Episode 20. Charlie Syme (B-Lab)

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Introducing Charlie Syme

I am honoured to have Charlie Syme, the Marketing and Community Manager at B-Lab on the Dream For Others podcast. He is responsible for ensuring their community of B Corporations feel contected, engaged and inspired by the movement they are creating. He has a wide background in marketing, fundraising and communications – and is driven by the belief that everyone, from individuals to major corporations, can play a positive role in shaping our world for the better.

Since my business became a certified B Corporation, I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions about what that means, how others can become certified too, and what they can do to have an ethical and socially conscious business even if they’re not ready to become a certified B Corporation yet.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Charlie’s story of how he became interested in social issues (2.56)
  • Going travelling and meeting an aid worker (4.41)
  • What is B Lab? (5.58)
  • Getting people interested in b-corp for their businesses (8.56)
  • Putting words into action and getting a quality check (11.02)
  • Asking for transparency in business (12.03)
  • Why is Charlie so keen on transparency? (13.00)
  • The power of business and impact on the world (15.24)
  • The difference between online and traditional business (17.10)
  • Making your business the best for the world (19.23)
  • Being part of the b-corp community (20.23)
  • Transforming the economy to pick good companies and employers (22.23)
  • Using the b-corp tool as a prompt for best practice (26.37)
  • Making your workplace a force for good (28.53)
  • The small steps to building an inclusive economy (31.33)
  • Cathedral thinking (32.51)
  • B-corp standards review (35.49)
  • Re-certifying your business every 2 years (37.13)
  • The future for B-Corp (39.13)
  • Building a community and becoming a conscious consumer (41.18)

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