Dream For Others policy

I endeavour to use my platform, passions and uniqueness to live and work in alignment with my values, speak up about issues and causes that matter to me, and contribute to progressing political and social change.

In order to do this, I am committed to the below Dream For Others® Policy which is reviewed and revised at least bi-annually.

In 2017, I hope to contribute to change in the following four priority areas…


I aim to contribute to these areas by at a minimum committing to the below:

Educating self and others

I personally endeavour to increase my awareness on the above priority areas through undertaking academic research (including my Master of Human Rights, Coaching As Activism, and Diversity Is An Asset), making time to read relevant literature and news to be a socially conscious citizen, and using my critical thinking skills to encourage personal expansion and growth. I then hope to move these learnings from ‘theory to practice’ and implement what I have learnt to be of benefit to others and this planet.

Through the Dream For Others® podcast and Facebook group, my personal blog, monthly newsletter, and speaking opportunities, I also hope to create content that will educate my audience on significant political and social issues, as well as encourage critical thinking, open-mindedness, compassion for self and others, and a desire to take steps that can contribute to change.

Delivering pro bono services

Pro bono work has always been a priority in my business and will continue to be in 2017. Since late 2014, I have offered over 200 hours of one-on-one pro bono business and life coaching hours to those who could not otherwise afford it. I have lost count of how many additional pro bono hours I’ve spent offering website, strategy, and content development for advocacy projects – as well as free speaking gigs for non-profits and fundraisers. In 2017, I am working on a significant pro bono project for an advocate who I deeply admire and look forward to sharing more about this work with you when I can. I will always endeavour to offer at least 5% of my time to pro bono offerings.

Giving back through donations, sponsorships and loans

I plan to continue to make financial contributions via the following means in 2017:

I also hope that (with your help!) I will be able to turn the Dream For Others podcast into a philanthropic project itself through our Ambassadors Community where their sponsorship (from $1 per month) helps sustain the podcast and hopefully in the future donate funds to charities and causes that matter to our community.

Human rights advocacy + activism

My work as a human rights advocate and activist will continue in 2017 through the above means (e.g., Dream For Others® podcast, blog, newsletters, speaking, financial donations, pro bono work) as well as by speaking up, campaigning for, and supporting those who are dedicating their lives to improving humanitarian and social justice issues such as the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, Indigenous rights and reconciliation, advocating against Islamophobia, improving gender equality, reducing domestic violence, and more.

Business Practices + Accountability

I am passionate about operating a values-based business and using my platform for good. In addition to undertaking the above commitments, I hope to improve my ethical business practices and accountability methods in 2017 by:

  • Continuing to maintain my B-Corporation certification and demonstrating that even small primarily service-based businesses like mine can be a force for good.
  • Creating a comprehensive Operations Manual to provide consistent guidance for myself, my contractors and any future employees to ensuring that my business is operated in an ethical, environmentally friendly, generous and impactful way.
  • Making values-based, ethical and environmentally friendly choices in my business and work at every opportunity – and building on these as my business grows.

Dream For Others® Policy Review Date: Scheduled for January 2018.