Episode 14. Jana Favero from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

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Introducing Jana Favero (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre)

I am honoured to have Jana Favero on the Dream For Others podcast. Jana has worked for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) for 7 years, where she is currently the Director of Advocacy and Campaigns.

Her varied career path has included communication roles in the private sector, including the dying days of Enron in London, working with women to establish social enterprises across the steppe of the eternal blue sky in Mongolia and leading a campaign to increase the effectiveness and acceptance of women as political leaders in India.

These experiences sharpened Jana’s social justice values, and her work is informed by the basic belief that seeking asylum is a point in someone’s life – not a definition of who someone is. She will not stop advocating until people seeking asylum are treated fairly.

Jana is a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society and, in her spare time, can be found on a flying trapeze, or on a bike path with her kids in tow.

I too feel passionately about the plight of those seeking asylum, so was really looking forward to chatting to Jana about what we can do to progress change in this area.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • The mission of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (3.27)
  • The services offered by the ASRC (4.28)
  • Jana’s story of getting involved in social justice (8.15)
  • Myths around refugees and asylum seekers (13.12)
  • Benefits for people who come by boat (15.31)
  • Changing the conversation towards values (17.36)
  • Workshops to help conversation around people to seek asylum (20.06)
  • Offering solutions and alternatives to nay-sayers (25.08)
  • Alternative policies (26.53)
  • Getting the government to consider making changes to policy (27.59)
  • Conversations before the election in Higgins, Melbourne (29.37)
  • Supporting the ASRC (31.23)
  • Using your platform to assist the cause (33.13)
  • Keeping hopeful for change (35.43)
  • Dealing with moments of despair and taking care of yourself (36.40)
  • Treating burn out in activists (39.05)
  • Hate mail and social media trolling (41.05)
  • Future plans for the ASRC (44.52)

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