Bright Eyed Blog Hearted: The course that skyrocketed my blog + business

If you had of told me 18 months ago that I’d have a business and a blog, I would have laughed in your face. If you had of told me that I would have close friends all over the world who I have never even met face-to-face, I would have rolled my eyes. If you had of told me that I would have a crystal clear vision of my blog and business, that I felt deeply connected to this strange concept of having a ‘home’ on the net, and that my blog would not only drive traffic to my ‘online home’ but would also regularly help me meet new clients, I would not have believed you. That was before I had been Bright Eyed Blog Hearted

When I started on this seemingly risky journey to establish a business that helped people live a healthy, happy and purposeful life, I stumbled across the blog of Rachel MacDonald. Her words spoke to me. I hung on every sentence. I felt her warmth, intentions and messages in my heart. I remember being so inspired and impacted by her, that I reached out and asked about courses that she’d recommend to pursue my business dreams. She pointed me in the direction of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, of which she later became an Assistant Trainer, and which ultimately led me down the path of rapidly turning this seemingly ambitious dream into a reality.

When Rachel launched her own course, Bright Eyed Blog Hearted, I leapt with excitement and signed on in a flash. In fact, I signed up so quickly that I was one of the first three on-board and concequently won a free coaching session with her. In this session she provided so much value, advice, and practical tips on how to amplify my blog and website. I will be forever grateful.

The Bright Eyed Blog Hearted course was amazing. Some of the incredible pros that I experienced or felt about the course included:

  • The incredible content that was practical, uplifting, and insightful. The content included: a guide for starting your blog; worksheets to help you find clarity around your vision or audience; tips for writing the tricky About page and bios; info on creating popular newsletters and opt-ins; guidance in developing blog plans and posts; help with setting goals and monitoring my blog’s progress; info on using social media and SEO to leverage my blog; tips on working with brands and the media; and guidance around taking the leap from blogging to business.
  • Being supported and guided through the launch of my blog and business, publishing my free wellness toolkit which later morphed into an epic Freebies Library, sending my newsletters to email subscribers, and writing guest posts for external sites (including The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal).

bright eyed blog hearted

  • Virtually meeting some wonderful women in the incredible Facebook community who are so very supportive. The group have also been valuable in helping with opportunities for collaborations, guest features, and seeking advice outside of the course periods.
  • Having access to Rachel and that wise head on her shoulders through the Facebook community.
  • Still feeling supported by Rachel and the group as I went through the course at my own pace, rather than keeping up during the LIVE period. Around the time that I signed up, my father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I was also working for the Australian Government, establishing my business on the side, and completing a life coaching course. I gave myself permission to release any expectations I had around keeping up with the course during the course period, and genuinely loved that I could pick it up afterwards when the timing was better suited.


I am so proud to have become an ambassador of this amazing course. This gives me an even bigger excuse to shout it’s praises from the rooftops. 

For those who decide to sign up to the course through my affiliate link, you will get the following bonus gift:

You will receive a $50 gift voucher from your choice of one of the following stores:

  • Lemon Canary where you can by delicious soy candles, teas, crystals, oils, and other beautiful products;
  • Kikk-K where you can buy beautiful stationary to support your blogging cause;
  • Beautiful Because where you can buy natural beauty products to make you feel cared for and energised while you write away to your heart’s content;
  • Amazon or Booktopia where you can stock up on some books that will support your blog or business growth; or
  • A gift voucher toward business + life passion coaching with me.

Bright Eyed Blog Hearted sign up

If you want to sign up to Bright Eyed Blog Hearted and receive my bonus gift, please do so HERE or by clicking on any of the course images on this page.

It is important that the last link you click on before signing up to the course is mine, otherwise Rachel will not be able to identify that you have been referred by me, and you might therefore miss out on getting the bonus package.

I can’t wait to see you bright eyed and blog hearted!

Let’s soar together,

Naomi x

PS. Have any questions about the course from a student’s perspective? Feel free to email me at

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