Episode 12. Musician Ben Lee

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Introducing Ben Lee

Ben Lee is a musician, singer-songwriter and multiple ARIA Award winner.

On his website, Ben says that he started his career in the music industry hungry for fame, attention and validation. But with time, effort, failure and success, he gradually lost interest in these goals and now continues for different reasons.

It is these ‘different reasons’ that motivated me to invite Ben to feature on the Dream For Others podcast. I had heard him speak about his central mission on awakening consciousness and read about the different ways that he does this, through for example: music, speaking, charitable projects, ethical business coaching, and an essential oils business with his wife at Skye Lee Essential Oils.

Based on all this, I had a feeling that we would have an interesting discussion that could possibly shake up our way of thinking and open our hearts to infinite possibilities.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Ben’s central mission (2.41)
  • Our consciousness is asleep (3.36)
  • The role of music (5.37)
  • Having a craft (7.09)
  • Giving his audience courage through his music (8.37)
  • Helping his audience come up with solutions (10.02)
  • Finding equilibrium (12.42)
  • Looking from a new perspective (14.51)
  • Workshops and events with songwriters (16.33)
  • The spaces that songs are written from (17.07)
  • Being aware of your ego (18.54)
  • Enjoying failure (20.30)
  • Actively listening (22.33)
  • Changing the idea of meditation (24.46)
  • Other ways to help raise consciousness (26.15)
  • Speaking from your goals rather than your schedule (27.50)
  • Advice for people with a platform to use (29.00)
  • Being transparent with each other through this process (33.19)
  • Progressing an ethical business (34.57)
  • Becoming a value adding person (37.40)
  • Generating leads through online marketing (39.57)
  • The power of guru’s (43.37)
  • Making a mistake with following a guru (46.50)
  • Dalai Lama seeking advice from collaborators (50.20)
  • Being a death midwife (51.36)
  • What’s next on Ben’s mission (53.47)

Links and Resources

  • Buy Ben Lee’s most recent album Freedom, Love and the Recuperation of the Human Mind here.
  • Check out the Josh Radnor and Ben Lee collaboration here.
  • Listen to Ben Lee speak on thinking outside of the box here.

Connect with Ben

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