 40 resources that aim to help you build your version of a creative, passion-fuelled, and purposeful life.

The Library includes resources on a range of topics, including business, self care and wellness, movement, supportive relationships, confidence, identifying your uniqueness, living on purpose, meditation, prioritising your needs and desires, and so much more.

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“Through Naomi’s blog, newsletters and freebies library my life is transforming and taking shape into something so wonderful I can barely sleep with the excitement of it all.” – Lauren


10-Day My Shining Uniqueness Program

I believe that you must identify and use your uniqueness in order to be of service to yourself, your loved ones and the world.

This 10 day email program will take you through a series of simple steps and activities that will help you identify your uniqueness.

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This program was wonderful – each day included a concrete, specific task that gave me so much insight about myself, and was totally doable in a short amount of time. I especially loved creating a list of my achievements and designing my ideal “degree program”. Both of these tasks were not only eye-opening, but fun and creative as well. I feel I learned many new pathways into my own thinking and goals. Thank you for this opportunity Naomi!” – Jessica


Examples of feedback from happy subscribers

The below is a selection of testimonials from those who have subscribed to my newsletters and free resources.

“Naomi is courage. Naomi is kindness. And Naomi is real. She is not a rehearsed picture on Instagram. She not only inspires, she guides. Naomi is not only living proof that we can find and create the deepest desires of our hearts, she is that little bit of magic that helps to start it all off. Through her blog, newsletters nd freebies library my life is transforming and taking shape into something so wonderful I can barely sleep with the excitement of it all.” – Lauren

“What I love most about Naomi is her genuine desire to serve others. She gives actionable tips and advice and is a big believer in giving ‘value’ in all aspects of her work. Naomi is such a genuine person with an ability to inspire and motivate others in order to create their own amazing lives and I know I have already benefited from her freebies library and blog posts in helping me move through blocks and challenges I have faced.” – Michelle

“I adore reading Naomi’s work. She’s wise beyond her years and is so willing to share her knowledge and wisdom. There is so much inspiration – in her blog posts, her freebies library and in the guest posts she’s written. The depth of content always amazes me. With care and compassion, she has a gift in helping people be the best version of their unique selves.” – Gail

“I have been following Naomi’s online journey and look forward to her newsletter each Sunday. Naomi’s blog posts and newsletters are full of wisdom, guidance and practical steps to embrace into daily life for everyone no matter your stage in life. I have found Naomi’s work incredibly relatable, easy to read and enjoyable. Through her work I feel inspired to live my higher purpose and embrace a life I love to live.” – Danielle

“Naomi writes from a place of honesty and integrity, which shows in her posts and the way she interacts with friends and fans online. In the sea of voices online, hers is consistent and uplifting and I look forward to her newsletter in my inbox each week.” – Kerry

“Whenever I receive an email from Naomi, I open it eagerly, knowing that she has filled it with inspiration, generosity and beautiful words of wisdom. Many of her articles have connected and resonated with me deeply, on both business and personal levels. As a wellness coach with a new business, I’ve especially loved her thoughtful tips on business and easy to follow advice. Naomi infuses so much love into everything she does and it shines through, loud and clear.” – Rachael

“Naomi’s blog is my go-to place whenever I’m in need of ideas, inspiration and a pick-me-up. I had six sessions of coaching with Naomi and she truly changed my life!” – Diana

Get free advice + inspiration + instant access to the award nominated Freebies Library: