Episode 5: Komal Minhas (Producer of the Dream, Girl film)

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Introducing Komal Minhas

Komal Minhas is the founder of KoMedia, a digital media consultancy, and the producer of Dream, Girl, a documentary that tells the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs. Dream, Girl premiered at The White House in May 2016, and has screened at over 100 events globally. Komal was named to Oprah’s Super Soul 100, as a consciousness raising leader. To watch the trailer and learn more about the women in the film, visit dreamgirlfilm.com.

I was excited to speak with Komal on the Dream For Others podcast and learn more about her passion for improving the lives of women and girls – and how she is primarily doing this through the Dream, Girl film. As an Engaging Women Ambassador For Good, who will be running a screening of Dream, Girl in Yeppoon in the coming weeks – I felt honoured to have an opportunity to chat with Komal about how she is changing the world through this film – and how you can too.

  • Komal’s story and how she found an interest in activism (2.48)
  • Growing up with embedded patriarchy (4.23)
  • Starting her own company (6.13)
  • Getting involved with Dream, Girl (7.27)
  • Using film to progress social change (10.48)
  • Advice for people starting in film (14.31)
  • Investing in film equipment (16.51)
  • Using FB live (21.46)
  • How to use your platform for good (24.22)
  • How to help Dream, Girl and Komal’s causes (27.11)
  • Host a film night (28.05)
  • How can people be game changers (32.00)
  • Balancing self and others (35.09)
  • Being kind to yourself (41.16)
  • Who inspires Komal (46.44)

Links and Resources

  • Check on the Dream, Girl film trailer here.
  • Learn how to host a Dream, Girl film here.
  • Read details on Naomi’s Dream, Girl screening in Central Queensland here.
  • Connect with Dream, Girl on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Learn more about Komal’s Supersoul 100 feature here.
  • Check out Care International here.
  • Check out Plan International here.
  • Check out UN Women here.

Connect with Komal

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