Episode 23. Leesa Renee Hall

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Introducing Leesa Renee Hall

Leesa Renee Hall is a writer, storyteller, and diversity advocate. Author of seven books, Leesa was lauded as a technology pioneer and futurist before turning her attention to using her words to disrupt the stories we tell ourselves about diversity and identity.

After writing half a million words over 365 consecutive days, Leesa discovered that words can help one find their true purpose. Leesa helps spiritual and business leaders use curious inquiry to question their views on diversity so they can become effective leaders and create truly inclusive communities, companies, and corporations. She teaches that the only way you can have hard conversations around systemic oppression is to first breakthrough your inner oppression using the combination of curious inquiry and expressive writing.

Leesa is also on the Advisory Board for Awarepreneurs, a global community of social enterprise business leaders and entrepreneurs with a focus on social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Leesa’s tips have been featured in American Express OPENGlobe & MailChoiceThe Ottawa CitizenToronto StarProfit, and Inc. to name a few, along with television, radio and podcast appearances.

I am a patron of Leesa’s work on Patreon and have learned so much from her through that platform and her other writings. This will become clear no doubt, by the questions I ask her on the podcast in this episode, which essentially became a list of greatest hits I’ve learned from Leesa.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • 3.52 Problems with the questions ‘what do you do’
  • 4.36 Introducing yourself at mixer events
  • 7.37 Asking better questions
  • 10.03 What’s attracting Leesa’s attention at the moment?
  • 11.07 Creating documentaries and video shorts
  • 15.43 Online discussions with trolls  
  • 17.02 Publishing the blog post on race and white fragility
  • 25.55 What does activism look like for Leesa
  • 27.22 Being a highly sensitive person
  • 20.27 Make sure you’re always writing
  • 33.07 Looking into her family tree
  • 34.10 Writing to heal
  • 35.37 Haiti independence decree in 1804
  • 41.56 White fragility
  • 45.00 The script of white fragility
  • 47.52 Choosing not to teach people on social media
  • 52.02 The Reaction Fast
  • 56.08 Data neutrality
  • 56.59 Facebook data algorithms
  • 1.02.02 Learning etiquette 
  • 1.02.38 Making FB work for you 
  • 1.04.40 New 10 day challenges

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  • In a world where the currency is knowing answers with self-assurance and certainty, it’s refreshing to hear the priority given to questions. Great podcast on important topic/s.