Episode 6: Lisa Kate Miller (Business Coach)

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Introducing Lisa Kate Miler

Lisa Kate Miller is a Business Coach and Digital Strategist who works with women who want to build a successful business while raising a family. She has worked on the web since 2002, helping everyone from large multi-nationals to small local charities build their online platforms. Lisa spearheaded search strategy at Australia’s largest media company before leaving to follow her insatiable passion: building her own online business. Over four years Lisa built a profitable business and grew a huge online community, which she sold in 2014 to focus on helping other entrepreneurs establish their brands and build better businesses for the 21st century.

I was blessed to meet Lisa Kate at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy where we both studied to become certified life coaches. Lisa and I share many passions, especially when it comes to running value based businesses and using our platforms as a force for good. When I recently read an article written by Lisa Kate in inspired Coach magazine on using your business as a force for good – I just knew that I had to get her on the podcast to soak up her wisdom on how we can make a difference in this way.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Starting in the science field (2.35)
  • Leaving to start her own business (3.58)
  • Working with a coach and becoming a coach (5.24)
  • How to have a ‘better business’ (9.30)
  • A generative mindset versus a competitive mindset (11.30)
  • What Lisa does to run a ‘better business’ (13.20)
  • Keeping in touch with current affairs and being an informed citizen (16.25)
  • Using your business as a force for good (17.55)
  • Making a difference as a new company or business (24.05)
  • Volunteering around your expertise (26.07)
  • Making change as an established company or business (28.12)
  • Using your voice (29.45)
  • Pro bono work (31.23)
  • Finding a charity to help (31.52)
  • The causes that Lisa feels passionate about (34.18)
  • Balancing supporting local and global charities and causes (37.05)
  • How to support your cause (39.07)
  • Who inspires Lisa to dream for others (41.42)
  • What’s next for Lisa and coaching mothers (44.10)
  • Naomi’s Master of Human Rights and evolving ideas (47.15)

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