Dream For Others Patron Spotlight: Soulful Living Collective

Source: Above photo of Katie Tymms (Soulful Living Collective) + Naomi Arnold was taken by Nicola Newman at her painting workshop



In this segment, we will be introducing you to some of the wonderful and generous people who have become sponsors of the Dream For Others podcast and philanthropy project.

They are each doing their own incredible things in the world and it would be criminal to keep their souls, message and work to myself. So here goes…

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Introducing Katie Tymms of Soulful Living Collective

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

The most relevant thing to mention about me here is my passion for my own passion project, Soulful Living Collective – an online and inclusive community hub that supports, shares and lifts others hearts. And a little sharing of my own heart and thoughts now and then too. 

As part of this, and the most interesting part probably too, is that I am the Founder and Editor of a new online magazine ‘Soulful Living Magazine’. It’s a special and unique magazine like no other and we have very unique points of difference to share – including our message which is truly to ‘show the world who you are through your heart’ (and yes, I might just trademark that!).

There is no self promotion, or ‘selling’ of anything of that kind within the pages. It’s solely focussed on lifting and sharing others hearts through soulful and enriching conversations to inspire, touch us all and encourage us all to live our own soulful lives.

I have had very positive interest already to turn this into a print publication, but all the advertising and promotion I see in magazines holds me back, so it’s a free online magazine for now. Watch this space.

The first special feature edition was launched in July and I am currently putting together our second edition to launch early November. You can still download the first edition through our website – all for free.

It’s all self funded and put together with a huge amount of passion and heart and honestly, love for others and the light they shine.

What lights you up the most?

Honestly, it’s not always the big things. Right now it’s all the small things. All the simple pleasures in life. And people who genuinely care about others and our community and what we all go through and experience in life. People who can put their own challenges aside to support others and who also are able to turn their own adversity into giving to others without needing any validation. They just are and they just do. This truly lights me up when I genuinely see and feel this from another and gives me huge hope for us all as a community together.

What is your dream for others?

Sometimes I feel this changes. For now, it’s for us all to feel as happy and as peaceful as we possibly can in our lives. And this doesn’t come just from giving to ourselves. It comes from giving to others too.

My dream for others right now, at this time and place, is that we all really embrace and ‘get this’ more, and despite what we personally live with and the challenges we go through, we all still have something or some way that we can give and make a difference to another or to others. And giving is actually a beautiful way to not only give back, but to bring healing to our own lives too. Giving has a flow on effect. Every small thing makes a difference.

My dream for others is that we see a huge part of self-care as not being self-focussed and asking what we need, but being focussed on others and asking what we all need for each other.

Why did you become a patron for Dream For Others?

Well, I will be completely honest. I am supporting one of my most trusted and dearest friends and that’s really the main reason. Friendship and a true belief in her passion and wanting to see her dreams come to life for us all. I love the person she is, I know her heart and I know her personal passion for this project and how she puts all of herself into everything that she does. I also trust and believe in her commitment to following through on everything that she does and her vision for dream for others moving forward. A huge reason why this project is already a success and I know will only keep growing into something even bigger as a platform to make a difference. Jump on board!

Where can we find you?

Head to www.soulfullivingcollective.com to read more about what our vision is and about our magazine too. And most of my posts are over on Instagram and you’ll find a very rare FB post or two.

Our first edition of Soulful Living Magazine is free to download through the website and you’ll find a very special interview inside with Naomi, to learn more about her and more about Dream For Others too. So, you might like to read it if only for this purpose!

Enjoy x

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