Episode 21. Mel Yeates

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Introducing Mel Yeates

Today I am honoured to have Mel Yeates from A Girl, Her Car & Her Guitar on the Dream For Others podcast. Mel has raised $100,000 for beyondblue (anxiety and depression awareness) and Love Your Sister (cancer research) by traveling around Australia, busking, playing gigs, and attending fundraisers that people have organised. She also recently joined the Love Your Sister team. Mel is a wonderful example of someone who is using their gifts, passions and personal story to make a big difference – so I felt very blessed to have a chance to chat with her about how she’s done this and more.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Ordering Love Your Sister socks (3.02)
  • Mel’s journey of traveling to raise money (3.55)
  • Raising $100,000 (5.56)
  • Sharing mental health struggles (10.38)
  • Mel’s own mental health experience (13.40)
  • The people Mel has met on her journey (15.47)
  • Experiencing racism on her travels (18.08)
  • Racism after being adopted (18.56)
  • Being called ‘sir’ (21.59)
  • What to do when things go wrong (25.22)
  • Desire to help homeless people (26.50)
  • Coming up with money raising ideas (28.51)
  • Self-care while helping others (29.48)
  • Mentors and role models (32.22)
  • Advice for getting started making a difference (34.27)
  • What’s next for Mel? (36.28)

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