Episode 13. Bethany Joy Lenz (actress + philanthropist)

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Introducing Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz is an actor, musician, director, producer and writer. “Joy” as she is known by her friends, is the founder of the blog Modern Vintage Life and also works philanthropically with numerous global women’s rights organizations. 

I was first introduced to Joy’s work as a young adult when my siblings, now husband and I started watching One Tree Hill where Joy played one of the lead characters. What motivated me to follow Joy on social media though, was how she used her platform and voice to speak out against important causes and champion relevant non-profits.

I was very excited to have an opportunity to chat with Joy, as she unknowingly ignited a fire within me from a young age to get involved in human rights and I suspect is a major reason for how I ended up starting the Dream For Others podcast, studying human rights, and doing the work that I’m doing today.

In this episode, Joy shares her story in using her public profile for philanthropy and advocacy, the different ways that she has used her creative and artistic talents for fundraising efforts, the role that her faith has played in her life, the challenges associated with being multi-passionate, how we can use our voice or blogs to progress change, and more.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Inspiring others into human rights work (1.30)
  • Joy’s story – how she came to be an actress and found herself involved in philanthropy and activism (2.50)
  • Branching out into other areas (5.36)
  • Her introduction to the non-profits Love 146 and Equality Now (6.00)
  • How to progress change with Love 146 and Equality Now (9.30)
  • Communicating and money (11.00)
  • The power of sharing stories (11.30)
  • Responsibility with a voice (12.30)
  • Creative ways to raise money and awareness around issues (15.00)
  • Jewellery range that raises funds for The Tonka fund (16.20)
  • How she gets ideas for creating products to raise money for charity (18.00)
  • Learning what not to do (22.00)
  • Learning how to say “no” (22.53)
  • Protecting yourself whilst also being open (24.06)
  • Being hurt and bouncing back (24.30)
  • What does being fully connected to yourself look like? (26.30)
  • The role spirituality (and her belief in God) plays in her life and work (28.50)
  • How spirituality helps when she’s hurting and when traumatic world events happen (31.30)
  • How Trump got elected and church culture (36.00)
  • Fear of public speaking as an actress (38.30)
  • Trying to choose a direction when you are multi-passionate (40.30)
  • Accepting that you have to slow down and take on one thing at a time (advice for creatives) (42.30)
  • The joy in completing things (43.30)
  • How Joy stays informed and inspired (47.30) 
  • Supporting Joy (51.30)

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  • Loved listening to this interview with my articulate and uber talented daughter. SO PROUD Thank you Naomi

    • Thanks so much for listening and commenting Rob – and oh my, I’m not surprised you’re proud, she is incredible. I know that many listeners (including myself!) were deeply inspired by what Joy shared with us here. 🙂