Episode 19. Cameron Airen

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Introducing Cameron Airen

Cameron Airen helps folks free themselves from gender expectations and norms to explore and own who they are. And she enjoys helping solo entrepreneurs and business owners integrate a feminist lens into their work. Cam is the co-founder of Whole Self Liberation, a movement and resource that helps you integrate social justice and personal growth into your everyday life. She is passionate about interviewing and elevating diverse, marginalized voices for their podcast, Real Feminist Stories, and writing about feminism and taboo topics that we shy away from as a society. Cam has a M.A. in Anthropology & Social Change, uses she/they pronouns, lives nomadically, and is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior. 

I have done one-on-one coaching with Cam, have participated in many of her paid and free webinars, am obsessed with the Real Feminist Stories podcast, and love reading their social media posts each day – with every interaction I’ve had with Cam, I have left with a big realisation, an ah-hah moment or a sense of deepening on a soul level (and I’m not exaggerating!). So I couldn’t wait to interview Cam today on all things oppression, patriarchy, feminism, social justice and more.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Sharing personal pro-nouns 3.25
  • Gender fluidity 4.31
  • Cameron’s journey into social justice 6.02
  • Seeing sexism in the home 7.25
  • Studying gender at college 8.44
  • Working with clients on body issues 12.06
  • Female athletes 14.06
  • How Cameron describes her work 15.52
  • What does feminism mean to Cameron? 16.37
  • Intersectionality 18.04
  • Helping clients be gender and sexuality inclusive 19.58
  • Gender identity in childhood 25.31
  • Growing up in heteronormative society 28.10
  • Exploring your sexuality 33.12
  • Whole / Self liberation 37.30
  • Creating a movement based on personal growth 41.51
  • Internalized oppression 44.55
  • The connection between society and your mind and body 53.01
  • Not identifying as an activist 54.17
  • The role of cis men in social justice 59.28
  • Female emotional intelligence 1.02.18
  • The next steps for Cameron 1.07.10

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