Episode 9: Leah Davies (Freethinker Co)

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Introducing Leah Davies

Leah is a writer, human rights activist and social researcher who is driven to strengthen human connection through our stories. Her communication consultancy and storytelling platform Freethinker Co. is a place to celebrate our difference and to unite in our sameness. Using her experience as a journalist and international development worker, she supports the socially conscious to platform their voice and create positive, equitable and sustainable change. In this episode, Leah shares her experience in how we can use our words to change the world.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Free Thinker Co (2.28)
  • Becoming passionate (5.02)
  • Stories to change the world (6.53)
  • 5 key elements (7.19)
  • The three E’s (8.44)
  • Ask people to take action (11.06)
  • Getting involved (13.59)
  • Writing and editing (16.26)
  • Self promotion tension (18.37)
  • Self worth and value (21.23)
  • Support yourself (22.46)
  • Fear of speaking up (24.26)
  • Giving back can be hard (27.35)
  • Filming in Nepal (30.42)
  • Leah’s role in Nepal (32.44)
  • Lessons from the Kulung (34.16)
  • The documentary (36.43)
  • Support the Kulung (39.06)
  • Other activism causes (40.35)
  • Stories to help refugees (43.08)
  • Give back policy (45.21)
  • Sahar Speaks (47.14)
  • Finding a cause (49.19)
  • Who inspires Leah? (51.32)
  • The next project (54.52)

Links and Resources

  • Check out the Sahar speaks website.
  • Learn more about the Carrying Everest documentary here and connect on Facebook with the Carrying Everest Team here.

Connect with Leah

  • Check out Leah’s Freethinker Co here and sign up to receive her free guide on how to write to make a difference.
  • Connect with Freethinker Co on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  

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