Episode 15. Amanda Rootsey from Shine from Within

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Introducing Amanda Rootsey (Shine from Within)

Amanda Rootsey is a qualified life coach and youth mentor, cancer-survivor, former international model and gentle guide. Through her holistic training school, Shine From Within, Amanda has helped hundreds of teen and tween girls to develop their confidence and now trains women to be inspiring youth mentors.

Amanda has appeared on The Today Show and Today Tonight, been mentioned as a ‘game-changer’ in The Collective magazine, and an ‘all round advocate for Mother Earth’ by Peppermint Magazine.

Amanda has a Hay House book on the way for teen girls and also writes regularly about her passions of simple living, natural beauty and eco-fashion on her popular blog and for national publications.  Still modelling when she can, she has been named Australia’s only eco-model, working exclusively with eco-friendly and ethical brands who share her values.

Amanda is also a personal friend of mine and someone who I consider to be a role model for living and working in alignment with your passions, values and personal ethics – so I can’t wait to bring you this episode where I ask her lots of questions on how she does this through different avenues.

Learn about (and relevant time stamps):

  • Amanda’s story and journey so far (3.10)
  • Life after cancer and deciding on a path (4.14)
  • Moving into eco-modelling exclusively (6.41)
  • Living gently (10.10)
  • Fashion revolution campaign (13.18)
  • Shopping your own wardrobe (16.08)
  • Op-shopping to find bargains (17.07)
  • Finding friendly brands that you love (18.31)
  • How to find information about fashion brands (19.55)
  • Researching different kinds of products; clothes vs accessories (22.40)
  • Advice for transitioning into vegetarianism or veganism (25.45)
  • The China Study and the effect of dairy (31.42)
  • Amanda’s different living arrangements in the past (34.20)
  • The realities of living off the grid (37.21)
  • Building an eco-home (40.24)
  • Advice for having an ethical and value based business (46.21)
  • Don’t always trust the guru’s (47.55)
  • Why help teen girls specifically? (53.40)
  • What’s next for Shine From Within? (58.05)

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