Episode 3: Kylie Lowe (Joining Hands)

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Introducing Kylie Lowe

Kylie Lowe is a tenacious, energised short haired cancer survivor and thriver, the founder of successful social enterprise Joining Hands, a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, a mad surfer, psychology graduate and a Nia dancer. She is wildly passionate about social justice, youth homelessness, healing, health and wellbeing for all. 

I couldn’t wait to chat to Kylie to learn more about the incredible work she is doing by providing access to health and wellbeing services to homeless and vulnerable young people, as well as a number of other programs and initiatives that she and her team have created under Joining Hands

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Who is Kylie Lowe (0.45)
  • Natural therapies for the homeless (2.55)
  • Joining Hands (3.50)
  • Being a social enterprise (4.48)
  • The main goals of Joining Hands (5.55)
  • Give back ambassador programme (6.55)
  • Impact Academy (8.54)
  • Tips for starting a programme (10.48)
  • Getting involved nationally (14.32)
  • Giving back using your area of strength (16.05)
  • Learning to look after yourself (21.18)
  • Experiencing ill health (22.29)
  • Being diagnosed with cancer (27.25)
  • Gratitude for being on the earth (30.45)
  • Finding balance after a draining experience (31.50)
  • Sources of inspiration (34.02)
  • How to help Joining Hands (37.41)
  • Staying focused (40.20)

Links and Resources:

Connect with Kylie and Joining Hands:

  • Check out the Joining Hands website
  • Join the GiveBack ambassador movement here.
  • Connect with Kylie and Joining Hands on social media: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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