Naomi’s Philosophy

When you dream for others, the axis shifts. It shifts from me to we, from to us.

And it’s here, right here at the very centre, where you’ll find the essence of what it means to be a community. You begin to realise you are part of something bigger than yourself; something grander than your individual life.

You realise that together, united by our shared values, intentions and actions, we can make a difference if we choose to dream for others.

Consider these words my personal invocation for the type of world I want to create, contribute to and live in, in an effort to support you to dream for others too.

I have a VISION of a world…

Where people are kind and compassionate to themselves, others and the planet –  making it possible for all people (regardless of gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation or wealth) to realise their unique value and live safe, fulfilling lives.


Use my platform, passions and uniqueness to be of use to others and help progress positive social change, whilst endeavouring to inspire others to do the same.

Consciously operating a VALUES-based business is important to me, and because you are here, I’m guessing it’s a staple point for you too…

As I aspire to live and work in alignment with my integrity (which happens to be my favourite word!), I choose to mindfully lead a business that is grounded by the following core values. This is my trajectory:

  1. SERVICE: I aspire to do the best I can in my life and work to be of use, support and encouragement to others. I aim to not only dream for others, but to do the best I can to help them make those dreams become a reality.
  1. ADVOCATE: I choose to stand by my strong social conscience, advocating for what is fair and just, championing important causes, helping those who are in need, and contributing to creating a better world for current and future generations.
  1. CURIOSITY: I commit to being an open-minded, critical thinker who endeavours to learn, grow, and expand personally and professionally – in areas where improvement or education is required, where passions and interests are aroused, and where ‘failure’ presents an opportunity for development.
  1. COURAGE: I will demonstrate personal leadership and ethics, and will speak and stand up for what I believe in, even if it refutes popular opinion. I hope to also show courage in taking responsibility for my decisions, actions, commitments and behaviours – and learn from my mistakes.
  1. GENEROSITY: I will intentionally look for opportunities to be kind, compassionate, generous and giving – assisting, surprising, and delighting others wherever I can. I commit to regularly reviewing my Dream For Others Policy to ensure I am always giving the most I can to others. I revel in the opportunity to positively exceed people’s hopes and expectations where possible.
  1. AMBITION: I take pride in my ambitious and entrepreneurial nature, drawing upon my focus, drive and determination to achieve personal and professional goals. I endeavour to always practice what Natalie MacNeil calls ‘balanced ambition’, not only by offsetting hard work with self-care, family and other personal priorities, but by committing to being of use to others and passionately following through on my dream for others.
  1. HUMILITY: I strive to always be humble and think outside of myself – remembering that I am no better than anyone else and am just one part of a broader (often informal) alliance, collaboration, collective or community. Without this broader community, my personal and professional goals and achievements would not be realised.
  1. GENUINENESS: I aim to be open, authentic, transparent and honest in my business, communications and relationships, presenting my true self in private and in public. I acknowledge that this is not always ‘black and white’, and therefore, give myself permission to maintain firm boundaries around what I do and don’t share publicly about my life.
  1. HOPE: Even in moments of hurt, disappointment or doubt, I strive to reconnect with hope, possibility, faith and optimism. I take pride in my ability to find beauty and wonder during challenging times. I also aim to contribute to fostering hope in others as we strive to create a fairer and safer world for all.

What does it mean to Dream For Others? These are our COLLECTIVE OBJECTIVES…

It means…

  • Finding a way to use your uniqueness – your special blend of strengths, resources, personality, talents and gifts – to be of use to others. Australian barrister Julian Burnside QC, for example, uses his talents and skills to provide pro bono legal representation and advocacy for refugees and asylum seekers. Musician Ben Lee recently used his gifts to create an album called Islam for the Whole Family raising money for the American Civil Liberties Union. And I use my coaching and entrepreneurial skills to provide pro bono coaching and consultancy to those in need.
  • Pursuing and developing your interests and passions – being open to ways they can be developed into mechanisms for helping others. For most of my childhood and young adult life, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world but didn’t know how. By following my interests, I found myself enrolling in a life coaching course, starting an online business, commencing a Master of Human Rights, and launching the Dream For Others® podcast. As a result of following these interests, I have now found a way to use them as a platform for helping others and contributing to advancing social change.
  • Using your platform or privilege to be of service to those who were not granted such advantages. Actress and philanthropist Bethany Joy Lenz uses her public profile to speak up on human rights issues and create products (e.g., her Buffalo Offering jewellery range) to raise funds for not-for-profit organisations. Similarly, Angelina Jolie (who happens to be the source of inspiration for Dream For Others!), uses her public profile for humanitarian efforts with UNHCR ambassadorship and many other ventures. Award-winning journalist and TV presenter Martine Harte has used her popular Engaging Women platform to establish an ambassadorship program where businesswomen can use her platform to run events that raise money for women and children in crisis. And I personally have been using my business platform (and blog) to give back and advance social change where possible and have big dreams of advancing this significantly in the future.
  • Being an open minded, critical thinker who makes an effort to be an informed, conscious and compassionate citizen. Business Strategist Lisa Kate, who is passionate about using business as a force for good, shared on the Dream For Others podcast, that this can sometimes involve simply reading the news, even as a sensitive person, to ensure that you are aware of world events. I personally make a conscious effort to read articles from a range of credible sources and enrolled in a Master of Human Rights in an effort to learn more about what I can do to create change. Ben Lee also reminds us of the importance of challenging what we perceive and learn, not accepting anything with blind faith.
  • Using your voice to stand up, speak out and advocate for what is fair and just. On the Dream For Others® podcast, many of the guests talk about using their platforms (whether that be their blogs, social media platforms, or media attention) as a place to speak up on social justice causes. Regardless of whether we have a platform or not, we can use our voice to help raise awareness in our sphere of influence. We can speak up at the dinner table or as lawyer and advocate Mariam Veiszadeh suggests, around the BBQ when our friends and family make discriminatory or factually inaccurate statements.
  • Knowing and living in alignment with your values. When speaking to those who dedicate their lives to dreaming for others, I have noticed a trend in that they are super aware of their personal values and make a conscious effort to live and work in alignment with them. Whether these be individuals or businesses (obviously comprising of individuals!), reflecting on and deeply knowing your values can have a ripple effect on your choices and how you impact others.
  • Demonstrating personal leadership. As much as we would like to, we cannot control others. We can, however, make an effort to control our own choices, behaviour and decisions. For me, this has included attempting to lower my environmental footprint, trying to practice what I preach in dreaming for others, and having a deep gratitude and spiritual practice to acknowledge my blessings and fortunes.
  • Consciously attempting to find a balance between I and we. If you are reading this page, it is likely that you are a big-hearted and generous soul who is giver and not a taker. You might passionately help others, but struggle with prioritising your own self-care and needs. In order to sustainably dream for others, we must find a conscious balance between ‘self’ and ‘other’. This is personally something that I have struggled with for most of my life, and have slowly learnt the hard way that I can’t fully serve others to the best of my capability, if I run myself to the ground.

So tell me, dear dreamer:

  • What is your dream for yourself?
  • What is your dream for others?
  • What is your central mission and personal values – and how do you live and work in alignment with these?
  • What is your platform, passions and uniqueness – and how can you harness these to be of use to others?

Let’s unite in our efforts to dream for others.