Dream For Others® Ambassador Spotlight: Peter Woolf

In this segment, we introduce you to some of the wonderful and generous people who are part of our exclusive community of Dream For Others® Ambassadors.

They are each doing their own incredible things in the world and it would be criminal to keep their souls, message and work to myself. So here goes…

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Introducing Peter Woolf…

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do? Also, what lights you up the most?

I’m 40 years young, a proud and loving father of two beautiful primary school aged children and happily married for 14 years! 

I manage a scientific equipment distribution business for my day job where we help Australian scientists source the best products around the world and teach them how to use it properly. I did a PhD studying calcium handling in the heart in Duchenne muscular dystrophy, I was inspired to do so having a cousin with DMD who has since passed away. 

I enjoy physical activity, in 2017 I completed the Mooloolaba triathlon in under 3 hours, this year I am training for my first marathon – the Gold Coast Marathon in July. I’m also a run director at our local parkrun, Calamvale. Parkrun is a great initiative to encourage people to be fit in a friendly environment. And I’ve seen it build real community – where strangers become friends and have deep engagement in each other’s lives.

I am obsessed with essential oils, loving using them for my own health and wellness and advocating their use for others. I have an essential oils business for outside my day job :).

Finally, what lights me up –  I am passionate about men’s health – I can see/feel a transition in our world away from a masculine / patriarchal dominated society to a more balanced / feminine / matriarchal society. I see this is a step in the right direction, though it will take some adujstment for many men in the world. I want to see men become real men supporting the women and other men in their lives. I would love to see Australian men taking ownership and responsibility for their physical and mental wellbeing, along with respecting, encouraging and supporting women to thrive. 

As part of this, I am interested in spiritual wellbeing, and am slowly creating a documentary on spirituality and men’s health. 

What is your dream for others?

My dream for others is an inclusive, creative and harmonious global society where humans of all shape, size, appearance and gender identity are recognised for the individual value they bring to create a loving, supportive and innovative global community. Imagine if we could move past judging others based on their physical appearance and encourage contribution from all for the development and progress of humankind.

Why did you become a Dream For Others® Ambassador?

I became a Dream for Others® ambassador because the podcast inspired me to take action! I heard the Dream, Girl podcast episode and thought “hey, I can do that” so planned and undertook a screening of the Dream, Girl film at the University of Queensland Schonell theatres. It was such an inspiring film, and a great movement to be a part of. The episode with Ben Lee inspired me to take action on my documentary, and since then I have filmed 5 x 1 hr interviews with another 2 planned to finalise the filming. Without listening to the Dream for Others® podcast I don’t think I would have begun either of these things that have had a major impact on my life.

Where can we find you?

I am on all the socials: Facebook | InstagramTwitterYoutube

And I have a very basic website which I must update in 2018. 🙂

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