Wanna be silly with me? Join my GISH DreamForOthers team. (Less than 2 days left to join)

I’ve decided to do something at the end of July that is probably a bit silly – so I thought today I’d see if you were keen to get your silly on too. HA!

What am I doing? A one week challenge founded by Supernatural actor Misha Collins called GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) that aims to do good in the world and have fun in the process. Learn more about the challenge here.

From what I can tell, you form a team of 15 with people who can be located anywhere in the world. Then, when the challenge starts you get a list of tasks which you divide amongst team members to complete during that week. The winning team gets to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to New Zealand.

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Expert Spotlight Series: Cameron Airen

Naomi Arnold interviews Cameron Airen, a mindset coach who helps feminist introverts, empaths and highly sensitive folks. In this interview, Cameron shares tips on how introverts and highly sensitive people can reclaim their superpowers and thrive and shine in the world.

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Why I became a B Corp

As part of B Corp Month in February, we were invited to share with our audiences why we each decided to become a B Corporation. In this article, I will therefore share the top three reasons why I became a certified B Corp.

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