Dream For Others notebooks: the story, the collaboration, the sale

I have always loved buying beautiful notebooks, pens that write smoothly, post-it notes and other fun stationery bits and pieces. 

When I originally started my business back in 2014, I had a feeling that this love of stationery would lead to me creating a line of my own – but at the time, I had thought that the stationery line would have a health, wellness or organisation focus. 

I would pursue the idea of creating and selling planners that would help people on their wellness journey, but for one reason or another, it just never worked out. I’d be short of funds. I’d struggle to find an available designer that aligned with my vision for them. I’d struggle to find a printer who could do what I specifically wanted. Or another business owner would create a product that I thought was so cool that I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel – I could just use and shout out to their product instead!

The Story…

So, my little idea of creating stationery would return to the Some Day List. I bet you have a ‘Some Day List too right – a list of those ideas or things you might do one day when you have the money, vision, time or inclination to actually follow through and make it happen?

As this idea remained on my Some Day List, I would continue to buy stationary from other folk – not just for myself, but for my coaching clients too. Every client would receive a notebook and pen, and usually a planner of some sort (e.g., my business coaching clients would get Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer Your Year and The Conquer Kit), along with their welcome pack.

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Why I became a B Corp

As part of B Corp Month in February, we were invited to share with our audiences why we each decided to become a B Corporation. In this article, I will therefore share the top three reasons why I became a certified B Corp.

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