Episode 10. Cassie Dewar (Inspirationery)

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Introducing Cassie Dewar

Cassie Dewar is the founder of Inspirationery – a stationery label designed to inspire you to make your mark on the world. With 50% of profits from each purchase supporting women and girls to make their own mark, each beautifully designed product also contributes to greater social change.

When looking for an ethical stationery brand for my client gifts this year, I stumbled across Cassie’s website and instantly fell in love. What captured my attention most was the clear values and ethical pillars that underpinned everything they do – and knew that I had to invite her to the podcast to learn more about this and how we can live in alignment with our values and create the change that we want to see in the world too.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • The story of Inspirationery (2.26)
  • Finding her calling (4.32)
  • The corporate world (5.21)
  • Cassie’s values (10.39) 
  • Self doubt (13.29)
  • Choosing a charity (16.48)
  • Everyone can do something (20.06)
  • Starting commitment (21.06)
  • Social enterprise (22.44)
  • Environmental impact (24.21)
  • Ethical production (28.46)
  • How to start helping (32.45)
  • Tougher moments (39.41)
  • Moving back home (42.58)
  • Look at how you spend your money (45.39)
  • How to pick a cause (49.05)
  • Support Inspirationery (50.34)
  • What’s next for Cassie (51.29)

Links and Resources

  • Check out Plan here.
  • Check out Care here.
  • Watch Steve Job’s talk here.
  • Check out Good Spender here
  • See Peter Singer’s books here.
  • Check out parcel delivery with a carbon offset with Sendle here.

Connect with Cassie

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